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[Part One:] lingering autumn rain started falling, immersed in their hearts, strands of Acacia, melted into a pool of sparkling waters of the autumn sky; peace, and lonely silence, rain, wrapped around wrapped around, wishing to talk to anyone’s mind?Autumn is over, Italy has not scattered, you are still very much enamored, I still deeply,.  Three thousand Red disputes, edge to edge to like glass.Why so endless underground, it is read to you?Miss, and thus has been to sit in the breeze, listening to the rain hit the window sill, watching hospital Yela Court, I ran from drunk Shan.Thoughts fluttering gurgling, spread a thick study, in the Red reincarnation was removed, the moist paper this pledge contract.  Hold up the umbrella, with a gentle heart, walking in the rain, no noise no trouble, do not tire clamor, is not a good feeling in their hearts.Who Road rain lingering, who Donen tempting?Staring at a Sichuan hazy, blurred mist, light allowed themselves a free and easy ride, do a dream about the seasons, and perhaps also a good!Rain spray dots, like most of my state of mind at this moment!The pace of deep and shallow, little rain soft touch, overflowing heart, broke the silence of a pool of original mind.  A ride Qingshenyuanqian, up to today, it is not easy, a lot of emotion intertwined, too many care deeply, into wordless companionship and understanding.Flood of thoughts between shocked, I do not know how to sort out.So leisurely day, maybe I do not want anything, so quietly alone in the rain, rain swirling in the sky and enjoy the beauty of this quiet.Review period of years, I measure the distance to a Susan season and the season, Ting Feng Qing Yin, listening to the rain whisper.Review smile, endless moving heart with gentle.Years aroma, extraordinary and safely, do so quietly they might have been enough.Do not have to pursue the footsteps of others to disrupt his rhythm, do not have to make a living Mo insincere, you do not lose yourself in order to live, forget the original idea and a dream.  It has been like a quiet simple life, leisure life, nothing exciting, simple.Away from the pursuit of fame and fortune, away from the hustle and bustle of impetuous, forget the marketplace Red in the chaos, and the rest is through the life of the heart.With a slow-paced, over-the gusto of life, no noise no trouble, do not float is not dry.  Tian Qing accustomed to the days of a man alone, like the kind without any modification and rendering of natural beauty.Perhaps a person a long time, really to recall the last time, then think of something, and then people.Although bits and pieces of memories, but it really gave me a lot of moving.  Those passing scenery, will eventually become life Gerry always bear in mind it?Should shown signs of life just like a, you know how to harbor good thoughts, cherish fate, and whether too few because the miss and breed a faint Xianchou?  Said time does not change, the total channel Homecoming.Savor, life is infinite, this is it not a state?Life is a dream, dream Whispering Color?Life is like a drama, drama kings few people out?Perhaps no comparisons of ideas, where you will not think about living, I will not care about those worldly fame and fortune, no matter where, will experience comfort.  Time never et al., As general this season.Even if I desperation, but also not to return back to that glass one thousand clock and phase should call.Across the palm of the time, a look back, then covered with leaves like a butterfly.The seasons change, so that words and promises of lost promise wrote together, fading memory can no longer put together a perfect yesterday.  It brings tears rain, and placed too much care.I would like to know, in the end what seems like years, twill weave this page to a hazy poem?Perhaps the happiness of the world, always at the time quietly, take the time without trace.I quietly reverie in the rain, so silently think, could not bear to break the impression that leisurely autumn, bear this gentle happiness away from me.Infatuation smile inside, and do not have dedicated themselves Meeting,.But, the years goes by, but today I could not describe the original romantic.Extremely reluctantly, I had to sigh over her face, let go of all the troubles.Youth sadness is always no place to place, piles of broken pieces of thoughts, this beautiful Qing Ling rain.  