beautiful memories

Part one: a good memory – is go back to the old with the water used to span Love, brushed the dust is the soul, the heart of the sediment layer that is eternal warm memories.Light pointer stop rotation of deterred see the time where deep throbbing years, Southwall sigh poured negative, no time.Time and wanted to use his good offices to recover their lost onion coveted color for Love.Indeed, has been growing, a man traveled through the life of the most essence of youth, growth of the road but abandoned those once innocent and ignorant.  Remote fragile remember askew posture is so warm a dream.A man, a shadow, silent listening Sasa breeze blew sound of crushed leaves, sigh Homecoming tenderness in the quiet, the breeze sorrow pity Shaohua fleeting frustration.Unfortunately, the memory of the good is I can never go back once.With the flowers bloom again and again defeated, also stained with the innocent face of a little mature color.However, the growth of the road is full of camouflage, all see the repeated interpretation of the sense of the absurd.  Liuniansishui, when the time passing, we are no longer ignorant youth in the old days, no longer as the year is so worldly, is no longer as simple as when young minds.But we went through so-called growth, understand the reality gap, slowly learned to bow to the reality of oppression with envious eyes.As we get older, with the ditch and gully gully mind; when we use an opaque shell wrapped themselves, not candor when; when any of our worldly desires filled with cold and his heart, so-called growth, but also What better to speak?  Some hypocritical face, I do not say that does not mean I can not see.I know you its beauty Yan Yue good to me, can not live without the substance or face a set back.This world is too dark, too loaded to force people.Any time someone had to remind myself not to play a realistic point Taoxintaofei against others, rely on unscrupulous.Clear heart, mouth smile, do not fight do not noisy.Paranoid in their own paranoia, waiting worth the wait.  The road of life is still long, do not always lingering in the memories.Yesterday the sun, the sun quit today luggage.While he can do, but it forward towards the sunny.Although the road is full of bitter and tired, but I will not complain.Every drop of sweat, every one tears have condensed a little bit of hope, and gradually in the midsummer night sky together into the most brilliant Milky Way, forever illuminate the road ahead of me.    Part II: good memories – clear pond water swimming fish, little fish swimming with duckweed and turning the tree reflection in the water, those branches as brush depicted bottom color, when I see the scenery, will make me forget, always reminds me of a small pond home.Nightlife net childhood, in the east of my house there is a small pond, the shape of the pond like a curved moon, and now there is no pool so beautiful, and has a slope of deep rough, stocking the rain and water from the reservoir, around the shore planted with tall willow, willow those should be very much older, but has to hold the trunk, says years of vicissitudes bark cracks Bazaar, on the water side of the exposed roots out, twisting confusion of growth to the pond, the water in the shallow reveal some, we can sit on top of the feet, like a hollow seat, just shaking water often wet his pants.  Spring and summer, we’ll be here to catch fish play.There are a lot of small fish pond, a circle of watermarks is that they spit bubbles, put empty cans of food stuck in the bottle, with a rope tied to the small wooden sticks, as long as the bottle into the water, standing on the shore with clubs waiting for, for a while, there will be a greedy little fish went to the bottle.Very like these cute little elf, always careful to take home reared, I have imagined the little fish grow up to look like a day dream often not done the little fish died.And then catch another raise, catch a whole childhood, nor a fish survived to grow up, but accumulate a lot of beautiful dream.  The height of summer, here is our natural swimming pool, even though his mother set very strict discipline, not permitted to go to the pond water (drowning child because every year), but still secretly follow those children to swim in the water play , naturally timid I have been shallow shore, not daring depth, so the whole childhood did not learn to swim.Soak in the shallow water, feeling intimate contact with the body of water, often have little fish hit the legs, itch.I like to see those good partners aqueous water fight in the water, doing a variety of positions in the swimming competition, no matter who wins, we all smile and laugh.Trees often have a woman in the laundry laugh, groups of children around his mother slapstick, laughter quietly boiling water.  Late autumn pond is lonely, cold water, washing clothes will pick the water to the house, there are so many people no longer patronize here.Only a strong wind blowing in the morning, the mother will call us to get up early, take a broom and sweep the leaves sacks to go to the pond, that time for cooking, the grass is always not enough, we need to sweep some leaves and play some dry branches to supplement.Is difficult to sweep up leaves cream stick in the ground, a lot of it floating in the water, very helpless drift with very bleak, cold pond can not see a trace of anger.  Favorite winter pond, then the pond will bear thick ice, has become a natural skating rink.In that barren years, the winter pond is a children’s paradise, we play in the name of slippery ice, cook mark, to see who slip away.Older children can run trains pulled children playing games on the ice, wrestling is often the case, was not hurt, but everyone would laughs, some naughty boys will be strange smile toying with people, shouting, the sound of laughter, and the occasional bawl, fights ear ache.Those children more point, on the ice playing spinning tops, with a small whip in the name of the gyro ice turn, turn time is very long and beautiful, it will circle around the children shouting and cheering, a warm scene no less favorable than that now playground.  A small pond full of joy of my childhood, I do not know now these beautiful pond, is not filled with a lot of stories, some people will not like me, many years later still so obsessed with.