Beautiful leaves

A drizzle of autumn in October to make thicker, “empty mountain rain, the weather late to fall.”What a late autumn mood.A piece of colorful autumn leaves dipped a brush, apply the Autumn casual, colorful nature imbued in mature charm inside, like a graceful elegant woman, smiling quietly in bloom in autumn.    Asaka clouds are cleared, holding soft touch of tulle was hugging the earth, on the road just piled up leaves swaying in the wind, leaves gently break the fetters of light sticks have every now and then, painting a picture of colorful paintings.    Walk Yi River shore, gently step on the soft leaves too straight master in the trunk of the tree bathed in gentle sunshine, leaves twos and threes falling on the yellow grass, the earth was filled with a warm a smart, quiet overflow beauty so quietly flowing in late autumn, the twitter of birdsong make this silence seems more static condensate.    I have to touch the skin deep autumn, the air was filled with fresh, ripe, romantic flavor, Jingyi heart full of peace and joy, this makes me calm state of mind, and be happy!    I always treasured Autumn one of Wanda.That year back to the northeast, an afternoon, my mother and I take a walk in the mountains near our home, on the slopes of trees and thorny vegetation has been destroyed perennial dredging, on the bare hillside only coarse sand and hard rock.Sitting on a hillside afar, already harvested field under the blue sky, it is open lofty, bright colors.That piece of corn sorghum soybeans, or green, or yellow, or red, or black, or darker hues are arranged in an orderly, deep and shallow patchwork, painting a picture of beautiful picture.Thus extending the endless fields and hillsides, to the mountains covered with beautiful costumes, the earth seemed calm, cheerful, beautiful, like a leisurely mood, noble woman, walking in between on mountains, rivers, fields, her beauty and charm filled between the gestures.Nightlife net deepest impression than the beauty of the leaves of the ginkgo tree, it is a golden world.Ginkgo forest lawn covered with golden leaves on the soft, dough, light falling on the corner of the softest heart.Forest golden leaves dancing beautiful posture dancing in the air, so elegant, with elegant, like a one wizard, quietly flew into her mother’s arms fall asleep, the United States leaves the interpretation to the extreme, this may be world’s most beautiful departure.    Calligraphy Square that day to a nearby forest to visit ginkgo, Ginkgo biloba is just coated in Phnom Penh, only a few small ginkgo tree leaves yellow, it seems, came a bit early.Here each tree ginkgo tree ginkgo tree surrounded by a few small surrounded made, according to legend, the Japanese devils invaded in mid-1938 when the Chinese occupation of Linyi, burning and looting wherever evil, ginkgo tree and also its exotic rare did not escape the robbery, they are lured here ginkgo tree shipped to Japan, while the existing conifers are newly issued later from the roots to grow into the.Encounters a young man taking pictures, talking about ginkgo biloba, ginkgo Lin said he always weathered through one or two, will become golden brown all year, can not think of ginkgo biloba to go through the baptism of weathered transformed into the golden gingko forest to reach the pinnacle of life, and human life do have the same chance journey?But also through the baptism of wind and rain to taste the nectar of life?    On the way back, I met an old man came from the mountains, riding a motorized tricycle filled with vermicelli old, being peddle homemade sweet potato vermicelli, face the vicissitudes of life like Mai Tanweng Po Chu pen, while the lumbering said the dull side of vermicelli answered questioning.I was his noodles a little taste of the mountains and bought some more than greedy, simple old man with a plastic Shengkun and handed me see if I worry altogether and scattered like broken vermicelli, he said, to no, you took off his shirt wrapped in noodles, anyway, not cold.My heart can not help but smiled a happy, actually there is now so simple and honest people, this is probably the reason people want to return it to nature.Human affairs is such that you come from the mountains, I go into the mountains, from each of income, lent their music!    Autumn is a colorful season.There Xiaosha when the autumn wind, there are bleak autumn when rolling, there is the joy of harvest maturity.You look at life with what kind of mentality you have what kind of life, or happy, or sad, because your life is your view of the world rotates, your mood is determined by their attitude.    Middle-aged, youth has gone, no more tender and beautiful appearance, posture is no longer vigorous, it has become a mature.The twists and turns of life hone strong and brave man; people suffering years of spiritual cultivation, with the indifferent attitude of this world mentality; read books and continuous learning people become intelligent and refined; the others have it all, do not turn Bijiang find?Shengruxiahua fall like autumn leaves, why not some joy, laughing life, would not leave indifferent is a beauty of leaves?    Standing in late autumn, indifferent mood distant, quiet, peaceful, quiet read of deciduous elegant, chic, gorgeous, romantic perception of life.Enjoy watching the leaves rotate in the wind, flying, rising.