There are some good hearts want to read, if realized, this life will really complete the.Place too many hopes, however, have the courage to dare to take the first step.Perhaps still young, perhaps because there next time, so there along with providence.Like the light of the text, as like the light of life, even though a little simple, but it is my ideal rely on.After all, he is personally over the filling, but also hope that this long-lost Qingning of time, the hopes of finding a stable.  Repair to an elegant heart, living a mediocre life indifferent calm day.However swipes get ink on some years Jianzhi shallow drawing, a safe freehand.A man guarding it clear Huan years, nobody cares, nobody as partners.Day hard, but also get down too, I get used to it.  It seems that all the unhappy things in this rain, rainy day, can be resolved.See the flowers, listening to the rain, things end but is a bustling, gently pick up the memory of those times were stranded, too sad, too strong, and too fragile; worked hard, too lazy, or too anxious stricken.At this moment, the heart, but exceptionally beautiful, is not all thoughts have been relieved?  A layer of a lingering autumn, a fragrant flower intricately.The situation remains the same, the heart remains the same, still read, people drunk alone.    [Part Two: Always remember too good] has always been a blind pursuit, in the end what kind of character like his own, deliberately to themselves, in fact, the simple words like, is not it?  I have a good friend from childhood to the present, the long youth, experienced too many things.  There are a lot of tangled and contradictory, and there have been a lot of misunderstanding and pain.  Remember, junior high school, we are very close, write a note in class chat between classes also often slapstick, very simple relationship between friends, she’s also often a boyfriend, it would not be misunderstood too.  Three days when me and a bunch of friends to play relatively well, I do not know with what contradiction between them, that is, each time they like a little war, and will not speak to each other, and I stood in the middle , do not know how to do.  Our friends did not say anything, just occasional joke, when I was in high school, and she is also in the same school, and later learned had friends around me in junior high school to see that I like her, are not you?I asked myself, perhaps because of low self-esteem never thought, maybe, like my pen pal street where early to say: “Because we are too close, intimate to love each other we forget the fact that.”Actually, I really thought about her, or love her.  In high school, surrounded by a few friends are in the boring school, the holiday will be one to get together, to play, to go shopping, eat together Spicy, play poker still sitting in the middle of the night.  Some time ago I wrote a shadow of the forest, each of us has a little story, but also have a little secret, but the secret is hidden in a dark forest, never mentioned me and my brother is the kind of can knife for your buddies, but we never talk about feelings.  During that time really very happy, very relaxed.Learning, living a lot of pressure, I slowly stand up to years of torment.They left, toward the vision of social ran for two years, I do not look at previous ignorance, blame the world, complaining of various unfair, seeing a lot of things, but also experienced a lot of suffering, but also mentally mature.  Looking back on those in the past, really beautiful, but also we can not go back in, in the memories, think of those moments, will reveal a trace of arc angle.  But now, I occasionally feel bad for them will be angry, then went to apologize later think about it, which led them to feel that I owe too much, I often change in some of their own character, but the character is natural, that is, habit, really difficult to change, something you also want a lot of tolerance.  Once you are very happy, I never know that you are under a lot of pressure and pain, but now I do not have help, if I can, I really willing to take you, your sadness I am willing to you share those concerns, because we are best friends.  I have to leave you, because all you have willfulness of information are deleted, and now, years still, going around in circles, back to square one, just a little too young Cang thin, though, you are.  The waiting time is always too long, time together is always too short.But we will eventually come together just let me, but also together to talk about life, talk about dreams, chatting interesting encounter these years, those years of ignorance chatting pure love, I am waiting.  But now I’m not around you, remember to take care of yourself, do not catch a cold, do not stay up late, not to tire yourself, do not be sad.  