Beautiful from the heart

Part One: beautiful beauty from the heart are wonderful words, is the most fascinating and beautiful life is that people diligently seeking the most, in order to find the most beautiful face, some people are willing to spend lots of money to buy high-end cosmetics, and even get plastic surgery ; in order to have a beautiful slender body, some people at the expense of their health crazy weight loss.Some people even went so far killed….In short order beautiful, people painstakingly tried the method, but youth is not eternal, is unable to retain the beautiful.  I do not deny that beautiful face, slender figure charming although very cool heart pleasing to the eye, but the pursuit of beauty and can cause adverse health more harm than good, in fact, a variety of beautiful, elegant, free and easy is a beautiful, simple and elegant is a beauty ; health, nature is a beauty, maturity, wisdom is a beauty, quiet, beauty is a beauty.Each has its own kind of beauty charm is unparalleled,.  I think it is better to have a beautiful appearance has a beautiful soul, a beautiful face and then will gradually increase with age and decay, and beautiful soul are not, beautiful soul like Chen old cellar longer the more mellow, and fragrant, so beautiful should start from the heart, beautiful soul is the world’s most beautiful flowers, and is a normally open undefeated flowers.  Everyone wants to have a beautiful life, but to have a beautiful life, must be done under internally and externally, healthy, beautiful appearance, must have a beautiful soul, this beautiful soul showed you kindness, you simplicity, your hard work, your broad mind., It is also reflected in your culture, your qualities, your taste, your upbringing..  We spent beauty, time on the weight loss might as well give yourself enrich my knowledge, read a book, learn something useful to do a knowledgeable, good taste, good conservation of the woman, I think the educated woman is the most beautiful woman, than with the noble cosmetics, designer clothes piled up a lot of beautiful women to be beautiful.  Although some people look very beautiful, but a mouth swearing talk, the rude, low quality, which is not only beautiful, but is ugly.  So beautiful must start from the heart, improve their quality, do a soul and the same beautiful appearance, temperament, attractive Pretty Woman!    Part II: From the beautiful heart started four ancient beauties pretty to what extent?It really so perfect?Shih shame to spend, but weak enough large; Diao closing month, but body odor; Royal Shen fish, can suffer from body odor; Zhaojun Luo Yan, while natural slip shoulder.They are pretty startling beauty, or Baibiweixia inevitable, therefore, “Nobody’s perfect,” said.Nightlife Network Gorky once said: all people should all be good, including appearance.This sentence tells the people of good expectations and “Heart of beauty in everyone,” the primitive mentality.  God made man to cut corners, so that people own shortcomings more or less inevitable.Remedial acquired self is the only way, but some people the wrong target.Since the prevalence of Korean plastic surgery, a “man-made beauty” to confuse people’s hearts.It was eventually lost breast augmentation breasts; it was “leather surface” brutally disfigured.A man should have the courage to face the “natural disaster”, to maintain the correct attitude, with a good side to make up for deficiencies, do not deliberately pursue a better representation.Crescent Moon also incomplete even if the light emitting.Blind sunshine out of the “Walk of Fame”; deaf-mute girl Tai Lihua Spring Festival with “Avalokitesvara” to conquer the audience; polio Li Chen sing the “window”, Zheng Zhihua the same boat with the song “Sailor” swept the continent.These facts are enough to explain fully able to overcome the defects, and can rewrite fate, create brilliant.  Ordinary is true.And to survive in applause and flowers in “perfect” mean?Zhang Hongsen documentary literature “Red House drunkenness officials” expose and criticize the army Braun Dong Wenhua, singer Lady Yang Yuying “drowning” Yuanhua company; “Chinese TV News” published a Mao Amin evasion case; “China Daily” exposure “Swallow” Zhao Wei wearing a flag filming in Japan; the “network News” illustrations show Cecilia “Pornographic” unofficial.If psychological twist, split soul, that the United States still do exist?Also appreciate the value of it?!  How can we forget grandmaster Nie Nie Shanshan carrying sister, nanny had to spend huge amounts of money for the small ill deeds?How can we forget sixty eight elderly abandoned baby adoption, street children?I dare forget stepmother adopted daughter Sharon to cure incurable diseases selling blood fundraising?How can we forget those perennial philanthropists to support school children and possession of Maiming?We dare not forget the forest fire, earthquake, Yushu disaster, tsunami in the Mediterranean armed forces, police officers, peacekeepers highlighted the danger figure?This is a picture of a beautiful picture, is that people love symphony.  The mind is welcome sunshine skylight, is the door to heaven, angel feather wings.It is within the United States to save a vulnerable group, can affect an era, moved all mankind, shocked the world.As Wei Wei sang: “As long as everyone contributes a little love / the world will become a better human.”.  Physical beauty is just a sign of beauty, not to focus on doing “superficial”, should start from the project to build the soul.Beauty of the soul is not a small fortune, it has a great value-added space, building a harmonious society, to create a safe home to rely on the good heart as a drive to achieve.We look forward to working with the heart drawn magnificent, humanities millennium!