If the pink peach, white plum flowers, the white flower is the Bauhinia.    In my hometown, that flourishing in the spring, people go to markets will see, the market saw the selling of wild fire is nothing more than to spend, Tang pear, fruit accordance with many flowers and more flowers is Bauhinia spent.    Remember when I and several small partners to go up the mountain every day to find wild, Bauhinia flower that we all must adopt every day.Standing among the mountains, overlooking the mountain opposite, how to fill the fields are white, as if overnight under the snow, but also for their children if the parents speak broken heart overnight white head.Yes, when people hungry enough to eat, whether Bauhinia also for poor people to speak through the heart?    Parents are suffering, and our ignorance of children, parents feel the hardships of life.Our shuttle in the forest, sometimes to find the nest, dig eggs; sometimes climb Bauhinia tree pick pick white flowers, like squirrels, birds like our freedom, our freedom, our happiness, our joy, to hunger out the window.In the afternoon, we are facing the sunset, with hope, with the harvest, cast returned to their parents warm arms.    At that time, we are taken back to the wild can only be self-sufficient, more mining is not enough to eat at home.It is said that when the elderly live better and healthier, but there is no scientific basis for it?However, it is undeniable that when people eat more pure ecology, plus a day when people are not idle, and do daily sunrise and sunset, we can imagine a variety of immunity to various diseases also enhanced.Now frail people feel more and more, people are materially rich, and these are use a lot of fertilizers, pesticides produced a large number of agricultural products.Hear people say, with the continuous progress of science and technology, in order to meet the high demand of the market, may watermelon red overnight, the grapes can be changed overnight cooked, dried beans can be lengthened overnight, cucumber night between thicker and so can.So magical, so rapidly, listen creepy, but also whether eating?Those pesticides should also have a negative effect on the human body, right?    My friend planted spicy food, he said, also difficult than child care also, every few days to pepper tree must be watered in order to maintain soil moisture, lack of moisture pepper tree to grow well, fertilization is certain, even more important It is a weekly must play a pesticide, or pepper tree will die by pests, and some pepper flowers wither prematurely could not bear pepper.Once a week, high frequency, sometimes friends that day as pesticide even before the sale, had to be so.If you do not fight pesticides, pepper tree is sick easily, along with those not yet ripe peppers on sick, sick of chili is easy to fall off, who wants to lose money too!No wonder we sometimes bought food market Caijiao can wipe next layer of white powder, is not that layer that pesticide residues ah!    Today, a variety of diseases threaten people’s health, threatens people’s lives.    Maybe, close to nature, back to nature, everything is good original ecosystem.Look, the streets, the street end of the street, and everyone’s esophagus in front of the most prominent word on the sign is “a certain wild Hall”.Wild and more important in people’s minds, not to be ecologically pure wild do?    Spring, Bauhinia and full of hills, so shake drag scene blowing in the spring breeze.You happy, I’m happy!