Bear the light of life articles

Part One: bear watching light of life “family” this vocabulary, I feel very excited, as if there is something to endless talk, but has been reluctant to write, I’m afraid these humble words ugly sentence defiled which I obtained the great divine affection.  Autumn is pleasant, but also enough to make people full of nostalgia.That fall a few years ago, the air curdled became pale, it was the first time I experienced the passing of their loved ones —- eternal moment unforgettable.Listening crooning voice and Qiuchong spin out the window phoenix leaves, seems to hear a hidden bitterness, I hear a ride.It seems in this moment, the whole world wakes up and becomes clear.  When the little girl worldly small world with room only “absolute” truth, when I was playing in the yard a “play house” game.One day, I saw a line roadside funeral team accompanied by a sudden burst howl, it seems that a current-busted my mind chaotic, miserable, and from that moment on, my young mind seems to have a layer of indelible shadow, always hanging over me.  Later, with a wealth of experience, was something more, for fear of death that has become weak, and I already know that it is inevitable that people’s fate, death comes with all the land contract babies, no one can breach.So we can do is cherish the moment of life, we have.  I, grew up in a sea of love in children, but almost cruel to neglect the existence of family, until one day his mother read a trace of love and affection, only to start thinking about its origin.  As a child, I can not remember his birthday, as long as the day lying on the table to see the egg of peace, is my birthday, and I have never ignored the mother’s birthday.Because, in my memory, my mother’s birthday only spent tear calendar, inadvertently during my mother tore off the calendar, random sentence: Yesterday was my birthday ah!Until that day, I vowed to remember the little mother’s birthday, one day after school, I was kicked all the way pebbles, the head of braids Akira Akira ah, far also saw the mother figure standing in front of Alice Wang.She led me to the table, I saw peace egg, my birthday came around again, but still missed his mother’s birthday, I began to hate myself, why I should like to forget his birthday as forget his mother’s birthday, how I want to be in mother for her birthday a peaceful cook egg ah.  I never asked why but something mother birthday, maybe it was just formal, but I did not miss once, and now the cake, the students sent Teddy Bear, greeting cards and other gifts, too, and I think that is not as good as mother’s egg is more precious peace.  On the high school, I stayed, the less number of home.Weekend home, deep face of the mother’s eyes, I know what mother would say, but he did not say, perhaps freeze this moment, I can read enough of everything.The dead of night, really sleepy and fell asleep on the desktop tummy, do not know when, awakened my mother softly, still holding a cup of hot milk from the mother’s eyes, I saw love, to see the worth of love.  Mother Oh Mother, eliminate people to languish for the children’s mother, the dead of night, your daughter suffer him to sleep I tried to say everyone is lonely, but life can not bear the light ah, I hope her daughter reading lonely midnight, insect mosquito do not too much melancholy singing in your ears, do not prematurely gully years trample your youth.  Even though, I do not know what the future will pay, will harvest something, but I understand that, nowadays most importantly, cherish the moment I have.    Part II: can not withstand the light of life to everyone from birth the opening has its own mission, he is born in this world of reason.If people do not live in that mission in a dream world is just a burden, the burden of the world is also the parents’ burden.People alive, they must have their own clear goals, ideals.Sauna net we are all with the hope and sustenance parents were born in this world, we are under the attentive care of our parents grow.  Recently spent some time at home, feeling deeper.I’ve rarely go home on the outside, once home earlier this year, more than at home want to take a break, suddenly I found a few more silver-haired head above my parents discovered my parents really old.Own long struggle on the outside and forget we grow from childhood to take care of their parents, they are now really old.Looking at a day old parents, who day by day stooped back, but now I know their responsibilities, shoulders the burden is so heavy.  Parents work in the fields for many years, and my father’s back was like before stalwart, but in my mind years ago that still tall stalwart figure, as up to now can shelter me, his arms still as strong as ever can also attentive care of me to protect me.My mother pregnant woman gave birth to us, that is how hard is that the mother is old.Now is the case, can not rewind time, with the burden of our growth, heavy on the shoulders of every day.  Now I find that they have not repay over the upbringing of their parents, think of qing “back”, we now though is the cause of everything, but we can not ignore the presence of their parents, have time at home, spend more time with their parents, they really of old…  Life is a gift to our parents, cut looks very tenacious and sometimes life is very fragile, and now it is our prime time, parents cut day by day grow old…I do not know how to repay, maybe this life and no longer reported.