Beautiful chapter in the period

Originally I thought that after the test was all over, and teachers and students to say goodbye forever.Three years precipitate, knowledge feelings on such a draw a conclusion, that three years of memories will always be gathering dust.As everyone knows, behind this little period it is broader and more beautiful sky. Think of yourself is so naive to see the night before graduation, thinking about the kind of teacher that a picture of the face and again and again patience to teach; thinking about the share of pure friendship between the students; think of the exam buried their heads under the lights do figure.Had countless thought about the exam, the students thought among the moment to say goodbye.Or was always thought everything in sight, I did not expect it so soon came to the front.Nostalgia still do not want so drawing to an end.This may be still to come, even if you do not want to have all the answers worth of.I kept thinking they discovered Yankuangshirun, I never wanted to cry, but it is so fragile that night.Just because the hearts of dismay.To open the graduation ceremony of the day I still feel depressed, afraid and students were talking about, he worried that disappointing tears flowing from a cheek. Now think about how silly he is then, ah, never grow up like a timid child of no courage to say goodbye.But not life to death, in fact, not at all necessary, but should happily to greet the day.Junior high school is just a small stage in life.In this class we have together gone through countless days and nights, but after this we will have to meet another three years; learning together have had a disagreement and there have been joy, these will become good memories, but in the future learn why there is no life in these disputes with the joy of it?We give up this junior high school teachers and students, but all good things come to an end, as long as we always remember this once beautiful, in an adult is able to think of a knowing smile, then why not a US thing? When tears are inferior thereto respectively when laughter.Think there are a lot of road beneath their feet did not go, there are a lot of emotion there is beauty to taste.We bid farewell to a ride, but there are numerous post waiting for us.So if we have to leave in tears every time it?Tears and sad to be true, that heartfelt blessing is it not true then?Let us remove the shackles of this emotional, courageous sailing right.When a small stage to full stop, to think after this chapter is gorgeous.There will be more sincere friend wish for you at a later date, they will want you more determined to go all the way.So let’s use the “Mo before the road no friends, who Bushi Jun.”To replace the former” Please do one more glass of wine, West of Yang Guan reason people.”It!This will make their own friends firmer and joy..I only hope to bear in mind once beautiful, carrying this truth to build your brilliant life.May this little time you are not able to lure tears; this is a small period never stop your stride; this time the short end will make you stronger to start.As a friend, send sincere blessings to share feelings once the premises it.So was well, why not do it?