Health tips in Spring want to do this

What are the tips in Spring spring season is very easy to breed bacteria, and it is very easy to get sick of。
Then the spring regimen if you want to have what tips do the following small series to bring in Spring tips for everyone, we want to do it oh health!Spring health tips you take one, I take one, ranked first spring Liver Health also spoke severity of primary and secondary, we must first spring Liver。
Chinese medicine believes that "the liver is wood, should be in the spring."。 Spring things grow, tree branches stretch, and ascending qi correspond exactly, at this time, most liver work undertaken, the natural need to focus on care。
"Liver dispersion," "liver blood", which affects the blood and the air-lift operation, accessibility liver, the body will be relaxed, energetic, liver damage, people are very prone to fatigue drowsiness, dry eyes eye astringent unwell。
Therefore, the spring Liver must first "rest" good。
Will seriously overworked blood loss, directly affect the function of liver blood。 The best way to "people lying on the blood attributed to the liver," go to bed on time, adequate sleep is nourishing blood。 Not because the weather is good or rushed to take advantage of early results, stay up late to work overtime, night play, etc.。
Second, the relatively dry weather in some areas, pay attention to drink plenty of water help nourishing yin, liver and blood, promoting metabolism。
Finally, alcohol and tobacco will make the liver work overload, as far as possible away, eat greasy, spicy food, add sufficient quantities of high-quality protein。
You take two, I shot two, less sweet and slightly sour taste good Tang Yao Wang Sun Ssu said: "spring should Province acid, by Gan, in order to keep his temper."。 While the Gomi in "hepatic sour," but since the spring of liver already busy, if you blindly sour bulimia, hyperactivity liver ascending too, might commit grams of Pitu, resulting in weak stomach。 Therefore, this time to pay attention to replenishing spleen。 "Sweet Rupi" spring diet to eat less sour, sweet little more appropriate, such as grain in rice, millet, oats, rice, millet and so on; fruits and vegetables in a yam, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, carrots, lettuce, cabbage, etc. , are "natural sweet" Sweet food。
In addition, most support the spleen and stomach porridge eating and drinking, I usually feel epigastric pain, loss of appetite, dry mouth and throat or easy, red tongue, even emaciation, may wish to boil point yam porridge dates, wolfberry rice porridge, spinach and carrots porridge。 Spring health tips you beat three, I shot three three parts Do not single "Spring cover autumn cold" Everyone has heard the old saying, people can really do but not much。
Early spring turns warm again, should be based on changes in the weather, one by one minus the thick of winter。 In particular, the following three parts, the dress can not be too thin。
First, neck。
Random neck exposed, after exposure to cold will affect local blood circulation, induce or aggravate cervical spondylosis。
Out best to wear a scarf, help protect against cold。 Second, waist。 Waist and abdomen before the "God Que" (navel), connected to the body all through the Lotus, after the "birth of the" kidney after exposure to cold easily affect systemic blood。
Therefore, the spring and want to try low waist pants, short jackets, etc., can be used to strengthen the protection belt warm, if necessary。
Third, legs and feet。 Many women put on an early spring after skirts, shorts, so that the lower limbs susceptible to cold attack, induced cramps, pain and discomfort。 Do not expose too early Spring "legs"; when the legs and feet feel cold, it is best to get up walk around for a while。
You take four I shot four or late night lying to get up early Mo greedy。