Remember edible wild purslane healthy diet with only

Remember that eating wild horse tooth majority of the diet with only healthy, dent majority is a wild plant in the spring can be seen everywhere, and it is more like a wild people do, dent majority has the effect of detoxification, but also can be used as a delicious food to eat a healthy weed oh。
I have not eaten yet?Purslane certain medicinal properties, purslane juice fresh water, may be used in the treatment of exudative dermatitis class acute erythema, itching having hygroscopic, heat swelling effect。
Meanwhile, purslane salad for。
Since it contains more oxalate, calcium oxalate and calcium bound form it is not absorbed by the body, and therefore should be taken purslane remove old roots and stems, required washing after boiling water for about one minute and then boiled fishing out, cut into the dish。
In addition, purslane is cold food, can be mixed with some garlic when eating, coupled with vinegar and ginger, it will play a role fend off the cold。
When mining purslane should be noted, do not pick the side of the road, because it is easy and vehicle exhaust pollution by pesticides。 Preferably Mining outskirts fresh, bright shiny wild。
In addition, purslane taken back first with water soak more than two hours, in order to health and safety。
Finally, purslane and other wild vegetables are not to eat, especially the frail and Wei Han people do not fit。 Pregnant women, especially those who should prohibit the consumption of purslane。
Remember that eating wild horse tooth majority of healthy diet with only the last to tell you, do not dent majority of the over-consumption, otherwise the stomach will cause burden。