Bear in mind constantly

Part One: obsession until now I have fond memories of her, even worrying about, always also hope that one day together, knowing that it is impossible.This is how you, she really does not fit, fit recall.Even in the river of time desalination, are indifferent.  She really become an evergreen tree in my heart take root, sprout, flourish.  I tried to forget her, not to forget the heart of the affair, and has been doing so deliberately, for a long time.The results prove: it futile.Especially when the cold winter strikes, the mind is full of stories about the winter that I would be doing the story of a supporting role.Indeed, every winter since years later, I almost live in the memory of that year.  Deeply ashamed, when people say to old age I like to remember, immersed in memories.And I was a young man seemingly vibrant, but early in the memories nest climb Gunda.  Who in the ear: the more we want to forget someone or something more difficult to forget.This is the truth you?  Always wanted to break the “truth”, however, they are to be expected to fail.After successive failures, I will not bother bother to forget.Sometimes I think she’s partial obsessed, think that winter in the story: that the winter is not too cold, just a thin layer of snow drifted.  She walks in the snow, I followed closely behind.She was angry, I do not want to persuade her, she did not want to trouble.We just walked around.Dry weather, snow fell on the ground was frozen into the ice.The ground is slippery, she strode away, that’s not her style, I stared at her in the back.In fact, I can not let go of her, which so easy to say you can put put?  I had to understand two very different character of people is hard for a long time, but in the temptation of the university campus, more emotionally vulnerable.Eventually divided, the original attachment becomes good terms, this is actually beyond my expectations.A few glasses of wine, we all get drunk, drunk sounded tears.   Everything seems to have passed, but the memories still remain, and as time goes on snowball, snowball more roll Shen.  This past winter, next winter is far from it?    Part two: never forget, until the next life but also co-creative partnership footage residue, then smug, hanging in a corner of mourning.  Do not spit fragrance, has been telling mottled.  Red flying, a sadness, a dash of melancholy.  Yan Yan Flying been, but said Changhen, cold heart Joseph.  First, the love from, ends of the earth where the weather is always breeze softly, where the sea is always blue reflect people have a different kind of beauty, where people are always passionate, a distant city in Hainan ______.  Like the sea, whether it is blue or Shilin, whether calm or rough, undulating waves of that, that the slightest fluctuations.  I like to listen to the sound of the sea, whether it is waves hit the rocks, or rolling waves, that gentle, that surging.  I like to see the sea, whether it is ease of mind or dull, no matter the weather is sunny or gloomy, and that pleasant, that loose.  Life as the sea, sometimes calm as a mirror, sometimes splashed, sometimes towering waves, so people learned to be strong in the storms in.  Girls always like to travel alone packed up to go the distance, do passing strange city, to feel beautiful world, and cultural customs.Like the collection of wonderful pictures, and then pen fragrance, Full of fun, a record of the moment bit by bit.Like intentions to penetrate the text of cold, hot emotion that bundles.  With her always precarious familiar a blue trolley case, a Sony laptop, and a SONY digital camera, for many years, with her ups and downs through the north and south.Lonely girl love, love alone to and from alone, a total romantic encounter in the lone moment of the mortal world, but how many can pull the heartstrings of it?  Second, portrait Italy, a total of moon cup that is clear sky day, in the afternoon, the girl walk alone at the beach.Soft sunlight struck across the pines and cypresses not withered foliage, seemed so quiet and solemn, green lawns and white cement pious, the pace is so light from the light off, the mind is so excited, like the infinite thoughts surge Flow.  Shore has a restaurant, bar, waiter, a wide range of furnishings, the style is different.You can choose to sit down and hold a loved one’s hand to see the sea, listening to the sea, whisper, whisper, sometimes accompanied by cool breeze as you sent.You can ask a musician playing a piece of music for you, holding your loved one dancing.You can vent at the bar, sing your enthusiasm.You can wear a bit of dry themselves on to the beach, where the sun feel.very many.No matter which of the couple are full, the girl alone lonely figure as people pamper.There unrestrained, there is full of romance, where couples in pairs, where the ambiguous style bar.  