I remember trying to dream of that silly you, remember that unbridled you, remember the real you.  Each step is ups and downs of life, I can not accompany you every step, keep walking, it will be flowers, but also is a lavender flowers, although there is no general Meath’s so beautiful, but it will be a happy pure beauty.  You, in my most beautiful memories.  When we meet, we hope to see you is full of happiness, with no sentimental regret.  Years wind, gently blowing cheeks, soft, delicate.Fortunately, you have always been.  that’s nice.    [Part Three: streamer broken shadow, but you will most tender] October instant retreat, and I feel quite quiet.Love parting, clear moonlight, the wind only a handful of people the night the cold light alone.  Qingsi fall asleep to a lengthy, melancholy little wind Manwu.Spectrum of a mountain stream, with the Music of the Heart, eternal bosom friend know, to be honored cotton years.  Silent running water, still falling.After the sails had to do, who side with?Smoke past, glass dream.Traveled alone, long life, I do not know whether it can find time to return.  Residues into the cold wind overnight, shaken off from human tear slightest.Wang Jin Wandering Road, He Xi Xi child go?May also wanes, people have sorrow and joy.That time the moon, this time passing through the heart, Qingsi tangled, Acacia helpless, waiting for a few times and eventually became injured.  Express party text, Que ink splashed a rhyme, love a city, dumping the World gentle.The mind turned into a trickling water, flowing in the text; the affair turned into thousands dated stars dotted the night sky Yuet Wah.Quiet month rose moonset seen, is not a good feeling in their hearts.  Winding Department, the line to the dead end, laughing clouds rise and fall.Love-hate parting moment, love to the depths of space has become difficult assigned a cavity tenderness drunk, perhaps, because expectations are too deep.  Melodious zither, Qingsha swaying, looking earnest, only willing to hold the moon and long end.Cool breeze blowing, quiet countless anxiety and anxiety.I was coming and going, waiting to meet you.  Always used to use words to comfort the soul, used in a simple and elegant music, the expulsion of the hustle and bustle of life.Pretrial standing quietly, watching the clear sky, Wang Jingshan water, dressed in full moon breeze, Yin a relaxed and long days.  Do not over-summer flowers and autumn stepped into the dim.Red Dust, water waves, Qin sit, not to be missed from the people, just passing.Fleeting too hastily, perhaps only silly people know, revisit tears of thousands of lines.  A pulse mood, a paper fleeting.The cycle of seasons, the final has learned to grow.I learned to quiet noisy no longer impetuous, learned to calm and quiet, not worldly.Sit-yard blissful silence, only willing to write this Red unfulfilled dream for you.A long time is difficult to put the affair, precipitation in the years to come, Shan natural aroma, has become a meaningful life in a better.  How many Muyu drizzly walk, how many were drunk butterfly flower, Looking back, you clean water, and I separated in the mountains, thousands of miles away, but we still empathy.Wind-fall-day, carrying a safe warm heart, a trace of pregnant poetic idea, jade, tentacle raw temperature.  Red like the sea, I lonely.Palm gentle ice has melted Millennium.This exuberant dash of gentle touch of Mu Italy, falling sky, Erbinsimo, gentle tempting, how much do embrace romantic moonlight, breakdown of falling pieces, traces everywhere love marks.Shihua a light, skim the mouth is fragrant, and water dew, color grind to dust, people in the dream tour.  Life as the old, reaching a curtain lingering poetry, melody had also been twists and turns.Palpitate love leisurely, innumerable twists and turns in between the lines, there have been blooming decline was moved and there have been helpless melancholy.I know a truth, is not to play down the passage of time, with the total length of time it will.  Wind fingertips soft, long and emotions.It captures the end of a ray of fragrance, thought to lay out.Grab a handful of lightweight Fallen flowers, placed miss the outlet, the Allure of your eyes, open the flowery thoughts into a beautiful posture.Wind prosthetic fall flowers.Sounds curl, fine water flowing along the flow into the hair soft heart, a soft bright thoughts.Hydra see daylight, temporary streams on the month, quarter after quarter fragrant thoughts.  Juqi streamer broken shadow, let your thoughts turn with the wind Pina.The quiet beauty of time, only your most tender.