Zuckerberg is the 50 million users of data leakage apology: willing to personally testify to Congress

  Zuckerberg is the 50 million user information was leaked Facebook apologizes。 (Source: Reuters) Profile China Daily March 22 electrical (Sun Ruonan) Recent media exposure of US social networking site Facebook (Facebook) on the 50 million users of data analysis by the British company "Cambridge analysis" leaked, the matter of great concern。 According to the US Cable News Network reported 21, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg apologized for this purpose, and did not rule out the possibility of personally testifying to Congress。
  "The short answer is that if this is the right thing to do, then I am willing to do so。
"Zuckerberg said in an interview:" We want people to send the most well-known case of Facebook (went to Congress to testify), if that person is me, then I am willing to go。
"Facebook has a group of lawyers and lobbyists in Washington, and Zuckerberg himself had never testified before congressional committees on。 British and American lawmakers are hoping to change this state, they called within the next five days, Zuckerberg and Facebook should provide evidence "Cambridge Analysis" company linked to Parliament。   Zuckerberg, 21, Facebook issued a document in said Facebook needs to be improved, and promised to improve。 He told a tool users can use dynamic message, delete third-party programs may collect user data。
  50 million user information was leaked regarding the concern, there are a large number of Internet users called for quit Facebook。 Currently the UK's privacy regulator Information Authority and the US Federal Trade Commission are investigating the case。
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