Broken rain south

Shallow moonlight, sunlight and shade.Toru exceptionally clean air, this time Wan-jing.Cold quartzite, one by one stepped on.Stand stone bridge, watching the water themselves, but lonely figure.Think you will, or my silly obsession.Remember that night, side by side with you, starlight sky.    Also boating on the lake, fishing boat that distant, flickering.The micro-Yang Shiba, your eyes are languishing.Uniform Jiang Sheng, slowly across, this time full of love.Your ears are whispered, Yu Wen Wanru.And tonight, just me and the moonlight.    Xiaofeng blew away the morning mist filled the air, there are those feelings fetters.Also the rainy season, the body alone and feel pity.I do not know, underneath the flower peony, in this rain, whether well.Leaving only a paper umbrella, scattered in the lake, no one picking up.