Different parts of the makeup remover correct steps healthier

Face Cleansing facial skin cleansing program is the focus of the entire process of cleansing, facial skin cleansing incomplete or improper, it may lead to "strawberry nose", "acne face" and other symptoms。
STEP1 waterproof makeup remover key proper amount of cleansing milk, with cotton or fingertips evenly applied to the face, the neck, the cheeks, forehead, cheek portion with fingers from a spiral manner gently rub open。 Attention easily dirty parts and recesses, such as recesses Biliang, spirally from the outside in order to gently massage minutes。
Remove the neck from the bottom up foundation to clean。 When STEP2 darker makeup products, showing the cleaning process has been completed, carefully wiped with a tissue from the inside to the outside, after the cotton used, it should be discarded immediately, to avoid re-use。
2 continuously wiped with cotton?3, the cotton does not leave until the foundation color。
STEP3 with their own skin cleansing products, and fully play bubble, only the product contains large amounts of air and moisture will not form on the skin irritation。
STEP4 different parts of the step of taking a small piece remover clean cotton, dipped in some toner cleansed face, a final cleaning of the skin, the skin and the balance PH value。
The first use cleansing oil to keep dry hands and face, not cleaning the bathroom and wash your face, then pour in the palm of the hand cleansing oil about the size of a coin, then rub massage the face, eye makeup and other parts dismount focus makeup, then the entire face of the removable makeup (massage preferably 20-30 seconds), then rinse with warm water, can also be used with facial wash cleansing oil remember when not adding water。
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