Beautiful encounter

Part One: drunk recalling the beautiful encounter exhausting day of sunshine has sleeping for the night enveloped the earth.Little lights like stars such as crepe-like penetrating time and space, in the hope to leave people in confusion.I, as usual, exclusive night to bring my share of lonely, lonely I can always release the weight of the same mood as pie.I lit a cigarette and watched the smoke curls upward, the direction will pursue both fallen.Suddenly, out of the window floated a simple folk song: “morning fog lock the riverside, green water attached day.Strip voice through bluestone, brilliant mirror Miaonv.Border Town Buyetian, laid-back good Kurau.”The pure and bright like the sound of soothing, sometimes invisible to disperse the curls of smoke.  Fanran aware, this is a folk song “Phoenix city tour” has a flavor of the Hmong.Will be dispelled by looking at the smoke, listen to this soothing, and I revel in a kind of like drunk throughout the United States, my thoughts back to the moment a decade ago, a beautiful encounter in Phoenix.It is autumn in September, the third time I went to Western painting, while Phoenix is I will go to the land.Phoenix is not only a great painter Huang Yongyu home town of art and has the reputation, but also under the moonlight crystal clear river.Then there is the river of the street on stilts, it was ground into a nature trail carved years quartzite road, it has a soothing pure Miao folk songs and pressing it deep emerald bamboo grove in the handover of birds chirping..It’s all I ever attracted.  Downtown Phoenix, the first night, I sat alone on the cold stone beside the river of light, bathed in the moon’s pure, listening to the river as girlish earnest whisper, so Gambhir and trickle flow sound heart irritability Xijin dust.Dust Quchu, watching riverbank red with a lantern to stay warm foot building, which was faintly visible red light years cut injury marks, like joy in the red for the elderly, the elderly like watching with a smile I.I was close to its primitive beauty of God and the soul of epilepsy.At this time, I heard a quiet voice broke my addiction: “Hello Mr.!Alone in the ancient city of Phoenix enjoy Moonlight Sonata!”I looked back, a tall trace strip, dressed in a light green dress, smiling and rippling with a pair of dimples charming young woman standing behind me.Her eyes in the moonlight especially bright big eyes, like a puddle of spilled moonlight was bright and crystal clear waters of the lake.I was embarrassed to stand up, I do not know an accident or voice with excitement: “Hello, hello.”” See you sit in it for a long time, you journeying to enjoy the beautiful scenery, and sometimes do not have the heart to disturb you!”She held out a warm and delicate hands:” We know what to!My name is.”I’m clumsy past his hand and introduced himself.  ”You do the first time Phoenix?”I told her third visit to Phoenix.  She Yin Yin smiled: “how there is so clever, I was the third time the Phoenix.However, every time I feel not the same.”And he said to himself:” Phoenix is so beautiful, especially like silver in the moonlight Tuojiang water, quiet leisurely boat, the beautiful simplicity of folk songs, both sides of the turret stay.Like the mythical dream.”She suddenly said:” I had known you!”I am very surprised:” You know me?”” Yes, you sketch a tree today, I read a long time on the sidelines.” ‘Oh,’ I’m not a trace of shy nodded naturally.  ”You impressed me that painting, the whole screen with a blue tone, the scene abstract shapes simplicity, humble pen is so beautiful, the Phoenix painted so beautiful, really unique!How you think of blue to represent?”I told her, Phoenix beauty lies in her quiet and quaint, I want to express a kind of serenity and beauty of simplicity.  She told me that she likes Phoenix, is due to the very young read from Mr. Wen Shen “Border Town” and Mr. essay “Phoenix”, to Phoenix has always been her dream for a long time, not until three years ago, got his wish, after this time of year to once.She said: “Mr. Shen pen a simple but fresh world, a near-paradise-like village community, to show generosity, rustic country setting and a group of good people are not contaminated with modern civilization, they kept the old peaceful and harmonious life environment and simple thrift ancient folk deeply touched me, when I yearn for season!”Our aesthetic Phoenix, extends to the beauty of human nature.From the Chinese literati painting to Western classical painting, Impressionism.From her conversation, I was deeply attracted by her silvery voice, and her temperament and charm touched, it all comes from her inclusion and culture.  The passage of time around us, there is a September night coolness.I suggest a walk in town, to enjoy a sinking described by Mr. Stone Street of the quaint charm.  We marching a long quartzite road, the wind will lose her unique fragrance into my nostrils, I could not help but greedily sucked.Sometimes occasionally hear the distant dogs barking wooden cross in from the street out of the night crying children and women sleeping appease fans faint sound of a world in simple but fresh purify our hearts.  The ancient city walls, the ancient city gate, the ancient clock tower, ancient pier left our footprint, sound and happy laughter.  ”I was going to drink coffee, please?”She invited me to sincerely certainly due,.  I came to where she lived with her riverside houses on stilts.Red lanterns stay foot building swaying in the breeze, the red printed on our faces, cage hook emit faint voice.  We gently marching wooden floor, afraid to disturb the sleeping tourists.He came to her room, a deep sense of smelling fragrance such as butterflies.Like a woman’s breath, like a hammer to knock moved my heart, a bunch of inexplicable blood flow straight to my head.In order to cover up lies chaos of the moment, I came to the window.Panoramic beauty of the window, the night as a transparent black veil, floated in the wind.She skillfully brewed coffee, I tasted filled with the smell of coffee, I felt comfortable and warm.Tonight coffee, as if my life never had the most beautiful and sweet coffee.We talked while drinking, coffee and talk life, talk about feelings, talk about each other’s first love.Chatting chatting, sometimes with binocular vision, this time it becomes so silent.Unconsciously, time quietly off the moon, the sun slowly lifted.  