Broken pieces of the day, life Cincinnati

Broken pieces of the day, life Cincinnati / day, singing hit song bottles of vinegar bottle, a can of Xianyan, as well as all the sweet and spicy sweet and sour taste that salty, have gone through the fingers of goods in the tongue taste, know only the heart / life, chatter sub-sub-sub-sub-angle corner dripping with sweat, hard angle angle flowing tears pots and pans scoop spoon, wash Qing Wei permeated with melancholy, full of hope and waiting / nag, in hot Teng between knife and cutting board, the pot boiling on the stove fire in Yang dishes, the aroma filled the rag touch the nose, the inclusion of all the broken pieces of thin / spittoon paper basket, can not tell a belly the filthy mop broom, day after day, complaining of ash washing machine, turn v. full of tired of washing drying rods, charming the wind reading light kiss of net US / air conditioning, toward the hot, reveal the autumn cold refrigerator, in years sealed in a cool winter’s cold Unit, a box of cold conditions, revealing writing on the hot page, how much life is the promise of cold / mobile computer, click the name of modified atmosphere television set, stood round of useful to useless News and drama sometimes excited, sometimes numb, but when the project dignified situation, panic is often the heart of the commotion / blanket enthusiasm , Doing the night of the Soul emptied overcast, Joy and sorrow dream to know the window of time, wind, rain drops over rain, waves with the ups and downs / day broken pieces, sparks flying out of the collision of life Cincinnati, toss the ups and downs of life brilliant day, rely on collision spark to ignite meaningful life, depends on the ups and downs of life to inspire