Beautiful campus

Part one: beautiful campus, warm love the sun shone on the campus charity bloom quite well Canna, a gold red petals are like a flame ignited the slightest, intended to extend counseling.Large banana leaf, angular veins, free long.Is a piece of scenery and a blue grass, the distant sky tower will cut into irregular tranches, to coincide with a large drifting cloud, cloud is divided into a flower.Tranches sky, white clouds, the earth gave pleasure.  Dream and you walk on the trails covered with gravel, winter sun hangs over every part of the body, I suddenly felt a fresh An angry, a kind of happiness and vitality, my heart, such as the germination of spring vegetation, birds the cry twitter.I tell you, just like the previous night for a month, a pot of tea in the lake next to the new school, moonlight, watch the water quietly, do not speak, it is often smell every corner of Yang floating up tea, I like May, like moonlight lake, like the faint smell the fragrance at night.You say that with a straight face, it seems I have to redouble our efforts.I understand.You point a finger at my eyebrows he said, trying to make money to buy a house ah go on the lake, so you can see the moon every night sitting in a lake.Even though I know it’s just a dream impossible to achieve, but it can hear from your mouth to say, both just empty talk, feel happy.  I roll up your arms, eyes glide up a thick sweet.How can you know, how much I love the day, on this day, and you can hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, stepping on the gray and white stone paths trails, long walks, quietly savor the winter in Xiangning, the warm sun under that only a few trivial duties topic, Qingqiao tone in quiet gravel on the ground actually some loud feeling.I want to trace the little road you traveled all stored up, one day, I can have them strung together a beautiful wind chimes, hanging in the front window of our cabin, day and night relative, until the old hair white, old teeth shed a whole, still hear the wind chimes from a road traveled together our young track.  After only Taichetaiwu life always has accumulated some experience.  Sometimes, will be staring at the wall, suddenly felt a unforgettable sorrow and loneliness, so strong so natural that primitive irresistible, I thought you could not tell when the joy and sorrow that more real.Maybe it is true, but I like the idea more clearly when sorrow, pain, though, there is a kind of head indescribable pleasure.Maybe it was just a moment of confusion on my mood, maybe I was born is a sad advocates.  You feel bad to say to me, you will not learn a simple point ‘?I can not, once water becomes muddy can never get clear of.This earth, although there is clean time, but once a person enters a deep thought, when it is impossible to return a simple.I forbid you to sorrow, and do not you lonely.You stubbornly say.I laughed and speechless, my heart incision, dear, sometimes, allow me to indulge sad and lonely, because it also marks the happiness and freedom of the soul ah.  I danced like a child-like body, get rid of your palm, squat body, hand, carefully move some leaves underground, in an attempt to make them into a beautiful picture, but also how to fix, swing left and right swing, although looks like a painting, but always felt something was lacking.It is incomplete.Is such that.I think you are askew twas not bear to see me, attend to people walking around, but also gave the image, still squat body, and I was face to face.  Silly girl, this one over here, this ride in this top, this left, this rightward.I can not believe, the man in front, that is my humble man.But you really did, those scattered mottled leaves, playing with neat and quick after you become a beautiful pattern.You say, two people put out the scenery, better than one imagined beautiful, two are better than one person rowing boat to reach the shore, two people to make a life better than a man fighting alone easier to be happy.Stood up from the ground, I hold passionately about your body.In my eyes, only the naive man’s body, wrapped around me everything would have gone, only the naive’s body.Suddenly, in my heart rises within deeply moved, a ray of sunshine piercing the clouds from the sky swept floors refraction over, my eyes become a blur, the tears finally flow down Pusu Su, in fact, sometimes, to get happiness is really very simple, as I am now and you chapter two: a winged heart, a beautiful campus spring campus a winged heart, a beautiful campus, a group of energetic people.This is the moment I have just entered the gate of the scene.  Walking in colorful campus, breathing the air was filled with the fragrance of spring flavor.I had the college entrance examination after the repression, frustrated after the exam, give up to cloud nine.  Kapok bloom, spit fragrant roses, spring has quietly come to campus.Relaxed, cool, spring, deep green tours, do not have doubled fun in their hearts.  Spring campus vitality of flashing with the “Lei Feng” figure, a little spring to send young volunteers intent society, with a cold spring to resolve people’s minds.  Feeding the Chinese people to be devastated by the Yellow River mother sadly in the spring; soil erosion was already low river beach.Do not be sad, dear mother, your young children will be traumatized to soothe your soul.Academy students love the green administered to the mother presented a green, also gave their a sincere heart, Qing Qing students on campus for the mother sow hope in the spring, the vitality of spring green.Sauna net often walk in the green campus, I have endless Xia Xiang, thinking about how to find their own dream.Was frustrated at the crossroads of life once, I do not want to once again lost its way, in vain vague maze.  If literature is the vastness of the sea, then I would like to stream into even have to go through thousands of twists and turns into the sea, walk back and forth freely if; if literature is a cloud, then I would like to turn into raindrops, turned into a tool for the dissemination of culture, happiness happy.  Each day, as all life is the last day to live!  Army green dream can not remember who the writer said, life is a big book, indeed, life is unpredictable, agonizing over mankind for thousands of years and discover the true meaning of life, but in the end no one can get perfect answer.Walk the road of life twenty years, I thought about it, too confused too, but there is an experience made me understand a lot, have real experience to life, and that is military training.  Really appreciate the whole process from a juvenile birds to Eagle’s no real right and wrong, there are only absolute obedience, there is no absolute limit, only the indomitable spirit, as Bolt’s wonderful 9 58 Beijing Olympics 9 seconds 69, many people think that this is the human limit, like the wind blowing through the snow-capped summit of Kilimanjaro.  Military training day really bitter, how many times want to give up, but I have no choice, placed in front of only one way, that is – stick.”We have before us difficult” can become “the face of difficulties we have,” which subtly changes, we need wisdom and courage and our wisdom and courage is honed in the military training of.  Shaping the Gobi wind, water shaping the canyon, create brilliant brave!My ideal is a dream journey, and my trek, is difficult section of road, military training, I did not fall, and they will not fall.Although the military has passed, but the days of military training is always a bit of my college campus life in the most beautiful memories.  Army green, my dream, loud bugle, filled with my thoughts, my life dream green army began.  His tears flow not in others compiled a good story.