Beautiful Life

Part One: Beautiful Life today early in the morning, first came to the company open for business, I was cleaning the seemingly heard the quarrel, the sound burst is greater than a while, looked more fortunate, only see on the street in front of the company, along the road standing next to a stone about probably about four-year-old woman, is a cell phone, electric car parked beside.End of the line and see that people are fights in full swing, very intense, tone of voice sounded very strong, intermittent hear the approximate meaning: It is you I’m sorry, I just do not divorce, you can see how the kind of thing.In fact, listen to people speak less moral, to despise myself, I do not want to listen to the, but her nearness, only a few meters away, was so loud, I do not want to listen to will not work.  Do not force yourself to listen, continue to work, slowly, gradually getting smaller and smaller voice, let me curiosity pricked up his ears, the sound of the original quarrel turned into a begging voice: I beg you to go home, boy to September on the high school, and counseling during the summer you can learn from him, I can not counseling, at least you do not have to look for his son for the sake of me..Listening to her humble tone there, watching her hand holding a cell phone constantly with long-winded, my heart so sad so sad.She estimated her begging and pleading did not even promise to each other, a few minutes later I heard her Ganchangcunduan, piercing, hysterical crying sound, looked at her thin sparse figure standing there, holding a cell phone in hand weak hanging, no one else immersed in their own world, so she stood, crying, tears, crying, and slowly squatted on the ground, pressed his face in his lap clasped his own , there still cry, shed tears watching, do not care passers in the corner, passers-by do not care, do not care about their image, that distraught cries do not know when I would have had red eyes, although she strangers, but with a woman, I understand her, but also distressed her, I want to go there several times, the urge to go out helped her up and sent her two towels, after all, I can still hold back.Kuba!Kuba!Would be much better to cry out, let the tears shed, so the pain is released, so that pent-relief, let love and indifferent.  Will not look at her, two strange woman, a door, a door, a woman crying outside the door of a sense of heaven and earth, vividly, the door of the woman to tears, Tixia garments, do not know how long Maybe twenty minutes, maybe thirty minutes, a woman cries outside getting smaller and smaller, crying tears into a broken Zhongchang whimpered, pumping sob sob, broken off, crying.Finally, she looked up and saw, I will never forget the vicissitudes of life goes on, but not old face, tears flee goes face has a kind of poignant and absolutely must, with evacuation and grief after a form of release, with after the release of a blinding light and an instant growth of strong fortitude.  I do not know, she has not found outside the door of my short and long nearly half a minute to accompany; know that in this world where there is a strange woman not far behind her, had quietly to quietly cried quietly with her, I just want to say: sister who, after crying, be sure to – Beautiful Life!    Part Two: Beautiful Life that day, had met a very good friend.We had classes together on before, and brothers, the impression she was always very hearty, high decibel talk, meet nice thing to laugh, she always laugh when I think of “Strange” in the Ying Ning, the same simplicity, the same innocent, full of goodwill as of.  After we broke up, she went to the city to work, was removed several times, finally was back in town.I met her when she was so very loud laugh, we talk about the history of the former sisters, asked about her condition, saying only that the outside work is very satisfactory, and consumption is high, not to mention the family and the kids waiting to go to school, so they come back.  Later, she was in town opened a small area of the supermarket, I occasionally went to patronize her business, work together and talk to her, but also the family learning.Always felt with her when the sun will be good, the mood will be very good.  That day, I went to the credit union because of a hurry, so do not care about the surrounding busy people, mixed in with a lot of voice I heard her calling me, while we get off, turn back, I saw her face the loss, I asked her where to go, how did not go to the store, her husband said he was sick, and very serious, to surgery, but if the situation is not good will be maimed for life, she panicked, she did not know how do, not surgery, for fear her husband can not stand; surgery, do not dare to sign share agreement.I actually felt helpless in a sudden, I said, how to do it?She said, ah, how to do it?Then he said, she is really very bad luck the past few years, the year before his son surgery, she cut last year, money and energy spent a lot, and now her husband have to operate, and most of the key is not whether the guarantee is still healthy, she said these when the eyes have been watching from afar, I know she did not want me to see the sadness in her eyes, the road ahead is still very long, but she suddenly lost its way in between.I was a poor comfort of people, so many words or beautiful or sad or consolation had learned when I know what to do all disappear neither hide nor hair, and finally, because she was going to the hospital and I’m going to credit unions, we are in a hurry bid farewell.  These days, through her small supermarket, a lock has been added to the above, I do not know her husband did eventually open surgery?I really regret, why that day so humble mouth, at least to say a comforting word, and that her heart will be happy at least a little, but I did not say a word.Outside the weather is good, I hope she and her family would be out of the shadows, hoping not far away, and the sun on the side.    Part three: to live with a smile after the deterioration of the disease, is followed by the loss of source of income, I chose to leave his wife.These couples are forest birds, flying in trouble.Used to love people, suddenly become strange.In fact, I already used to seeing many of adversity plays staged this world, millions of people, most painful moments, love always choose to leave, the pain is always to be borne by a person.But my heart is still to be dismayed at.