Listen, that song melodious tune, how real, how deep feeling, the song “Love zero” sung sound drunk, which is probably his mind calling it!Is bringing back memories of a person’s right!Curious girl find a pass along to the music sound source, the boy sat face like a melancholy strumming the guitar that arms, broken pieces of short hair down over her a handsome face, one pair may be hidden in the black mill microscope how does the eye?Nightlife Network boys see girls walked, then gently smiled and nodded a good show, the girls find a corner to sit down, and the boy was on the TV, and that is the bar and ordered a glass LATTE.  The audience lit all your favorite songs to sing boy, singing the boy’s infected many people, more and more crowded bars, he won waves of applause from the audience, I could not help but cheer forced to applaud him.The boy’s face when singing as if to enjoy, he would sometimes give the girl an affectionate smile, but the girl can not see the black mill microscopic eyes, in the end is how affectionate.  Boy holding a guitar singing “You are my rose,” the group walking in the audience, the moment all eyes are on him, and the girl.The boy looked back to the tall figure, the handsome pressing, it is like the type of girl.  When the boy turned girl that moment will quickly come back, the boy has been found, we went to the girls side, about a girl singing “You are my rose, you are my flower”, begins singing the arms pulled out a really flower rose and handed the girl, smiling girl took the flowers with his head down, next to the audience kept shouting KISS, KISS, the boy was silent for a moment, took off his glasses and gently close to the girl’s face that moment, the girl finally saw the boy’s eyes, tiny, like a line, a smile curved.At that moment, the audience crazy, holding wine to toast them.  So, that afternoon, the girls and boys met, and the words were light.Before leaving, the girl said: “This season next year, I will come back to hear you sing,” the boy is full of off Mo, eyes looking at the girl lopsided, but also unable to retain, until it disappeared away sight.  Third, Acacia bitter, long-awaited day spent spinning like from the fingertips, quietly slipped inadvertently.Gently with wave flowing in and cleaned up the Homecoming, leaving joy and smile on the good old memories.  Because the girl casually uttered a word, the boy easily broken dreams.Lonely boy guarding the bar, and so one after another this season, but never like this girl.He once again told myself not to wait any longer, but their heart told him that the girl has been entangled in a dream of love, it is the reality of burden.What compensation do not want to be a dream, wake up to in the future when, no longer wandering Love.What compensation do not want to miss a little too simple, when the memory dissipates, love is no longer adrift.  He stubbornly waiting, is first-class for three years, three years and repeatedly miss all the girls, sad heart evaporation endless miss her, how he was looking forward to meet again in future years, to the day, must Ru no longer let the girl from the side.  This is a season, fluttering drizzle, bars seem cool, boy sitting position then sat alone drunk girl.Two guests to the door, the boy pretended as if no bet, waiters entertain the.Suddenly came the familiar and long-lost voice, said: “I want to song, Jacky Cheung’s” kiss “”.  That moment is the heart is happy and sad, happy that finally meet again; sad, it is better not to see each other again; the girl who has completely forgotten boy, the boy sad for her singing this song, girl Prince and sweet but beside such as sugars, such as plastic like the knee, laughing.The boy’s eyes full of tears, the girl’s face glowed year, a cautious finely ground.  In order to cause the boy the girl’s attention deliberately to help them tea, girls just say “thank you”, her memory has faded, her memory has been burned, her memory had been buried.  That night, the faint moonlight, the boy alone in the bar singing girls want to hear the song, tears a thousand times, bitter complaints with the girl at first sight, no one understands.To go towards the evening, turn for turn, shred all for girls thick tangle.  The guitar has a drop of water falling gently draw boy, you come to the girl waiting for many years, tears in his eyes looked at the boys.The boy’s eyes also silent out of tears, gently girl in his arms, the silence surrounding the wind gently blowing, broken wings flowers, shattered the hearts of two people.  Fourth, the residual tidbits, cold heart Joseph later learned that the girl go back because of a car accident amnesia, it is now beside the prince with his life in exchange for the happiness of today, he will be grateful for the girl attached to his lifelong care.The girl was happy in amnesia years, depending on the prince if she treasure.When the girl recovered memories still clearly remember the agreement with boys, girls hearts deeply engraved in that year the person.  But, God get people, to let her amnesia, she no longer has the power clenched his love.  When the music often sounded ears, the girls always face when Leila, but how helpless, have no recourse.Often when rain non-stop, listening to the rain, night after night awake until dawn, is reminiscent secretly crying in the chest.So, in my heart silently remembered the boy’s name.  