Beautiful accident

Part one: I met you, I read the life of the most beautiful accident in life there are numerous large and small, the number of accidents, who could not say.Who could not say the accident, tiling the real life.Real life not many so-called clever, called haphazard, so-called legend, the god of good fortune does not put these things every day and every minute to specialize Among the common people to.There always are some coincidences, two parallel lines may also join one day.There always are some unexpected, grip in hand which will be suddenly cut off the kite line.I met you, my life was an accident, not previously met you, my life is calm like a pool of stagnant water, not thrown the slightest ripple.When the smile of life every day, every day listen to soft music when bored, lonely lonely night a man quietly tapping the keyboard.Perhaps when no one is.Occasionally imagine their future, but not much weaving dreams.Day is coming so faint, faint dead and later days of his youth has gradually gone to.Once the tears, and always searching.With a dash of love hearts also look forward to, but do not expect.  , But stumbled on this network met with the reality you know, becoming a friend.Fukai years of dust, the empty days, talk about life, about work, life complaints, speak of love, and so on, is in a collision in such a heart to heart, soul intersection track, I have feelings for you.In conversation, we still maintain that peace of soul indifferent.Budding love between mind, flowing creek warm, long and far-reaching.  In a short span of six months, and you’ve known.I went into a different life, so I had to sigh, to meet you, let me read life.The unexpected turning point in my life, make my life a whole new start.  I know I can not read everything you.I have to understand the basis of life on, you can read.Your smile is full of quiet elegance; your feelings are too deep, like the vastness of the night sky, difficult to cruise any time I freely.All these are what I look up, I simply difficult to spread to the world.  I am well aware, the fate of the sky has doomed our fate.The rose has been a symbol of love in our hearts quietly bloom.Although I can not read all of you, know you, but I have been fascinated you; you are touched by the sincere; which is restricted by your emotions.Love you love, you want to think, do what you do.  I can not imagine what our future will be, but now I think you have become a compulsory homework every day, your world has become my sky.Your news is that I have the desire every day, waiting to meet you at this moment of my luxury.  From acquaintance to now, we have busy lives, time together is always so short.You have your pursuit I have my career, every day we are busy hard to gather together.But no matter how busy, I’m busy, there are always busy to send you information and tell you, I miss your.Thinking of you, no matter how tough Acacia sweet time.Perhaps this is the taste of love, sweet bitter, bitter in music.  We’rebothconvincedthatasuddenpassionwemeet.Suchcertaintyisbeautiful, butuncertaintyismorebeautifulstill.We convinced each other, is a sudden passion let us meet.Such certainty is beautiful, but uncertainty is more beautiful.Let me read you the life of the most beautiful accident!    Part II: beautiful accident good things, often in unexpected.- Inscription I like leisure time on the Internet playing cards will, one day, the fighting was going on, there is little penguin friend request information, did not mind a closer look, hastily adding, battles continue, who knows, the session frame has repeatedly flashes, upset Italy chaos, defeated and go, furious opening session box, impatient to say, you affect my play cards, and the other made an awkward expression, anyway beans also did not lose, boredom, shoving a click of his space Oh, enlightened, a look all scared out of his chin, good taste of space, literarily, reveals a fresh touch of melancholy, entirely my food, ha ha, Barbara is a paradise, I go to read one afternoon, really have to totally waste of effort!If you are a text control, then I will understand the kind of surprise!  Flower beds in the yard, planted two small jujube ,, lush, is not the result of market day, selling grape seedlings, by noon not sold, to coincide with my passing, say, buy two big sister it is not expensive, could not bear the sound of Sister, she readily took two, came home and saw where to kind of do?Really no place, shoving them aside one buried in the edge of the flower beds, not wishing to actually live, thrive year after year, in the hot summer, put my little yard shrouded green eyes, a the shade, even more valuable is that there was a sweet!Really unintentional positive outcomes!Nightlife Network Sunday afternoon, a sudden power cut, not the Internet, not the game, not watching TV, bored owned the book and sleep, our household Big Baby laughing and pull me to play badminton together, the heart coursing, I usually did not stay to practice hand , is it feeling really ambitious, his mouth said, not to you that technology, to accompany the baby smiled, pushing pulling, embracing Niangliang go away, US-ah!  