beautiful dream

Part one: a beautiful dream that maybe people like me cranky, often have some beautiful things such as colorful scarf blown in my sleepwalking.Last night on the case.Just asleep, and dreamed of a beautiful woman walking on the beach barefoot beach.Dark blue sky with a moon piled gentle smile, smile light, such as a silver tulle draped over our body.Naughty water, to frivolity, “Wow, Wow” waves lap against the beach, play our feet wet.I took her slender hand, chasing pat over sea, salty sea water splashes us happy face, sweet in our hearts.  Suddenly, the dark blue sky as black cloth curtain call, swallowed the moon smiling, suddenly the black one.Sea sound very horrible roar, the wrath of the calm sea, and instantly set off raging waves.An unstoppable spin from strong winds from the sea, as if produced by ultrasonic atomic bomb, suddenly hit us.We were playing spin unsteadily Lili groggy.Shook, the feeling of being a strong wind swirled up.When “Oh, we were tornado rolled up” and so we fully reflect over our entire people have been screwed like two leaves on the sky.  She was scared to hold me tight, lest separated from each other.  Our wind tightly wrapped, breathing becomes rapid, we pull force of the wind has been up, and I was hugging her a hand, gently slapping her back, breathing hard and said: “Do not be afraid I will not let you get hurt, you put eyes gently closed up.”Her eyes closed, leaning his head on my chest:” You hear the pounding heart, not afraid!”The wind has been up spiral rotation in, we are constantly rotating wind.We floated gently lang, I struggled constantly tell her jokes, she also struggled laughing.Let us forget the fear laugh.  The wind was spinning up.Suddenly the wind stopped, there have been a miracle.We rolled on a piece of white world.We opened his eyes, the astonishment of all eyes: white sky, white mountains, white tree, white water, white grass, everything becomes pure and beautiful white world!  ”Ha ha” sound suddenly sounded hearty laughter, a kind of amiable old man from a thick white house came out.His face was red, long white beard, hands Zhang dragon fighting cane, enthusiastically coming to us, and with the rich voice loudly said to us: “I am Wu Gang, you spy a few days on the moon a deep affection for you is infected, Long whirlwind mission brother to invite you and to provide you with a pure and beautiful love nest, let your emotional blend, and write a touching love music!”Then, he takes us to a beautiful white house, and then went away laughing.  We were all stunned by the beautiful eyes!Floating house a variety of colorful cloud, extraordinarily beautiful and mysterious; a cloud suddenly floating down from the sky, it turned into a warm white bed.  We warmly hugged in this beautiful world, we hear each other’s heart beating, blood is boiling; I cradled her up, her hands wrapped around my neck, as we drifted wildly pure fairy warm white bed.Bed With our passion drift up, the whole world is precarious, multicolored clouds drift in our body, our flesh and blood in connected, our blood merged into a warm love, poured together into a room carved in love.Carrying our cloud-like bed floated up in the love.Yeah drift, drift ah, soon drifted into the world, with beautiful Xiangjiang River confluence together.Beautiful Xiangjiang River to us to the home, when I open my eyes, all the good have become black quietly world.I laughed, turned out to be a beautiful dream, the dream of an old man’s voice still echoes: cherish your love it!    Part II: beautiful beautiful dream to be counted once in passing through life, so understanding hazy calm life of raw ivory tower, which is recognized as the Distance is a uncertain – beautiful beautiful dream.  - addressed through freshman year I said I love this night, because it is dumb and visible soul.There are wooden feel like I’m not the night of the soul, but had some soul somewhere it?This year, ethereal dream, I swam to where it?Nightlife net I do not use a pen to reproduce the memory of the year, to really onto rice paper, I do not know of a sharp pain in life is also a sharp happy now?  