Beautiful day

Part One: thinking – beautiful day out the window the sun is very good, like a warm and clear rivers, slowly flow into the heart, warm.Turn around, holding a cup of tea, look for a fresh poetry, went to the location desk near the window, waves a room full of milk, reading a text, leaving the mouth fragrance, a touch of sadness seen winter.  Put on coat, leisurely through the years covered road, carved in stone shallow oath, and now after years of wasted, whether that time still kept the scenery, whether in the fleeting time, we will insist on how long.  I thought, cold weather, will dispel people’s enthusiasm, however, the court side, I found myself lying in the self-righteous, whistling wind, roaring hit everyone’s mind, but after the burst of noise, but leaving the same hearty laughter as the sky.  Was muggy fingers phones, delivered warm wishes from time to time, often seen at that time will think of your own feelings and tears filling her eyes.One sweet smile, and I are deeply in my heart so that they are in the winter, very happy.  Finally deep night, and I look forward to cherish over the world, hoping that one beautiful gift box, put their love for me and our faithful.Many red apples, I am very careful to put them on the pillow, to accompany me through this wonderful night, I remember, today is Christmas Eve.  Night deeper, I sleep more heavy, I dream the night sky, the stars especially bright.Part two: the good old days when time is spent like water quietly from the side means that you left a little mark in the love life of the poems in years, with a vision of a better life, the good and the beautiful woven multicolored bloom.Happiness of heaven is like a beautiful dream song, gently exhort you cherish your journey of life, colorful the better you make hard work of delights.Imperceptibly career of brilliance on your mind is filled with vitality.Single-minded to create a life of poetic, positive enterprising heart urge you to master early in life the truth.Nightlife net sun today with hope of a better slowly rises in the east, joyfully watching the wake of the land, sow the gold and dazzling brilliance, brought joy to people’s diligent labor pleased.In this new day, carding a good sentimental mood, he walked methodically walking, smiling to greet the joy of spring in the spring.Silently scanned the words of the book, the author taste insights essence, carefully study the star of wisdom talent, to decorate their poor topic.Beautiful day need to explore the mysteries of the world, read the article thinkers, to understand all things change and change magic.Why menstruation days, the rivers by line, why changing, everything coincidence, know the truth of the universe complex, understanding the evolution of human society, turned over the pages and pages of notes heavy, feeling the ancient and modern cultural knowledge creative.No words can express interest in endless knowledge of the world.In this beautiful day, the hope that the success of victory, because yesterday’s success has ended, a new mandate also gives you, pick up their beloved brush, and then re-drawing of hope for a better future.  Beautiful day many people are devout longing, the Spring Festival family gathered to give everyone memories, when New Year’s bell sounded again, how happy are you hopeful.Children’s Day comes, the children in order to meet their laughter sing and dance festival.As well as in the annual Mother’s Day, filial sons and daughters to a deeply loving mother’s blessing, thanks to their hard parenting mother with the most sincere action.Father’s Day coming days, children do most grateful heart, I wish his dear father good health and good luck.Mid-Autumn Festival is a ten thousand happy days in the most beautiful moon night, the family taste hand-made sweet and delicious moon cake, stood in the courtyard to enjoy the heavenly joy of gentle and lovely moon.Chinese memorable and happy day there are many, each holiday has its special meaning when you learn to treat each day, every day life is very beautiful.  Carrying heavy harvest, review memories of every shadow, conscientious effort in exchange for fame achievements good day actually sway the sweat of the day, in order to harvest hope, we must be careful farming, brewing your own busy seasons.