Broken love

She and I met in a bar about, not seen her for a long time, she did not know whether change.Has been more than six months from the last meet up, and she knew the past five years, together from many, this romance ordeal.No wonder distance relationship of men and women, and to make very few immortal, which really miserable octyl.  She is a stylish girl, tall and slim, looks charming, which is why I afraid of hard to maintain this relationship is one of the reasons.More importantly though her delicate and charming man, but the attitude is very amiable, and intelligent, it can be described as the coexistence of beauty and wisdom stunner.  Such a woman, as a man, all Lianxiangxiyu.Xu was love at first sight, when I come to the fore in the many suitors, proud to be her boyfriend.  Yes, she is a standard of great beauty, fell in love with her and I have no regrets Take a shot, a pupil of the eye of her smile made me tremble.  Said in vain, she is a wise woman, who can know how to give her a happy life, so, even though I was ugly, she still threw the chase with.Five years, this situation can view the heavens.However, due to work, I could not give her a real guarantee, at this point, quite guilty.  Six months ago, we also see each other again in this bar.Really make life difficult for her, a young woman, grace Zhuo Yun, but I could not wait for five years.Then, if she choose someone else, perhaps this time had as a parent, enjoy a happy life at home, not at this time a man cumin.  For this reason she did not blame me too much, we are really in love, and for my career, she was willing to reside behind the scenes, this point, I’m really touched by how considerate woman ah.  Soon see her, my heart stop, like shown signs of feeling.  Finally, her figure appeared in my eyes, I am excited, repeatedly shouted: beauty, I am here!  Dead fat, you managed to burn incense and plead for her outspoken looked forward to greet me, this is her usual tone, of course, I have become accustomed to, from that day, dead fat man we know is my tag or nickname.  Beauty, yet I think?Not seen for half a year, you have become coquettish and I have always been outspoken she retaliate, though rarely meet, but we are very familiar with each other.But this time I warned her to stop so call me, or I will not be happy.  Whoops whoops Yo Yo scared me she did not seem to believe me, I do not blame her, then past few years I have been s real.  Baby, you have to wait on me tonight properly, your body fragrance makes me too intoxicated Yan Bi, he touched my hand on her smooth thighs, slowly walk.Not seen half a year, worth a wedding, and I can not wait to her lingering.She was scheduled to come to the bar and said something to discuss.  I told you five years, there is no dispute over what.Now you just want a last promise, when you marry me?She was a little angry, say such a thing again, I am embarrassed.However, it is understood that five years what it means for a woman.  Wait it, time is not ripe until I finished with all matters, immediately marry you!I assured her.  This sentence you say five years, you do not Niwai, my ears are showing a trace of her birth cocoon of boredom.  Really, my dear, this will not lie to you, ‘revolution is not successful, comrades still work’, now is the transition period in my career, on the cusp, you really can not marry, so the only back-burner.But you have to believe, my love, my love, I still belong to you deceive her, this woman is required.  I do not care, what year you are not on the cusp several times?Do not we all eventually saved the day?She thinks my words are still a stall excuse.  My dear, this really is not the same, the stakes can not be reckless, be careful!I am very serious and she said.  Well, your official way and officialdom wind I do not know, do not want to know, I’m just a woman, need love.And you are in my eyes, just a man, my love, nothing more, it’s that simple, waited for you for so many years, I’m going crazy!All in all, I do not want to continue to jealously guarding the empty bed!Her certainty With these words, I can see, she seriously.