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) The only good news is the eldest daughter becomes mature a bit, in order not to worry me, every time out, she always told me what she was doing, and be able to go home early.In the evening to cook instant noodles, but also to my taste.I feel inner warmth.  Different eldest daughter and youngest daughter, has been, she is and we live the most difficult days.Unlike her sister, she was born in our life the best of times, and even the family because she only bought a house.His wife no longer even QUICKER, her special education at home.There has been tamayura.When the daughter was born, what we have nothing, we have no money even to buy her milk, she seems to always be with us eating bitter.When she was two years old, we started to do business, life is hard, only to put her in the countryside, her parents, so she did not receive early education.When she entered primary school, is the first crisis of our marriage, the wife ran away, she and I had each other.Because the deterioration of my condition, plus see over and over again, from helping her learn.Consistent with her studies, did not lay the foundation.Later, school days, and because they can not afford school fees, are often looked down upon by the teacher, rebuke.In her school suppressed interested in study.  Now, she once again and I take the pain.Think of these, I always heart sting.  In many days, sad and lonely, like two sharp nails, straight into my bone marrow.I think writing, but can not write.I continue to have a fever, headache, every night, woke up from the constant leg pain, leg wounds continue to fester, can not describe the kind of pain is the language of.”Xianyang” reporter Zhao teacher, interviewed by the gap, came to see me, she was a “must be strong and optimistic,” then let me shed a tear, I suddenly felt that I had there one really cares.Originally, I was alive, still make sense.I suddenly remembered many years ago, a high culture is not an ordinary woman, I say: Brother, you must be better than them, do not be sad wound, you are the hope of our people here, you must take your novel writing go on.Her words, let me know myself as well as others use.I know, I only live to share the pain is doing a disservice to all my people.  Let the pain buried deep inside, and I want to laugh, I want to smile, to live on, even if it is a tear of laughter.Part Four: Beautiful Life For me, death is a very sensitive topic, as I believe, like “fatalism” of the people, the word is black temptation is bleeding roses, is a Pandora’s box of evil.  As a child, I had seen such a thrilling picture.Under God played a very gray with rain, trees in sobs, rain Diqi, people crying.It solemnly, not strength in the ash surface to walk the streets.White elegiac couplet, flowers, coffins impact your vision, dignified symphony stimulate your eardrums, beating heart flutter jump.  Who kept watch next to sigh: “What a pity, think of how good a girl died of it?”The girl’s funeral is also six under touched my heart not to shadow.  Once in a newspaper read, high non-natural deaths in our country, there will be roughly every two seconds a fresh life from our world forever.Think about how terrible this is a group of numbers ah!In today’s material world so rich, why are how many people easily give up life?I think the main difference is the frustration of emptiness or spiritual ideal and the reality of the world caused by the.We have entered a highly developed material world.When is that people’s heart seems farther and farther away, people are often reluctant to open their hearts to those cumbersome even mind that come to a dead end to “save” the cranky but behind closed doors, ultimately rigid, too As early as the end of life.  When it is, is not setbacks, trouble blindly want to die / read this sentence in a magazine: “Before the end of life you want, think about what makes you qualified to die yet?”On the surface, this sentence seems very absurd, chanting death to death, even the death of my qualifications do not yet?Your qualifications are not really even the dead.Before you die, do you think Shuangbin white parents?Do you feel that you have not made some contribution to raising the country?Have you had achieved your ideal?  So, friends, we live it with a smile.  Perhaps you think your whole life living in pain, imagine, if you have not experienced a happy thing, how do you know they are painful?Sima Qian said, “people inherent in a death, or weightier than Mount Tai or lighter than a feather.”Yes, like Tarzan venerated, or suffer the same cast aside like a feather?I think most people would choose the former.  Fives.After 12 Wenchuan earthquake, the whole country sad pain, tens of thousands of children homeless, they may temporarily forget home crash haze, but they show us the flower-like smile.In such a large setback, they still maintained a positive attitude, a smile to live, and we discount those little small setback in front of them and what counted it?  Life is precious, we hope everyone can cherish life kind of life, then Beautiful Life.    Part Five: Beautiful Life first met Mike, is an occasional fight in the car met.That coincided with the height of summer, burning sun baked the earth, the air people breathe dull.I just attended the adolescent essay contest awards ceremony, I do not know because hot days, or did not rest well, sick headache, a hand holding a bag, a hand kept rubbing his temples like to relieve some of the pain of torture , he stood in the street anxiously waiting for the bus.  At this time, a tricycle in front of me stopped a long, quite handsome young man, wearing a pair of sunglasses, head out to me: “Sister, I want to make cars?”I feebly response to the sentence,” ah, how much money shopping before arrival?”.”Fifteen dollars”, this sauna day, I really can not stand!I quickly got.  