Bearers of culture — Anyang

A lengthy history of 5,000 years of Chinese civilization, can be said that a long history, the wheel of history rolls on, after the earth-shaking changes, trace the origins of this period of history, we will stop in Anyang this civilization but heavy on land, because here record the rise and fall of a dynasty, how many seeds sprout culture, those of us who are here and later sucking the first people left us with the essence and nutrition.    If that is the reality of opportunity so I embarked on this land, as it is here to spread cultural flavor temptation for me to close it.For a thirst for knowledge, explore my knowledge, culture Xu Minrui some of the sense of smell, which is why I resolutely choose a stranger to the real reason it Anyang.    I am honored that, as soon as I set foot on this strange land side, when the Yin Ruins in Anyang inscription success comes, I think it’s the time being Anyang man gave me a gift, so I am very pleased not only affirmed the important historical and cultural world of Anyang, is the pride of those of us descendants, then, to this end I offer my paltry applause silently.    Since then, I have no distance with the Anyang.    I vaguely remember that people in the vicinity of the Yin Ruins face filled with a smile, regardless of seniority; so I still remember an old man and a child in front of the Yin Ruins from the hands of visitors leave an empty beverage bottle, that is to say if they were the life force, might as well say, people here pay more attention to environmental protection, that moment, I was really touched.    Often surprised at the fun of Chinese characters, bent over backwards to always think a long time before those Oracle, described above, that is the testimony of a period of culture, Anyang Why witnessed the emergence of so many calligraphers, why study the text of the total Anyang at the forefront of China and even the world, it is the world which has so ashamed, so so many people pour in, pry the secret, born here in Anyang people marching footsteps of their ancestors move into the civilization of tomorrow.    If this does not make you ashamed, I believe this knowledge will make you the Book shock.In Yau in the city of Anyang, once imprisoned a “Silence of the Lambs,” As we all know, in this country the first in prison, shut out of a “broke out in silence,” the emperor, his interpretation of the Book of Changes , like a volcanic eruption, like the sound spread around the world, make ten million mindful of the world are attracted to spy on its true meaning, since then, China’s cultural night devastated the addition of a dazzling star, always lit the area of the sky.And Anyang people under the leadership of the ancestors, their interpretation of a better future.    Today’s Anyang, just like a young vibrant are giant strides forward on the road, has made remarkable achievements one after another.Road widening in one by one, building layer by layer becomes high, Museum of Chinese characters to stand up in Anyang City, it appears, it is passed to the world an idea: If you do not breath a city of culture, even though there are high-rise buildings, will inevitably become dull no vigor and vitality.The state will only text of this museum is located in Anyang City, Anyang shows the rich history and culture of affirmation.Often pass in front of a large Museum of Chinese characters, people always stood for some time, in addition to marvel at the magnificent exterior of the building and the atmosphere, and shocked to more profound knowledge of the text inside.Here how we can kick the tires, fly, for as one kind of savor, food for thought.    That was not enough, Cao Cao’s tomb in Anyang found and confirmed, have been unearthed in a thought-provoking history, so we began stroking loess Cao Wei, Wei, Jin, strength of character generation to pursue unforgettable.Atmosphere and culture was spread to the north and south of the country, and the world was amazed at the endless charm of Anyang, where Cao Cao turned out to be the resting place of the Three Kingdoms period, which is what Feng Shui.Anyang people cheered, but also because it is a new business card Anyang people.    Industrious and simple Hongqiqu children, trained fighting spirit of hard-working, today they, in this soil civilized ancestors left behind, with their wisdom, sow the seeds of wisdom, I firmly believe that in the near tomorrow, under the wise decision of all the leaders, all the people will Anyang down to earth, hard struggle, and strive to Anyang culture to flourish, the Anyang brand play louder, made brighter.    The ancient capital of Anyang, desirable.