Boy in the girl’s words completely collapsed, he knows what to say now too late.He was sorry if wayward, so once the girls hold, may not be lost, just a little hesitation, is the life of joy and sorrow.  Highlights residues, however smug, funeral down in a corner, not spit fragrance, has mottled telling.Red flying, a sadness, a dash of melancholy.Yan Yan Flying been, but said Changhen, cold heart Joseph.  Tumi flowers, blooming, everything is the end, two from the other side of the river, the other side of beauty, just waiting for thousands of years but always from unsuccessful; the other side without flowers, this life nor tears, mourning the other side, this side also weep heart.  Across the other side of life, the love of your engraved in reincarnation Loving immortal, standing in the heart Sansei stone, Lethe estuary; flowers, present and litter, the next life to sprout!    Part three: those good, will never forget a lot of the golden years, many marshes, a lot of sun, a lot of day and night.Are they still remember us left in this world of stamp it?Where we have left footprints left behind sounds?  - Inscription [those Shenluo better in the cerebral cortex, will never forget.] We walk hand in hand in the playground.  We face to face chat in the shade.  We listen to each other’s voices back to back on the grass.  We are sitting in a classroom alongside serious lectures.  We play in the corridor, chasing.  We are building on the beach of their own castle.  We laughing in the sun, crying in the rain.  Together we walked every street, every shop.  Together we write in a notebook mood.  We ate together our favorite ice cream.  .Friends, these Shenluo in the cerebral cortex of the good, whether you never forget.  I can not guarantee that they will never forgotten stored in my memory.  I also can not imagine, when they will be away from my memory the chest.  Perhaps, it is separate from the moment we gradually slipped away in my memory chest.  Friends, remember you told me ‘kind of friendship and depth bone marrow “What?  Yes, the depth of our mutual friendship and bone marrow, never change.  Even those who forget the good will, our friendship never want.  [I, continue to be a child chasing a kite] Part IV: a promise to never forget stopped writing, a Dongmei map fleshed.Vigorous branches, tall and straight, plum flower in the snow against the background of exceptionally enchanting.Next to the inscription: pretending to be small hearts beige, Shangyu Gu Zi thin Xueshuang.Looking at such a plum, my heart always indescribably desolate.Plum garden outside the window of how long lonely?After years of winter, who is singing in shallow Mei Hai in?Who stands tall figure in a plum is?I can still remember the year Chanafanghua?At the time of the flood in memory becomes mottled, but more and more profound!  Close the windows, blocking all the living past, left alone in a room cold.But how can you cover your sadness everywhere!Snow has said on the obsession, if you are like me have fond memories?  Cardamom promised I would meet.Do not care about the status of birthright, Xijinqianhua, but King and folding wings trapped in the wall, just to the first white.Those in a hurry years, I was singing in your shallow gorgeous cages.Have you ever been to understand the meaning of the song, the singing voices ever heard people?  Cold halls, thoughts drift away well.Candle swaying, Hibiscus account warm, handsome man said: the day when hostilities, the first white phase from the.Interlocking fingers is the oath, on the apex of love.  Merlin, the eyes bright as the stars of the woman once asked: You may want to get right to the supreme?Handsome man hearty laugh A: want!Not surprisingly, because men know that she is the world’s most intelligent women.Woman seriously said: Well, I can help you.This is her on his promise, the promise can not forget.  Smile hid the fragile heart, conceal the most authentic own.Beats, there are degrees of flexibility, called the extraordinary woman.Only for the King and all sorts of votive.  Blue skies of winter, the men finally reached the pinnacle of supreme rights.As handsome god-like king.Such as butterfly-like woman came running, but was blocked numerous soldiers.  Clearly in sight, the woman felt separated by thousands of miles.To this it is yet so far away?Faint of heart sad, but happy smile, because at this moment he is the most fun.She finally realized his commitment.Snow in respect of the obsession, is not it!  The next day, the woman hiding in the door, looked at in her mind as god-like worship of man to accept courtier, he stood beside him stood side by side with the only woman not his own.Could not stop the tears streaming down, press and hold tight chest, heartache can not breathe.Women’s eyes in the dark a little bit of glory.I had no thought of how he would lose it?Fall in love with an ambitious man destined to despair yet?  Plum, the plum blossom as in previous years raging opened, the smell floated far, but vowed in burning smell.  