Be a simple person

Part One: Starting today, make a simple everyone always want to learn to grow up, starting today, I want to be a simple man.  For unknown reasons, often for no reason in a daze, heart inexplicable rising from a touch of melancholy, sadness and lament.Ever dream, once was happy, once naive, it seems that as the years go in a minute by minute in faded, along with a day seems no clue busy being quietly buried.Boundless, in the universal life, it seems difficult to find a little space of their own, even if it is a narrow gap.The sun always sun goes down every day, but in my youth was irretrievably lapse.So, starting today, I want to be a simple man.  Do a simple person, a person useful to society.No matter what the job, no matter what wages to enjoy, regardless of the work environment is good or bad, we must take responsibility, take seriously the work, the successful completion of the task.To understand that every job is not only to obtain their own way of life based society, it is the unit, the motherland and the people have given me a trust and honor.  Do a simple person, a life of innocent persons.In life, I might as like a naive child, simply to think the problem, to do things in earnest, happily spend every day, but also swim carefree life, not virtual I love pretending, no worries sorrow.I wish I like children, do not you ever grow up.Because in the eyes of a child, tomorrow is always a beautiful dream.Although I am unable to return to childhood, but I can change my mind, with innocent children ignorant instinct, everything on this earth as good and the beautiful, imagining it all, the dream will be realized, in a silent way, the silence not to escape, but a serious attitude towards life.  Do a simple person, a living person’s perception.Read of life, flavors, laughing blossom.Laugh when happy, sad cry when.Do not force yourself to do things that do not like, talk about delusions, talk about regret.Yesterday is past, you do not need to have too much regret.Wait for it to come tomorrow, do not need to have too much desire.Today’s seriously a minute, who really loved, no thanks; really want to say goodbye, it is not too tangled, relatives, friends, co-workers will have a separate time; willing to help others, thanks for helping me every people.In short, life does not need to have too much complicated, simple, and true, happily enough.  Do a simple person, a spiritual guardian.Put aside worldly troubles, in my heart to give yourself a seat empty place, do what you love to do.Thirsty to drink water, hungry to eat, sleepy on the bed, do not insist, go with the flow.A lot of things can not be changed, we do not need to change.When lonely boring, may wish to listen to music, watch movies, write the log, get rid of loneliness and loneliness, enjoy one of the world revel in the joy.It is not that a life of music being played, was interpreting a movie, a not yet finished log it?In fact, life is so simple and true, with the heart and a good guardian of this simple truth it.  Do a simple person, no talent, do not need to pay too much, just intentions.  Do a simple person, we just need to understand, should have a generous community should have a free and easy to play brave of life, life should have a real Thanksgiving, we should have a mind of extraordinary calm.Still lofty sky, the earth is still vast, vast ocean still, still towering mountains, our lives, too, always real and ordinary.  Do a simple person, awaken the most original heartbeat.    Part two: make a simple person mutual suspicion, mutual distrust.Because a word, an action, or even a look, and it will not cause a friend, hot cold satirical ridicule of my colleagues, other eye treatment.Who says who play and mind, and who to whom a disadvantage, and so on, the original simple becomes complex, original and pristine purity of human nature, already beyond recognition, the stale.(Sauna News .sanwen.COM) so and so because of a promotion opportunity, while another contender.Fair chance, healthy competition is a good thing, but also a chance to exercise their own.Some people may not think so, I feel this have to do what position, what purpose can not be reached.Then malicious slander, intentional slander, personal attacks, etc. all means in their favor and destroy opponents.Company units give you such an opportunity, because you have competent, by their own efforts to fight, will lead the team play a positive role in helping to better execute work.This booing, not how to start taking credit, not only to live up to the leadership’s trust in you, the eyes of my colleagues still had a huge negative impact.Even if you go up, you can think your team will be what kind of status quo.Even the most basic respect can not do, your ability and then strong also in vain, the loss of nature, the greatest success is the greatest failure.All day live in forgotten by others spurned the corner, you feel happy?Your success only pleasure comes from the heart reaches the desired purpose of it?In that case, you do not a person, but is a constant demands of the animal, and boring of a shell.Your mind has been detained, the spiritual world does not exist.Continuous self-expansion, will only make more people away from you, because you’re too self-righteous too complicated.Relax and find yourself in the hustle and bustle of the original, simple live each day, the simple face of everyone.  