Beautiful colorful chicken

After dinner, the sun emits light in the last day on the mountains.West clouds were dyed purple clouds, flying in the sky like Supergraphic; sunset, on buildings, with light-colored light retroreflective tile; sunset, in the earth, bordered to the plant a layer of gold; Xia light in the human body, people have become more vivid the.  Downstairs a person a call, immediately rushed upstairs a few idlers, according to a pedestrian habit out of school, set foot on the mountain road mountain.One out, the feet are green.Contained breathing the fresh air scented grass, hand touched the tip of the soft grass, green full at the possessor of your eyes, the forest from time to time came the sounds of birds singing.This is the most pleasant time of the day, the British could not help but sound out of cell phone and started taking pictures.Shoot clumps and green grass, take a piece of different blade, shoot a blossoming usual elegant flowers, branches only when a jump shot bird, patting him on the sunset sky beautiful colors, make another final shoot activities, because people seem camellia and beauty of it.  Followed by a few people before and after a walk in the country lane, talking and laughing, homely chatter.A few people who do not understand: why the UK so interested in the common grass, trees, bamboo!They did not feel anything special, they just walk out to the health needs, Events, exchange exchanges.  One of them laughed British accent: “Look, consequently of interest!Never seen them before.We hated the grass, and shortage of crops!”British sound very strange: why they do not own the same feelings?Vary widely from person to person, their own likes, I can not ask someone like me.They like to chat, I like viewing, depicting income.  A pedestrian walk freely.Suddenly, walking the roadside grass “Chasing Ling” a loud noise, a hemp flowers pheasant wings to fly up, and instantly, flew into the distance.  A few people at first surprised, then react, a wave of wave, said: “Oh!pheasant!It can grab just fine.”British accent clearly unhappy to say:” pheasant is the national animal protection!In recent years few dozen people can see pheasants.”Waves head did not bother British accent, she continued her topic:” very tasty chicken wild!New Year, my brother played a lot, also sold a one hundred yuan, leaving a few, stew to eat, only so incense.”Then still savoring the taste of pheasant, it seems to feel personally eaten pheasant proud.  British accent was very angry, and why the state given the protection of animals, hunting is prohibited.How nobody?Why not make laws to punish hunters.Those who should control?You know why people hunting animals, partial someone for their own greedy mouth, how many beautiful creatures eat.Why do we always raise the environmental awareness of people is not high?  UK and repeat the words: “pheasant is the national animal protection!”British accent to say that, I feel too weak, too pale.A few people who do not go along with her, as if they have nothing to do with no.Apparently she suddenly felt out of place at all, because she was concerned about the problem that we do not care about.Her thinking too much difference with others!  Tianan down, sunset has been scattered.Trees, flowers, mountains hidden in Muai.A pedestrian turned around to go back, still ringing laughter.UK may have been silently go in the final, she was pressing a big stone, no one knows in her heart is not happy!