Haikushilan man said, women feel too little; the man said forever, the woman felt too early; the first white man said phase from the women feel despair!  She is so proud woman, how can curry favor with them as flattering.Quiet woman in deep plum waiting for the arrival of man.She needs an answer.No time more so the more lengthy phase.Woman betrayed only light left in the men’s side, I promise him crazy.  Memory, clear eyes that have stars like the legendary woman is me.  Memory, the handsome man as god-like you.Your style remains, and I am no longer in the past.What is it like?Chamberlain declared holding to the warm wine tours.This is the emperor love it?I forgot how most ruthless imperial family!How could he allow a man of intellect do not lose the woman to stay at his side, besides still know all his secrets woman.Most believe the emperor is always the people do not speak.What is a woman worthy virtuous Shukutoku example, are sacrificed my excuse!Yangtianchangxiao, Yang picked up the jug neck under irrigation, wine really vicious, and instantly upsets the internal organs pain.Do you know this warm wine moment frozen in my heart, actually I tried to see the vicissitudes of this world everything is clutch.  Merlin ruins dragged towards the body, blood dripping mouth, bloom in the snow.Oath is from here, and the promise in respect of obsession, then the end of it from here.  Quietly sitting under plum, blood dripping on white Shayi spread, life goes by in a little bit.Dying, I saw a pair of bright yellow dragon boots appeared in front of Mang.You still come to send me?  You ask me: ever regret it, I hated?  Do not complain, do not hate, do not regret!If you do it all over I’ll help you!  Liquid crystal drops in the face, so hot!I like to burn.It tears your eyes makes me feel good feel bad, I promise not to cry, you are king, God, my heart!  The last time lying in your arms still feel warm.Listen, who is singing shallow depths of plum: Snow on the obsessed can not forget, if you have like me?  If there is an afterlife, you do not born in the imperial family, we have come across, and I promise you I, crazy these days!    Part five: so much, so much, let me not forget the memories of people casting away their youth storytellers like me a little silly and so I’m looking for the story of someone you are not an integral part of guarding small everlasting flower [ fall, spring flowers blooming] has a fall, not summer leaf old, scattered on the ground, as if those flame red sky you.  Breeze, the encounter, and scattered on the ground you.I clearly remember my heart, inexplicable reunited, I was so sad, I looked at that a loose ground saffron, I think one day, after a moment here, a good agreement with each other, and the line and unfortunately.  Kapok you take bright smile, you said to me; to cherish together, cherish all the hard-won friendship, love.You raised mouth, I’m proud to say, the small text words are “cherish the people around, cherish the happiness around.”Today, text, Enron’s fall, and I, but in the midst of the flowers, we see the lopsided youth, my tears left and right eyes, pain, burning my cheeks.  [The other side, how far are you from me] not sorry I spread out her hand, make their own, put flowers one seat free, I also strive to put a piece of my heart empty out, I told myself, I’m not upset, even tears,.  That spring, our words have been written years wiped out, leaving only endless regret, those who cherish and treasure the words have not had time to say, had been designated to the other side.  With a bloom time, measured between you and me, then I want to cross over to the other side you need, it will be the number of light years.  I’m waiting in my broken pieces uneasy fear in my sorrow, have you ever touched, and my palm, that road you decide to portray lifeline, have you ever touch.  [Rumors] inter-blank loss of quiet, gentle, good heart, beautiful, heart-ping, smiling.  Sensitive, stubborn, fear, anger, paranoia, involve.  Betray, flee, remorse, sadness, sorrow.  Sad, mad, disappearances, tears, heartache, abandoning.  I like a no ability to resist looking at them, sharp, caustic, despise me, I lost any ability to resist, chilling, ice fall into the valley, or too simple, will once again be involved in the storm.  About you, about those rumors, Qingzheziqing, I will not repeat, repeat those not being sarcastic comments on my heart.  As for me, as you know, then please cherish, like me, cherish the hard-won friendship, do not let it evaporate too quickly, disappear [lonely] singing sad moment, like a walk in the deserted road, I always wanted I will in a lonely back was looking for.I turn around, mottled way, I recorded the pain of the wound, resolutely turned around and my scars, no break, the lies gone, lost behind this.  I was so poignant night, repeatedly dream, dream, clear your smiling face, I grinned, laughed, and I said, we are to be so bright, so warm, and I reached, but you disappeared.  