beautiful flower

Part one: the pain into a beautiful flower weather is getting cold, late at night has been a slight chill.I do not like this very chilly cold, because the cold air will slightly hurt my feet feel the slightest pain.Not the kind of broke straight into the bone marrow, but also so I can not forget themselves obsessed hurt Chu.  That was the only student left in me can not let go read like a foot injury.I started going to school on the elected school basketball team, every morning and after sunset are associating with basketball.Whether summer and winter or spring and summer we have a dozen girls in school as the coach run the open-air basketball court.Foot is injured in a friendly match on, off, pitching.Foot when landing somehow sprained, at the time the pain of tears.While watching was the best doctors, or regret left me unable to stop the pain.  Now whenever feet faint from the pain, I’ll look out August 7 fell on the London Olympic Games in Liu Xiang, the most direct cause of failure can not tell, Liu Xiang fell to the ground at the moment, my heart too heavy and fell down.One of the most empty hole is the mood, I do not know where to abrupt sad since.I think I was selfish, then we have only thought was less a gold medal.See his teeth stood up, dragging leg jumping completed 110-meter hurdles, and the hurdle possessed when I kissed a long stream of tears, once again ride Herd youth Asia flaps!To a nation’s expectations, forced to stand in the game, the victory is our national pride, failed so many people have to bear the rejection!  Remember once seen a television interview, it was a weightlifting training base, a little girl as young as ten years old, can easily grab adult men dragged it up the barbell.The little girl has a specific function it is?It was just the result of long-term training.Stage ten minutes, the audience ten years of practice of the truth we know everything.Athletes are people too, and as we have a body of extraordinary perception of itching.High intensity training because every day, we ordinary people have the incomparable physical fitness.It will be one way or injury, or even a lifetime go hand in hand.  Some athletes will not be so lucky, one girl practicing diving outstanding achievements, not come and compete internationally, due to retinopathy and had to say goodbye to her beloved diving career.Athlete’s pain is their occupational, and what a race player’s body is intact, I’ve never been a trace of injury plagued?Burdened with the country’s expectations and physical pain to participate in the competition, even if the experts have to play mad when we did not need to rush to call heaven.  After win the gold medal will not represent the success, failure after failure will not explain.Every player’s body are more or less concealed the pain, the pain can all hope to open a beautiful flower!    Part Two: give up a beautiful flower cold days, the autumn leaves falling one after another.  Trees with a nostalgic look forward to watching those leaves have gone to see them fluttering in the air, as beautiful as butterflies, some sad, but can not stop, can not retain.The time to give up, give up.  Spring buds germination, autumn yellow leaves every now and then, this is the choice of leaves, you can choose return, you can also choose to give up.There will be no giving up regeneration, we can not give up you can not get.Renunciation is the law of nature, but also the philosophy of life.  Giving up is a kind of wisdom accessible, giving up a candid mind, to give up a beautiful flower.  Han Xin gave up the so-called ordinary people’s dignity, endure the hip look of shame, the achievements of the real man resilient in the world, eventually becoming a famous general.Fan Li gave up an enviable wealth and status, only to bring good companion, get the boat, Happy stories of Pan Five Lakes.Tao Yuanming gave up seven items the seal, only the “lower mining Ju Dong, leisurely to see the mountain” Sentences handed down.  Another way to get is to give up.Give up is unforgettable, get a peace of mind; to give up fame, is easily obtained leisurely; to give up the chance of anger, access to safe life; gave up a cloud, gain the whole sky.  If you know how to give Liu Lan and the Making of wisdom, probably less “Motherhood, Wuli a wandering” pathos can not speak sorrowful in the history of Chinese literature, has survived two fresh life; if Lu You and Tang Wanjian keep “May Day for the pair of lovebirds in the way trees with branches, “the oath, but where’s the ‘Desolated for dust, only incense before’, the eternal poet and ‘Union Hill, although in, Kam book difficult to care’ of the ‘Shen garden’ sing?Sauna net to give up not because of cowardice, not for a moment of frustration, is a strategy, an intellectual choice, also a state.Sometimes more difficult than adhere to give up, you need an extraordinary stoic heart needs a great wisdom.  Chuang Tzu said, each other, than forget themselves in rivers and lakes.It is a kind of right to give up, so give up and few people could read?And few people can do?This requires courage and determination to give up, because it is to bear the scorn of.  