There are a lot of everything in the world are constantly changing, accept it, adapt it, enjoy it, you will find a rapidly changing world will be docile and well-behaved, you have in this world, I one more reason to smile and love life the way the simplest is the gusto too easy life, treat yourself, life is not too long, treat the people around you, not necessarily next life encounter, this life with people destined to meet, is one of the most beautiful accident!    Part Three: Meeting you was my most beautiful accident there is a girl, there is always a day for you to pour a glass of water, every time to reach out and touch, there is always warm; there is a girl, always broke off half an apple, the biggest, the best half leave you; have a girl, see you sleep, would gently put his clothes covered in your body.   There is a girl, will give you many, many fold heart, and then you throw on the table; there is a girl, you see when reading in bright light, will quietly tell you, too much light to our eyes, then thrust the dim the lights; there is a girl, blowing cold wind whistling winter, you lazy against the wall, she would tell you that the wall will be endothermic, careful sick; there is a girl, would write many small piece of paper quietly , or gave you some sticky notes posted where you can see, I hope you know, she has been concerned about you; have a girl, even if you Guzuoshenchen, indifferent to her, she will be sad, she did not want you because of her reasons students are not happy; there was a girl, when you eyes glazed, stood a stink face to her, she will always take the initiative to strike up a conversation with you, make you happy, she never wanted to upset you, you know, indifferent to punish a person on the premise that – she cares about you; have a girl, you fight the Cold War at the time, will want to quietly write down what you say, then take advantage of the time you do not pay attention folders in your book, I hope you can be found ‘as soon as possible’ there is a girl She knows you, knows better than her own; there is a girl, she always care about you, even if it hurt, you always had her heart; have a girl on her birthday, you will really looking forward to what will give her surprise, but her mouth only a simple blessing is enough; there is a girl, and sometimes particularly want to speak, because she was afraid I was lonely; there is a girl, sometimes quietly, not wanting to disturb you; there is a girl always complaining in your ear, so you work harder to learn, she knows the baby is not stupid, just do not work hard; there was a girl, when suddenly one day quietly does not bother you, you will feel uncomfortable, because you she used to have on your side; there is a girl, always quietly look at your essay, because she wanted to know something about your heart wall bit by bit; there is a girl, always thinking for you to share, and she herself the mind is always keeping everything to myself; there is a girl, always thinking of others a little better, even if they did not care wronged; there is a girl, you can be silly to expect more time to her, with her Chat, he said lie, even if she only sat for a while; there was a girl, I do not know the reason sprinkle a little delicate, because she was a dull boy; a girl, when you occasionally a little better for her, she will be pleased as five million prize like; there is a girl, she sometimes there will be some naive idea, because her heart is too pure; there is a girl, she will not mind other people’s hatred, just silly doing their own; there is a girl, her eyes full of strength, so you can not refuse her everything; there is a girl, it is because of their own good, so you feel you do not deserve her to do so much for you; there is a girl, came over none seen her really angry, perhaps she buried very deep deep hurt; there is a girl, you paid too much, you can be so selfish, want to shame myself scoffed; there is a girl for you , took on too much; there is a girl, so you do not always know how to wear in her good for you; have a girl, you always take care of many; there is a girl, will you put out one seeds Kediao, leaving you to eat melon seeds; have a girl, perhaps one day, she will be tired, helpless choose to leave, afraid to love is also an injury; there is a girl, because she gave me too much, unable to recall, but I have been unable to forget: there’s a girl with a good for me, into my world, my world changed forever.  Her looks never fixed, never lingering, unforgettable.  The girl, always leave one day.Once, from now on, everything is a once.  That girl told me rotten eggs, if there is next life, I will double to you.If there is next life, I’ll wait for you, to guard you with his life.  if it is possible.I wish you happiness, if you well, is sunny.  - a guy called rotten egg autograph chapter four: You are my most beautiful accident we have a beautiful encounter that day, we are all smiling, so happy.  The two of us alone [time] you said to accompany me out to play.  I ask why.  You say, we are all lonely people.  I asked, where to go.  You say, you decide.  So that afternoon, we follow my idea, I rented a bike and began to travel two people.  Only section of the road, but in the afternoon exceptionally long.Two people, like the ’80s romantic couple, but we do not have intimate contact with.  You said, her arm around my waist.  I replied, not.  You say, Well fast.  I replied, not wanting.  You handed pull my hand around your waist, I did not refuse.  You say cold, you want to hand to suppress the joy that was blown clothes.  