Just sit down, that young man to see my expression of pain, concern and asked: “how do you?””Ouch!Headache is dead, “while I kept rubbing his temples while saying.Then, raised his head, opened his eyes and looked at the young man, he was wearing a wrinkled old blue shirt, pants are white washed jeans.Suddenly, my eyes suddenly locked on crutches next to the driver’s seat.I pointed crutches surprised and asked: “This is your?” ‘Ah’ his response to the sentence, loud enough, but I clearly heard!Instantaneous ambient air solidifies.So tricycle shuttle in the streets of the city.Because my car’s location to the destination to be very far away, so that the young man again, and I struck up a conversation, chatting chatting, and he was talking about his sad period of painful memories.He said: “My leg was injured in a car accident.”!  That year, he was nineteen years old, after graduating from junior high school, and his father up the goods together.At that time, his family can be one of the best economic power in their village, his family was well-off.He also has a younger brother, still in school, the mother is responsible for farming, the family lived happily.He was all right, just like his father to learn to drive a car, opened almost a year.Because more alive, and her father did not allow him to delay the formal driving school driver’s license.He said that many of these in their village.Have luck.  One day, his father said, the fertilizer today to give corn.You send the goods to a man it!Cars in a rural tree-lined trail, from time to time bursts of breeze hit, he thought to himself: today he can work independently, and quite rewarding!And so the goods while supplies last, you can find time today to find a dating his girlfriend, and my heart that the United States ah!Not to mention more happy!  Car driving to a sharp turn at.Suddenly, a large truck speeding from the opposite, he suddenly panicked, steering wheel too hard, the results did not have time to dodge, it was a large truck knocked over, people and cars turn to the ditch.Wait until he woke up, already lying on a hospital bed.At the bedside of a mother holding his hand, the other hand is constantly weeping.Father sitting on the bed, covered in mud, that sad look really no words to describe.Whole body numb the pain so that he can only lie flat on.The only way he was pleased that he still live in this world.That terrible moment, as if heaven to hell change.After diagnosis by a doctor, since nerve transection thighs, will not lead to walk upright.Other parts of the fall will not cause illness.When the moment he learned of the disease, like a death sentence, as if the sky is falling.  Because there is no driver’s license, truck driver catch hold of this “weakness” and can not take formal legal channels, private consultations with their home, only to part of the payment of medical expenses.Other medical expenses only themselves.Since then, the family run to the bag and, after hospitals in major cities, from Beijing to Shanghai, as long as there is a glimmer of hope, do not give up, the result was conceding.In the end, relatives and friends borrowed times, even one hundred yuan have borrowed the point where.The whole family to rely on relief food in the village live.  Treatment hopeless, only resting at home.The second night of Mid-Autumn Festival, the mother go out to the market to buy twenty dollars of pork, also bought some apples and grapes, buns want to eat dumplings.Since his accident, the family rarely eat a hot meal.When the hospital, his mother is to buy only one meal, so he finished, eat leftovers, not just to eat at the pancake and pickles shimming.He said it was after his car accident, his family flies the most extravagant of a Mid-Autumn Festival.  That night, the moonlight oblique to the bed, the mother wrapped dumplings come to an end, and so he finished, he settled to lie down, and went out.He was a man lying in bed, looking out the window round the moon, a myriad of thoughts, two lines of turbid tears overflowing eyes, he hated God why it is so unfair?Twenty ah, what a wonderful youth, it is so ruined?In the future the way how I go?His girlfriend learned about his illness, but also cruel left him!Also put down a relentless, say, can not accompany a disabled person over a lifetime!At the moment only deep sorrow to describe his feelings mixed feelings right!  He did not want to see his mother again so wasting away for him to worry about.Perhaps only the end of his life is a relief.So he first put on body parts that took his favorite shirt to wear, he was again ready to advance their own fruit knife under the pillow gingerly out.Then the first fruit knife on the wrist, and later transferred to the neck, and so forth, despair tangled, quietly close your eyes, but always to Henbuxiaxin.Not because of fear of death, but after thinking he was dead, his mother will be more sad, because his mother has said, she is the mother of his only hope, if he is gone, the mother will once and for all.Really I do not know what language to resolve the grief of his heart!  When being hesitant, mother hands holding fruit plate, which has just been shuffled grapes and apples.I pushed open the door and saw this scene, quickly scared to throw the fruit bowl on the ground, raced to the bed and take it over once the fruit knife.Says son!This is the knife you stabbed your mother’s heart ah!Without you, your mother do not live ah!Said cried up on Niangliang.As he wiped tears to his mother, and said unto his mother, your mother ah!Children assure you, will no foolish, and certainly a good living, to be a real man!Since then, he was more determined to survive!!  Later, his mother due to overwork, coupled with severe malnutrition, the body too much, after all, suffering from the disease, with regret to leave this world, and her father too sad, depressed all day using alcohol to eliminate.To be able to hold up the house, he with the help of good people, to borrow money to buy a car tricycle, dawn to dusk every day to earn money to feed their families.Pull day living, home at night, leg pain and could not sleep, eating only painkillers to relieve pain.Because long-term eating painkillers, and suffering from osteonecrosis.Add insult to injury!He said that regardless of the way of life and more difficult, he has to go.  Many days in the past, this strong young man always shaking in my eyes, I continue to encourage bearish ups and downs of life.Life there is always wind, there will be rain.Not terrible wind and rain, but not to give up fight.Dry the tears, the fear will not be difficult before, the past is that no matter how tough it will not continue.One day, the wind will stop, the rain will no longer be under Beautiful Life.