Beautiful encounter

When reading, I do not like writing, not much rather read; and now, my heart with sentiment, always want to resort to it out, feel like every day is a literary obsession.When he wishes the Internet, and occasionally play in a forum, write a few posts, but still get a lot of friends to join in.To have good friends joked, “You have a lot of fans do.”Of course, when it is purely in the forum, play, write the text are mostly text mood.Until one day, after my husband saw some essays, he said approvingly: “shallow, your article is good, in my opinion ah has reached the level of the published.”After then, try holding the psychological to” Xuancheng Daily “submission, perhaps not too confident of their own because of it, the manuscript sent out, also did not ignore it.Until after more than a month, the principal holding “Xuancheng Daily” sent royalties alone ask me what the article published, I actually could not answer.Make a phone call to the newspaper asked, we learned that “sentiment,” a paper published in the May 20’s “Xuancheng Daily”, while this time, the past month has been released from the article, the newspaper could not find.Fortunately, we love to see the principal of the Father “Xuancheng Daily”, literally at home some searching before I have a chance to save my debut.Later, they tried to contribute to the literature section, after the draft was not any cast this to heart, until the school quite a few people looking at pass that article, and the article below for signature at the time of doubt guess, principal I came to the class with a newspaper, “shallow, speed” Moment of truth “but you write?”At this time, I learned that my article published in a section of the courtyard Essay.Later, after another published in the education section of the two articles, but since then, it seems to stop, no more articles.2008, I said to myself a little confident point, the number of contributors and gradually expanding the scope of some.During this period, I met quite a few pointers and help me through the good teacher.Such as “Xuancheng Daily” editor section of Rui teacher Subway life, she presided over the forum, I have published articles is the largest, with which she told me encouragement and support are inseparable.In addition, I also contribute to the provincial, national pre-school magazine.The initial contribution is “modern early childhood education,” the teacher Xinyu pages, editing teacher after receiving my manuscript, and soon gave me to reply in the affirmative to me, but also further pointed out the shortcomings of my article, encouraged me to make changes and then vote.It took two nights while carefully modify the document again posted good, and attach another one of my prose education, and this time, two actually have been edited teacher recognition, editing my teacher said after an education essay write better, asked him to be counted.Edit the teacher’s reply, so I jumped with joy, I am proud of their efforts.Later, I tried to magazine “pre-school” education contribute essays 4.Li newsroom after carefully read my manuscript, and soon give me back, and leave her phone number, I have time on issues about the manuscript and talk to her.I put the phone call in the past, just quote an article name, she recalled all of my manuscript.My editor said Lee beautiful writing, each article is written very touching, and that I was feeling fine, rich inner feelings of people.I remember, when I hear things like, Lengzheng suddenly feeling much, editor Lee had never seen me, just from my presentation, I will get a glimpse of the inner world, really simple ah.Since then, Lee has edited one by one pointed out to me the advantages and disadvantages of each manuscript, said the beginning of my article looks very beautiful, but a closer scrutiny as if written at the end of a bit scattered, which she thinks I have a well-written well, she wanted it published in the “pre-school” as a Preface.Indeed, Li editor of the phone, so I am both pleased and impressed, delighted my article has been edited by love, Li moved to work carefully.(Read the article Net: WWW.sanwen.COM) 08 years, I still contribute “early education”, where I met my editor Mr. Yao also give help and guidance.He sent me an education past notes, pointing repeatedly taken the trouble, let me repeatedly revised, and finally told me: so you have to write article.While not being able to publish the article, but no doubt, and Yao teacher exchanges, educational notes written to me after having a profound impact.A few days ago, listening to friends recommend, try to “Chinese teachers reported” online submission, did not expect to soon receive the editing RE: Your contributions have been published in the Q learning network “Network Magazine” Editor recommendation section, in order to to facilitate the majority of teachers academic exchange, we will focus on the editorial board recommended Chinese teachers.Indeed, online magazine, in my eyes, still a new thing, but I know that my life had the opportunity to met a new friend, that is, “Chinese teachers reported” the.People often say: “Beautiful things often make it difficult to forget.”.Yes, as I write this road again and again beautiful encounter, precisely because unforgettable, only let me have the urge to want to tell in words, I would like to try writing a note of these beautiful encounter in bits and pieces, so that these drip, continue to enrich in the coming days, nourish my life.