CHUANBEIPIBA cream bottle more than four hundred US Scoop: stock soared on the sale of over 600 million | stock

    News Reporter package surging rain deceive the American flu epidemic, from China's "magic pill" unexpected popularity。
  Recently, according to "The Wall Street Journal," the British "Financial Times" and other media reports, the Chinese traditional cough syrup "Nin Jiom CHUANBEIPIBA cream" popular in the United States, pushed the price of $ 700 a bottle to $ 70 (US 443 yuan)。   The news reached home, "Nin Jiom CHUANBEIPIBA cream," the distributor, Hong Kong stocks listed companies KINGWORLD () also benefit, since February 26 stock price soared, once soared 55% to 25% of the final gains the close, February 27 rose another%。
  "Kyoto Nim Chi Um honey cream Lian Chuanbei loquat" is a tan thick semi-fluid, composed of 16 herbs as medicine, with almond aroma, sweet, Xinliang。
The main effect of including lungs and phlegm, cough and asthma, pharynx gorget, Sheng Jin Qi, aligning send fire。   According to information Nin Jiom Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. official website disclosure, Nin Jiom brand story began in the Qing Dynasty Emperor Kangxi, the magistrate was an honor to founder Yang。 CHUANBEIPIBA cream was in the process of seeking drugs to Cheryl Yang Xun Yi's mother, Yang mother died, he told his son to use honey refining Loquat cream for the benefit of the world, so the drug to spread。   In mid-1946, a Guangdong doctor Xiezhao Bang took over the business, "Nin Jiom" brand, founded in Hong Kong and the "Kyoto Nim Chi Om Factory Co., Ltd.", which is today's Nin Jiom。
  "Nin Jiom CHUANBEIPIBA cream" is currently manufactured in Hong Kong, mainland distribution rights belong to the Guangdong Wei-Yi Trading Co., KINGWORLD Guangdong Wei Yi is one of three distributors in the mainland, and the other two in Guangdong and Zhuhai Akebayashi Jinming。
  KINGWORLD since mid-1997 began with the signing of the Kyoto Nin Nunnery Plant agency cooperation agreement, in mainland China sales agent Nin Jiom honey refining Loquat cream, followed by the introduction of Nin Jiom also other products such as Nim Chi Temple loquat sugar。
  Company results, as of the end of June 2017 achieved sales of one hundred million yuan in KINGWORLD, which Nim Chi Um CHUANBEIPIBA cream accounted%。 In the year 2016, light cream Nim Chi Um CHUANBEIPIBA a variety of sales reached one hundred million yuan。 In recent years the company's strategy to strengthen the balanced development of multiple products, sales share Nim Chi Um CHUANBEIPIBA cream decreased year by year, and around mid-2009, its sales accounted for up to Qi Cheng。
  Prospectus KINGWORLD the period ending December 31, 2009 and the three financial years ended 30 June 2010 6 months, Nin Jiom CHUANBEIPIBA cream accounted for the Group's gross profit margin%% ,%and%。
  KINGWORLD main agent of the products also include speaker cards are exposed pill, cute liver oil pills series, Eagle active oil, Pills and Mentholatum series。   But KINGWORLD several times in the earnings report, Nim Chi Um CHUANBEIPIBA cream for its mainstay products have an important impact on their business sales。
  Can I certify that, in 2015, KINGWORLD by the impact of the expiration Nin Jiom honey refining Loquat cream import registration certificate, Nin Jiom Series Group sales revenue dropped plunged to about one hundred million yuan。
After the following year to complete the import of medicines registration certificate renewal, when the light Nim Chi Um CHUANBEIPIBA cream a variety of sales reached billion yuan, an increase of%。
  Market data show that Nin Jiom Series is the largest mainland Chinese market sales of imported products in the cough, the highest share of products, accounting for over 95% of the market share in mainland China imported cough medicine market, and has been incorporated into the national health insurance table of Contents。   However, CHUANBEIPIBA cream, after all, belongs to Chinese medicine, its efficacy but also how to divide the symptoms of people sharing。
  Beiqing Bao quoted the Beijing Millennium Monument Hospital pharmacists Jin Rui as saying, Nim Chi Um honey cream Lian CHUANBEIPIBA belong to Chinese medicine, the clinical use of talk about disease type。
"Different people do not like, what kind of features are likely to。 Some people are Yin Dryness cough, you can use; some people it may be Hyperactivity cough, cough with phlegm-based, not obvious Dryness。
"Jin Rui says。
  "But if long-term eating or eat a lot, then still have to consider the risk。 "Jin Rui says。 Honey refining Loquat cream belong A non-prescription drugs, containing France Breit, bitter almonds and other small drug traditional Chinese medicine, there is a certain risk from a security perspective, "After all, this is a health food instead of drugs, if long-term eating or eat a few bottles or need to ask a doctor or pharmacist to see if symptomatic。 "According to the Hong CMH performance data, respiratory system drug market in mid-2015 as the yuan, cough and cold medication possession percent market share。
Among them, compound preparation antitussive and expectorant cough and cold medication in subdivision subclasses, antitussive and expectorant compound preparation to become a billion market limitations cough and cold medicine in one of the important subclass, huge market potential, while Chinese medicine of selling accounted% market share and dominance billion had。