Man there are three possibilities: First, the dignitaries respect you.Second, dignitaries afraid of you.Third, the dignitaries hate you.Of course, no one was willing to do a third person, often you may want to think hard to do when the first two people, or between people has become a third.You are very good, very talented, perhaps because you are more likely to become the third person.Because you start to get complicated, what do want of careful, cautious everything, anything required to be the best.You began to change, progress made, and this time you have to ask someone a progress with you, you want to impose all you know, the way you progress to others, prove your success, achievement you desire, want superior satisfy your vanity.You simply do not consider the feelings of others, you have to take into account other people just can not accept, can not say hello, you can not tender respect.The purpose and can not reach, you will only make the widening gap, you alienate everyone, who come to respect you, who will share your success?Just do a wet dream.Kindly face, sincere intentions to face, and emotionally moving, small with reason.Respect is the heart, you want others to respect you, you have to first learn to respect others, respect other people’s ideas, space, and even the eyes, smile.Simple, heart to heart when relative calm, the wells also respect.The second person: VIP afraid of you.Not afraid to say, this is the premise of respect, people do not respect you, how can you be afraid.It was created admiration in the respect, admire, a unique mental pattern formed in his heart.Do not point the flood to flood, to the point on the bright sun to lay eggs on a nest, do not take advantage of people’s kindness to show off your ability, actually so simple, you do not want to get so much less complicated.If you are a third, then packed it fool.  People have often said “stupid is as stupid does”, in fact, stupid people are not stupid, now that there is a fool ah, people just honest, simple, simple Bale.Green leaves lining safflower, did not want to “fool” that can highlight your wise, noble and so does the public and.Now go out looking for work, the boss specially to be honest, I do not look at how much you can do, smart, intrigue, a few days crunching right and wrong competent?Now you have the ability to say than the more to go, “fool” hard to get ah!  Away from home more than told “a few mind how long, and now society is such a mess, do not lose” “Do not go out so honest, net taken advantage of people.” .And so on, they can not say go out after, sense, conscientious, who knows this is misleading.We can not because of some flaw in society, affected by the environment and nature lost.To clean up the environment, we must first purify our hearts, from simple start, do an honest “fool”, do a simple person.    Part three: make a simple person thirsty to drink water, sleepy went to bed.When lonely boring, the music is smile when you’re happy, you cry when you’re sad.Few talk about delusions, rarely talk about regret.You do not have to thank someone who has loved you truly.If you really want to say goodbye, do not be too complicated.Hear the wind listen to rain, the sea and the meteor.It replaced a state of mind more easily moved.Do a simple person, even naive.Tomorrow is always do not want to have too many questions.A person watching a movie jogging, a person fall asleep listening to the song.With a child’s instinct, desire might listen to you talking.To be a simple person, you do not need talent.It’s only a process to find happiness by oneself.Although always too much trouble, forget all but a dream.Gently wind still good, I wake up most original heartbeat.  - EDITORIAL In this noisy city, busy, people coming and going.But it did not belong to their own little space, even if it is a narrow gap.I looked out the window the sun is rising and down, feeling her youth was irreversible passage of time.Ever dream, once happy, are buried in this dark city.Do not want your tired, just want to be an ordinary and simple person.  Be a simple person.Put aside worldly troubles, in the heart give yourself a seat empty place, do what you love to do.Thirsty to drink water, sleep sleepy, do not insist, go with the flow.A lot of things can not be changed, we do not need to change.When lonely boring, the music is comforting.Tired to listen to music, get rid of loneliness and loneliness.Music is spiritual comfort.Late at night, put on headphones and enjoy a person’s world, reveling in the joy.And then pick up a pen to write some text mood, record life bit by bit better.Life is so simple.  Be a simple person.Leisure goods flavors of life, laughing smile when you’re happy, you cry when you’re sad.Do not force yourself to do things that do not like.Few talk about delusions, rarely talk about regret.Yesterday, yesterday, just remember, do not have too many regrets.Tomorrow, tomorrow is unpredictable, do not have too much wishful thinking.You do not have to thank someone who has loved you truly.If you really want to say goodbye, do not be too complicated.Relatives, friends, lovers, there will be separate moments.glad to help others, thank the one that helped us.Life does not need too much complication.  Do a simple person, even naive.In reality this society, you want simple, the feeling is delusional.Naive like a child’s dream, it is difficult to achieve.But sometimes, we want to be like children, do not you ever grow up.Do not know the troubles of life, for tomorrow there is not much doubt.In the child’s dream, tomorrow is a beautiful dream.While we can not return to childhood, but we can change their mind.A person watching a movie jogging, a person fall asleep listening to the song.With a child’s instinct, the desire may be saying.A person moving in their own independent life, with a silent way.The silence is not escape, but an attitude.  To be a simple person, you do not need talent.Constantly running every day, often feel tired.Summer wind gently brushed his forehead, accompanied Xixishushu cicadas, the world is still beautiful.Night, starry.Too much trouble always forget in a dream.wake up from your slumber, and there will be a new beginning.Run, stop, move on.everything is just the process of finding happiness.Hear the wind listen to rain, the sea and the meteor.With sleeping memory, wake initial heartbeat.believe yourself and you will be happier.  Be a simple person.Simple, not simple, simple, but not simple.Simple, is an attitude to life.Simple, it is a self-happiness.Simple, spiritual traveling alone.  Standing in silence at the city, so all the hustle and bustle gone.Life is simple.Life, be happy.Do a simple person, simpler, simpler, simpler then.