As I lay in bed, I picked up a book of love for a long time, just looked blankly one word, just enjoying the moment unfettered reading time, that moment touched by their own, quietly hearts say the deepest secrets of a warm and painful to reflect, that was my young heart has never been touched before, like drunk like a wake of ecstasy, yet another suddenly disappearing of pain..It can be said, hurried past year, not as I thought I would have pain.A gentle growth already favored me, I think there are wood change it?Before coming to South Division, we all recognize that the fate of small, so come here does not seem necessary to argue and control, and it seems we are ordinary, extraordinary life because here.Because in this small place, we have every reason to believe that we have to struggle, it must be the truth that comes naturally to grow, to thrive, to mature, but I did not see how much our life more quiet and beautiful harvest.I have been looking for one of the most gentle of the most impressive people in college, I was told that those who hold a piece for the harvest is failed cry is, I carefully observed, I do not think they look more beautiful.However, this university who can really see a person, a person sort of track it?No, I believe that no one can put a man on each growing period detail, every trace of euphemism thoughts are engraved up, no one is willing to let others do it.  How much cherished traces have disappeared in our high school complex in.Intentional unintentional go ignored, intentionally or unintentionally forget to go back, then himself from the outside which overlooked and ignored human life transformed into a real natural me for me, when I think of Japan, longer, that is dreaming.  I have been very depressed, I can not explain.I had the most natural state is what I decided to do.If professional and hobby must have a strong desire for a kind of inner words, it was only natural I demand why I had to choose who’s who tangled discard it?However, such a natural, is to use the many days and nights in tears and dull to nurture out, to go through the embarrassment of how many errors and was filtered out, how many times rebellious and restraint in order to go through to get it?Is there anything more beautiful than nature does?I’ve met and I like a few sister, I know, but I always thought they mature, they always kind of hazy idea attracted me, guiding me, tell me what kind of nature, life and What.If not, we have had a similar fate, how can it be as the heart of hate?I have a few friends would be through life, regardless of the child, childish, calm, madness, emotional, traditional, wonderful work, because the different fate, because of common preferences, we met , friend, companion, all the way to grow all the way to love.Selfish, I never had to get a sense of security from them, they say, I will always be safe.Bleak life, devouring every bit of light, even if it waste, do not feel contentment.  But when the heavens also be I mean, there I never get happiness and to continue to do so forever daydreaming.I’m actually most likely to meet on affection and love, affection only need to maintain health, but this year let me tie their loved ones make me scared, I suddenly had the feeling of a time growing up, suddenly felt the moment how simple life is now hidden on the feeling, feel the rhythm of life go so fast so fast, believe life is not dull, inattentive I should hold up a piece of the sky, and it is not afraid of a man walking in umbrellas afternoon, so the pain will be refracted into the sky round.Love came too late, I think it probably is nothing to maintain, and very fragile a relationship, I think, because I also have to pick up the discarded me.Within the window are you, my window, the stars can not stand a person, a person to guess the night of heart palpitations, a person says indulgent love.Perhaps, that is not a world of people, destined not understand, and maybe not love, not destined to pull the hand.While we are young, free to go.It really missed, smiling write down all the sad music, perhaps you have never been sad, you cry a note of all the smiles.  Perhaps change my direction in life, a sound heard in the distance, and when you hear the heart from the waves, thinking that was my goal.When I indulge them, I really could have foreseen offers a future heart waves at the moment they spread everywhere unconsciously, has become a plume of waves, the echoes came in a distant place, I heard recognition, instant, I think the world is small.I do not know what they are doing that, but, I vaguely feel, what I want to do that, but at this moment, we do not all have to be!  This may be a long time I have not figured out the answer.Today, it has been less important.A year of growth, I can say for myself that I have not wasted, you can grow up to own a very good answer, even though I was very naive, even if there is no gas field, even if the talent is not enough, even if not very professional.In my tasting gain and loss, I began to giggle, nib overflowing with tears, God gave me the clear and quiet destiny written on the title page of each section of life, and then say goodbye with the past, I continued beautiful beautiful dream.  Night heads ethereal woman holding a monologue far from the magic of her devotion to the art of coming up