I woke up, facing the air, whispering your name, you see, you also can not hear, I just stroked it into the cold air, a dream, you smile, I cried, then distant, Lengnuanzizhi, not required, do not give, do not expect, do not uncomfortable.  [Sad] own possession among us, a slender telephone line connected from both ghost town, so a long time I would like to ask all the warmth of language, whether as Chu Xiangshi like in the ears, between the heart around, Kumi dispersed.  ”Ye sound of the wind blowing windows dream to wander further afield.”MP3 came moyanlin” love it “duplicate key is pressed, single cycle has been, I was lost on the head in a faint voice, I so look forward to her flashing, or light up my weakest place.He looked down, like a flawless child who held her head, hiding my sadness.Jane said, I was a sad fish, my tears, fell into the water, so they can not see me sad, so lonely fish, his injury to heal themselves.  [Go to war without fireworks feast] ‘if life has ever see, in case of life’s most beautiful moments’ will, well, I moved Nan obsession for this, I said, I went to this obsession, even for this, I will lose the entire piece of heaven you will hear, and got up, took my hand, and I together, went to a no fireworks feast carnival curtain call not.  At the beginning of April, restless, sad, dark, false time, waved goodbye, and let all the dust-free, gentle man, even if no longer optimistic, it still is his beautiful ugly duckling, wear glass shoes, I still He is most proud of.    Part VI: Bliss thing, why obsession in turn opened stack of Da delicate nature notebook.  Eighteen months.Laughed within herself, the original shelf life of so many things are eighteen months.For example: canned fish, such as: packaged snacks, another example: a certain period of inconclusive feelings.I just Fall in love when the mood to write, burn off piecemeal speech, and not the habit of keeping a diary, but was miraculously whom unshakeable wrote a year and six months.The book is left happy, the right is sad.Wife is not life, as I wrote about last not afford to carry the burden.After creating in effect, obsessive-compulsive disorder sentence reading page after page the same way, from sadness to joy, from sadness to joy, a song cycle endlessly listen to a song until it broke down in tears.Immersed in their own emotions, the heart street fighting, so cut the city treetop, how do seen as worthless.In a quiet position, you can not see where surging, overwhelming.One person: some people have tremendous heart, but on the face of it, but only silent than usual point, that war is bound to be alone.So, too difficult to describe things like, unspeakable, if you know, then good, do not understand, no matter whether.  Red can be delivered in person really so much.How to choose, I do not want to choose.The move can only be accompanied by dull fleeting.Accompanied by a process of travelers, fortunately we just nodded courteous smile, did not pledge his home in hand.Pull off stubborn to say: Do not be so good to me.It is too cruel, but had so.So, to know how much I care about funerals as the beginning of the intentions of the bar.  Years young, long jumbled, was as good as in the past, then soulful love, will be turned into tempting lingering broken shadow mottled.Minor chores, it is difficult to control the unpredictable situation, no solution restless variables can not be unhappy at all times to curb the long dark submerged AIDS.Who does not believe can really identify with the pain of another person.Not good at writing torrential poignant tear plot, drying unknown thoughts.An excuse for moaning in pain, to the delight of some morbid look to win the viewer as tragicomedy of pity or ridicule.Just wish everything simple and beautiful, without endowed with meaning.Young and pure, but not hypocritical.There is no acting to be free to act in the script of his youth.These are our exclusive look.So, you are you, I am me.Do not get to the bottom, do not try to figure out, do not arbitrarily draw a conclusion.  Pestle in the corner backlighting, the instinct has as warning coloration animal.If we can easily understand that you will not me.Not need to know that more than a little understanding friend is enough.  Life is tragic and bile soluble ocean sinks.Never to start and end a gentle life.But please do not ignore my healing powers, I will save themselves from self-pity out of the darkness, I could successfully swim across the stubbornly independent.  Youth are not destitute, Love is no longer any of its barren.The most gloomy time, the accumulated energy in the all-conquering, assured believe in a loud clear day, the sun just to brighten my long and winding maze of Mind.There will be a person does not need too many words can Nama sadly Wang Chuan heart.After searching to fall back on, smiled indulgently.I believe all the way, hell and high water, bruised and every step is long overdue for the happiness of each other, loving strokes, wrote a lifetime love moving.I believe there is another world, to live the life I want.Confident, calm, energy, rhythm, as are many.I believe will have, our youth being in the same way rolling forward.