Broken love soup

First, the company Lacey Lacey is East of England?City, a small foreign trade company owner, men only three employees, are Jason and Mark Roth.Lacey Although small companies, but profits were prohibitively high, a single business to do down, ranging from tens of millions of pounds is more than accounted for.  This day is called Edward Lacey received a middle-aged man’s phone, that is to Lacey and make a deal, if the deal made, and he was willing to pay 10 million pounds in remuneration.  Listen to each other’s breath, unlike some mischief, Lacey was excited remuneration huge temptation is too great, he hurriedly asked what the other business.The caller said the phone that is not clear, if interested, can go to his apartment interviews.Lacey readily accepted.  Edward’s apartment was built in the suburbs, according to the address he provided, Lacey and soon came to a luxury villa, where quiet environment, surrounded by all the flowers and trees.Soon, the villa’s door opened, and out of a servant dressed old man, probably around the age of seven years old, has a ** like eyes and a flowing beard.The old man said: Sir Edward was lunch, I will take you to the living room waiting.Lacey saw richly decorated villa, luxury items on display everywhere, even stair handrails are gold-plated, visible, Edwards is a wealthy.  Under the guidance of the old, Lacey came to the living room on the second floor, he was immediately in the living room hung a painting attracted to.Several paintings of Moss first snake wrapped around the woman next to a white porcelain vase, far from a swamp, a few crocodiles Zhang was full of giant tooth mouth forward first snake of the few women to climb.  Lacey ecstatic to see the positive, the living room door suddenly opened, and a beautiful young woman pushing a car came out for Disabled.Car sat around a middle-aged man forty years old, he was dressed, but looked sluggish spirit.Old man busy for Lacey said: This is Sir Edward.  Edward told Lacey he chose to work with him, eyes on Lacey’s reputation is very good, he let Lacey doing things is to find the picture in the living room a few people first snake wrapped around the woman that only white porcelain.  Lacey shocked, think this is ridiculous, downright funny, he was very skeptical in front of Edward is not a mental illness, but then Edward, then let him surprised.  Edward said: I am a cancer patient can live up to six months, my life did a lot of evil things, unforgivable.Also live up to too many women, some of them as I became insane, some simply committed suicide, in short, too much of my Niezhai.In the rest of my days, I have all the time in introspection, self-blame, the pain, I think I will not be peace after death.Mansfield man named Charles who is said to live in a place called the West Jueqing Gu, he developed a decoction called ‘broken love soup’, who after taking a long, life will forget all the things that I want to be able such peace of mind to leave this world, do an afterlife Emotion Shigeyoshi people.  Lacey think of many recent rumors about the ‘broken love soup’ most outrageous rumor is home to multinational painstakingly find the man called Charles Mansfield, gives one hundred million dollars to buy out the recipe, checked the results of Man Adams refused.Lacey now come to understand, to Edward white porcelain actually refers to carry bottles off this situation soup.  Lacey said: I very much doubt the authenticity of this syrup, Dear Sir, Sir, if the end result disappoint you, my remuneration?  Edward says: This Do not worry, for a man about to death, I have no desire for money, and if you are willing to take the deal, I am willing to pay a 10% commission to you.  Lacey was secretly overjoyed, it seems everything is true, he said: Charles Mansfield on this man, how you plan to handle?  Edward said: He certainly would not put that filled ‘off love soup’ of porcelain to anyone, so you have to leave no stone unturned, which is the reason I find you ah!  Lacey hint.In fact, he opened the trading company is only a pretext, their real business is to help people rob and kill the three men employees are the number one killer.  Second, the strange feeling off place on the west valley called off the Valley of Love, Lacey access to a lot of information, learned that it was a very original and scary place, forests and lakes, there are many man-eating creatures inhabit, more frightening rumor that there also appeared with savage monsters.Lacey does not believe that the world really monsters, he decided to put this task to Jason and Mark to do two people, gratuity per person afterwards respective share of 2 million pounds, the other, who was the first to break filled with bird love soup porcelain, will receive an additional bonus of £ 2 million.  Jason and Mark set off, they each took a gun and two rounds of ammunition, the killer of the rules is one bullet fired at a target, if the target is not dead, the rest of the bullet will solve their own.  In reaching the breaking situation where Wˉˉ Valley City that night, Jason and Mark to let them know that a very shocking thing, a private expedition from the line of three eastern provinces of the situation in the valley off mysteriously disappeared, the incident half a month has passed.O’Neal local police chief officer spoke on television to remind visitors, broken love ri recent strange events occur frequently, tourists and adventure lovers Shenru, or peril.After getting to know the locals, Jason and Mark learned that this is the fifth year since the disappearance explorers.