At dawn, we should also broke up.At this time, she generously said to me, time for us to embrace it beautiful encounter!At this point, I felt restless in the blood straight to the punch, I reached out with their hands trembling embrace a beautiful evil thoughts and hallucinations quietly into the sky in the heart, can be out of the sun again I just germination of evil to disperse.”I do not want to leave this beautiful place, but sometimes people are helpless.We make a pact to please?”Her affectionate to me:” Today is the 25th of September, we meet here this time next year?”” Well, continuation of our beautiful encounter!”Music ‘Kacha’ full length, from my memory back to the drunk, I smiled.If this beautiful encounter more than one day to another, I think there might Phoenix Love certainly more attractive than the more beautiful Lushan Mountain!    Part II: Encounters beautiful flowers also have to remember, can you believe it?  Several autumn, patches autumn, autumn, summer finally say goodbye to the lingering overnight, summer and go without a trace.  Morning, foam with the cool autumn stroll, watching the crape myrtle petals playground next to the runway since the bomb from falling in the wind, the autumn slightest Man heart.  Familiar landscape, not looked up, you can feel the intentions once gorgeous and bustling.  Through the period of the fence, I know, there are trees flowering tree wall.But, early summer, and that smoke or fog had shed all of lavender flowers.  Autumn light dance among the leaves, crushing issued rustle.Slight rise, look to the oak tree direction, Cuiye Yiyi is still good-looking appearance.  Smile, eyes glide thick foliage, inadvertently, there is a touch thin purple waves go through the eye Pori, like magic.  Only slightly slower pace, back at the moment, tis shy ajar on the wall purple flower has been fixed in the mind, deja vu.  Subtle heart, quietly lifted a corner of memory, through the flower fence down low, I seem to see the streamer disappeared in that period indistinct in the past.  Clear, like yesterday.Tentacle, but as a faint hazy Sparse.Nightlife circle of green leaves with purple mesh fence, woven into one colorful dream.A touch of warmth demure smile, greet the early morning one dewy.  There are some things that you thought through, and will not remember.  Even those who had been in the river a certain period of life, day dependent in the past, will eventually annihilation years, the silent, quietly blanking.  Glide like a meteor in the sky, falling, is the eternal fade away.As warm memories of that period after the purple flower fence.  If it were not tis like a glimpse of purple flowers, I do not know whether I will remember that period of summer woven into countless beautiful innocent years.  Over and over again in my heart that touch the purple petals, I know, there is a memory of the flowers.  This morning, plain as day and night through every one.Leaning against the wall because of a half-purple flowers, a little dull in warm, more than a hint of sweet memories.  The morning wind and the cool.Close your eyes, it seems faint floral nose gently passing from room.  Mid-Autumn Festival holiday, Mo crape myrtle to the agreement, went to the botanical gardens of flowers.  Car on the way, Mo, is still a sparse or dense tree or crape myrtle.Vague, I saw the purple flowers of a two.  Is true, it is a fantasy, can not tell.Because since that time hurried encounter, that group has been dense purple heart, increasingly clear.  Botanical garden, like a spring of next corner left behind, in colorful, look bleak and blurred less than a trace of autumn.Between the emerald green thick, studded with some of the colorful patchwork of flowers.  Lagerstroemia here, still round and round bunches.If it is a thin layer of earth falling, people will really go wrong season feeling.  So close to enjoying the flowers is written into the memory of my heart thrown ripples waves of joy.  Focus lens again and again among those blooming flowers intoxicating, Kacha sound, fixed period of blooming.  Walking in the flowers, flowers heart like.  I can not tell what kind of karma, so I will make a grass with a flower Chiai.Just know that every contact with the eyes, there is a dough filled affair quietly in my heart.  Inter wander mosaic, heart like the petals of pure light and general.  No default, no precursor, one looked up, as opposed to a purple.This time, so close, tentacles distance.  Looked at that shallow purple flower position rocked in the foliage, Heart Lake ripples underway.All the memories such as sesame, pour in.  Althea, I finally called out her name.  The memory of Althea, childhood circle is not high, not low flower fence, densely crowded around the premises.  Within the fence is luxuriant garden, the garden has a sweet smile mother, but also of our young innocent smile.  Silence of few words.Sky flashing stars, all spy on it.  Foreign land confidant, and resolve melancholy.We are the same, all too few chic.  So when lost, also guarding grace, we are the same, both in the original place, the memory came to love the fragrance of the TV drama.Distant memory, fragrance, such as yesterday, but that tree flowers, has not lost a fleeting calm a hedge fence and warm.  If we really want to set a house a house in the countryside, under the hibiscus hedge, the book a Ming, Qing Yang hair room, laughing all blossom laughing all time slipped from the fingers lightly.  Leisurely, calm, as twilight fell in the opening of hibiscus, a round adhere to a lifetime of beautiful blooms.  Even if only one day, but also gently insisted, from bright to fall.Even when lost, we should stick to the share elegance.Beautiful encounter, because of you!