Chu in a song, Yuji Hengdao bloodsoaked, gave up the flower of life, in order to maintain faithful love, to no care of Xiang Yu called to spell out a way out; Xiang Yu Crosses flew in the face one hundred Wan Wai soldiers, abandoned the earnest call of his elders, and always “had refused Koto”.This is cowardly abandon it?This realm of the ancient and few people can achieve?  In the War of Liberation, a dime a | Ze | East initiative to give up “a holy land,” Yenan, and few people can understand at that time?Chiang Chi was not the ocean, bluster?As a result, how about?He abandoned the city, access to the entire Chinese.This is not a great wisdom to abandon it?  People are more willing to praising the perseverance of those who dedicate.”There is a way, most drastic, final clearance hundred and Qin Chu; painstakingly people live day, hardships, can swallow a thousand more WU.”All things efforts, nine refuses to regret, although not, but in the end do not give up, could die.As people will always unwilling to give up, no matter under what circumstances.  Liu told a story about bug.Fuban back is a thing of love bugs.Encountered when crawling things, always crawl over, raised his head and carrying these things.The more things back the heavier, does not stop even if very tired.Its back is very smooth, so things will not be scattered pile up, get up again and finally overwhelmed.Some people pity it is sorry for removing the stuff back.But Fuban if they can crawl, crawl again the same thing as the original come back.This bug also likes to run uphill climb, exhausted its effort would not stop, so that falls to his death.It does not understand death to give up the truth, both want to load, want to climb, the result can only be nothing, Wang Song a sex life *.  We humans do so, too, “Delongwangshu” is a big human chronic illness, “Yuhenantian” is a major common problem of mankind, give up sometimes harder than behead.Has a rose, would like to occupy the whole garden; boarded the island, also overlooking the beautiful scenery that Tarzan; children and grandchildren, but also look forward to future generations, incense Yong Chuan.Such and such assiduous, in order to occupy unscrupulous, and some therefore to the jail, the point of ruin.But few people can come to their senses, choose to give it?Like bird bug, he fell from a height, climb up and continue to climb; the back of the weight is removed, will back again, until death.The really sad obsession come to their senses to the extreme, alas.  The leaves do in the bright autumn sun from one of the drift in, understand it deeply, now abandoned lookout in the branches brilliant clouds of smoke and Sam Rainsy, it is to get tomorrow rise with the sun, moon and new moon.Trees also understand that no reluctantly let go, how sweet bloom?Do not give up again and again, year after year how Rong-fa, going?Years to give up again and again in the cycle, and the life time and time again to give up the continuation.The sun is to give up the sky bright moon; flowers to give up branches in order to rich fruit; giving up is a monumental leaves, giving up is a beautiful flower.    Part Three: That Ronghua, beautiful flowers in the world have flowers beautiful flowers / youth that is spit youth / clank bony blossoming flowers / red with blood and pieces of it / ah?what?/ Ronghua Ronghua / ah?La?/ Fragrance all the way over the cliff.This is a 1980s movie “flowers” in the episode “Ronghua” (singer: Li Gu Yi).I think every passionate young people hear this song at that time, you will feel emotions, excited for the country, for the family, for the community to contribute their youth.  Ronghua was thirty years ago has shown signs of bloom in my junior high school buddy forest home, go to her house to play with my friends and at the same table.I was young and ignorant not know how to watch, taste, beautiful flowers just feel, like Atlas hold up a big umbrella, and as a shade-covered pink clouds fell Ronghua twigs; leaves such as sickle-round shaped, two alternate pinnate green feather-like, open day and night together, to give people a symbol of friendship.Therefore, also known as “wattle”.Alternate, namely metabolic commensal.This is a “can be combined, co score good” relationship.Yin and Yang are different because of the acacia tree, known as sensitive plants, as seismic observation of the preferred species.At that time, the three of us just graduated from junior high school, forest than me at the same table and a year older, a few of us go together like three sisters, and she tallest such as parabola vertex, and I followed, my classmate old end.Let’s say the proposed Forest under the weight, to see who the most important.Maybe because at that time because of poor economic conditions, lack of food and clothes, parents are banking on their own children to eat plump.The more weight the more fat, the more healthy.The results Forest 88 pounds, I was 87 pounds, 86 pounds of my classmate.After that, the forest also proposed to the nearby Museum of Photographic like to take a picture photo, photograph to be washed out Houlin Lin said that only I shone the most natural.Goes black and white photographs, I have been keeping so far.  