Pick up all the way downtown, we finally reach the end.Is a place full of green, the day I want to go.  I take you sit there and look at the scenery, you are in the side, blasted look at me.  We chatted some did not, actually also a burst of melancholy, a burst of joy.  It grew dark, we need to return.  Along the way, the wind wanton dance, as if laughing at the two of us, but also like to celebrate our trip.One pair of lonely people children, have poured out my heart hidden.Dim the lights, you said a lot of sweet talk to me, I quietly mind at ease.  At night, you asked me how to feel about you, I did not truthfully say.  I did not tell you that you are the first such initiative to chase my boys.  I did not tell you, you speak bluntly, I like your smile, I like the way you make me happy, I like.  I did not tell you, that night, I love you.On that night only.  [We] do not lonely God may be boring, we began a game.  Perhaps we are the leading edge of the struggle, it has become the protagonist of the game.  Maybe, maybe just because we have the temptation.  As we all know the other half of each other, we chose to continue to move forward.This is not an error, but a flaw.I always comfort myself.  We are each other’s third party.  While I despise such people, but I do indeed.When they should refuse, I retain that ray of light.I was selfish, it was cruel.  You say, guilty.I laugh while saying nothing.  Then, we have in hand, in a vast, the narrating their own love story, once, now.Those messy, scattered over the ground, stepped on, creaky.  Silence face relationship lover, that moment, no one had ever speech.Quiet, very quiet.A rare quiet between us.Because everything, there are some things, do not say better than say.  Some people, some things, and it was us gently buried.Start a sin.  Our students love [only] secretly began to get involved with this, I did not even feel shame.That damn word in the mouth back and forth thousands of times, the end or be swallowed back.  I remember that weekend, my boyfriend came to see me.  At night, he and I opened the room.Lying in his arms, and your cell phone chatting, you ask me, why do not you do, I do not language.  We should have the right?But I do not want to.But your question again and again, actually I have a trace of regret.I do not know where it came from, suddenly full of channeling the entire atrium, that night, I stayed up all night.  The second weekend, we go through tough Meet Saturday.  Since taking the time relatively late, your stubbornness and my stubborn stalemate.As a result, the school gate will be more than a landscape – two fools, squatting on the roadside looking for four-leaf clover in high winds.You say, who should find who heard.  I try to find, so a long way, but all were turned to dust hard when you pick up the four-leaf clover.I do not understand so little probability actually can happen in such matters.  The car came with us, and shaking leave.In front of a good long way.  Night, crazy lingering.  All are attributed to plain do not want the heavy breathing in.All unhappiness pouring water rush in the crash of ketone bodies in.We meet each other, but also to meet the respective.  Morning, I woke up from a dream, you still sleeping.I tilted his head, careful look at your face, that lazy lovely appearance, I found that I really like, not just one night.I quietly think, perhaps, this is heaven somewhere doomed.Destined to meet, but also doomed the outcome.  I understand that, since then, I will go for you.  I also understand that, since then, you will love grabbing at me.  Not among us any feelings at all.  We, leaving only touch the flesh.  Later, perhaps, not later.  [We] just passer-you never said, you love your girlfriend, then, but you love and care about her enough to prove that you love her.  Always remember the first time we play that much of what you say, then I disdain, but now also some desire.But, you must have forgotten.  It turned out that we have only each other in life, rush the passer.  I want to stop here, I think I have a lot of wrong.  You are like poppies, like, so I gradually ground addiction, would like to quit also do not want to quit, contradictory.I’m afraid I will reluctantly to you in the days that followed, I was afraid I would be like committing a drug addiction and hold tightly, I’m afraid, black and blue.  I do not want to hurt anyone, but my boyfriend and innocent your girlfriend I have been deeply hurt the.  For these, I have no way to make up.  [No matter who injured are being punished] This is very strange, lingering thought that time would be forever, but later, only to linger after tomorrow.  After all, it should not be praised, and then became a curse, no matter who is injured, in this ridiculous farce where all should be punished.  Piece Clover, I carefully treasured.It is my deep memory, so hard to forget.  In fact, should thank you, to accompany me through that period of downturn in the road.Have your day, I was happy.  I will remember, you are my life journey, a beautiful accident.  While we are unbearable, this can not blame anyone.But I think happiness is quietly in the dark sky over bright.After stunning bloom, painting the next pool joy.  Today, I want to tell you that you too much, I liked.  But, like to spend, it has become the eternal impossible.