Lin Lin, who lives in the Pi embankment, due to the exceptional growth of the environmental impact, tree Ronghua tree is particularly physical stature, gorgeously it seems to greet our arrival.Today, the share of good memories often come to my mind, heart care.Sometimes, occasionally meet her feel at home.She married young man with a daughter and a son, when the boy produced a second child, due to the difficult labor almost lost his life.Due to postpartum stroke Siegen right hand was amputated four fingers, leaving only a thumb.Her right arm has been hung with a cloth belt, all day long hand was wrapped tightly, chilly winter season, the hand all day in my bosom.I asked when we can be alone and meet her current situation, she finally agreed to hand out to me.One can imagine that when I saw her white dog was bloodless broken hand, and my heart is how to cut out the heart like pain.Although overjoyed son’s coming, did not bring much joy to her, gave her heart and life-long trauma caused tremendous pain.She often told me that her mother is her baby because she did not promptly transferred her first aid, drug overdose caused her permanent disability.Said to be life-saving, how all of them smoothly, said the people around her mother deliveries life for others, in the end retribution to their descendants who are God’s punishment for her mother, but also karma.Her feelings are understandable.I just put it when she is angry words.I was glad she saved a life from death.Ronghua tree forest home when shortly after we graduated Huaihe River levee reinforcement, because his family would have to move and dug up.It took the tree, while the share of friendship was rooted in my heart.  Acacia tree love tree earliest complain, nor blossom.According to legend, there was a scholar studying hard years, Beijing exam preparation.Prior to departure, his wife, pointing to the window fan pink tree plight of the tree said to him: “This husband go, you will be able to high school.Just the capital squandering fans eyes, was not to forget the way home!”Scholar swear away, but never heard from again.Pink fans at home and hope for hope, waited and waited, black hair become white hair, did not return to her husband’s shadow, etc..In the upcoming end of life when the pink fan dragging sick body, struggling to kindred confirmed before she and her husband oath affliction tree, with life under heavy hair oath: “If the husband change of heart, from now on, so this is the plight of flowering, leaf husband and I to spend, spend not old leaves do not fall, and his heart different ages of the night together Huan!”When he finished, Qijueshenwang.The next year, the plight of all trees are really delighted, flour dough, put like a little fan covered with branches, but also with a hint of the aroma, but flowering is very short, only one day.And, since then, all the leaves actually is with Huakaihuaxie and morning show co twilight.To commemorate lovestruck fan of pink, but also put the plight of the wattle tree renamed.  Lin Lin and her husband to break free love and family obstruct became partners, and caring for her husband to fold, care for me.Due to the special condition of her body, after being born son from his grandmother to hold the custody of his mother always playing little feeling weak.Now their children have switched married.I believe that one day he would pardon his mother.Lin Lin and her husband and their children are working in Shanghai, loving husband and wife live in a happy family, and now can be described as the rain comes.I worked for her sad today when can comfort her and blessed!As she does this acacia tree: always loving, in pairs, the couple is a symbol of what a good fit?  ”Acacia avoid anger, lotus lily.”If you want to help others out of trouble and grudge, put Acacia gave him, so he planted in the courtyard, make people relaxed and.  Acacia bark and flowers can be used as medicine.Albizia julibrissin have rather the role of God, stagnation rule chest tightness, insomnia, forgetfulness, wind, fire, eye, can five organs, and mind, Wyatt color, better physical, calm, soothe the nerves, the role of beauty, but also the treatment of neurasthenia share.Also with Qingre, beauty, freckle, and other effects hangover.  Goodbye Ronghua tree was long ago, I went to Shanghai to visit his son.Temporary back when I take the “Xin Shao Line” bus traveling south on the road, dedication, Douxian car window all the way Ronghua bloom, flowers, fragrant, could not help but remind me of her family tree and forest tree Ronghua , remembered her misfortune.  At this point, a time when Ronghua blooming season, that tree pink fan Han Xiang, nestled among green leaves, is Xiaoying my city passenger.Through it all I have pink, flushed pompon seem to see the forest goes girlish smile, he is waving at me.Despite our youth is gone, but we are still in a cavity blood.Forest one and my son is now working in Shanghai this metropolis, they are just tens of thousands of migrant workers among one, the builders of a new era!They are the epitome of this era, they are not just the city this charming and colorful it Ronghua?  War and peace, the Chinese people, I believe every Chinese person of integrity and the pursuit of peace will advocate.Although our country strong, but the imperialist powers opened its mouth all the time I want to harm citizens, the annexation of territory I!People never want to feel part of the Chinese people with ulterior motives to incite, we should unite as one composed of steel wall, trying to build their own country, rather than blame each other and kill each other!