Broken line kites

Wind outside the window, blowing faint.Although it is early spring, but still a bit cold.I stood at the window, feel the shuddering, the window sunny, warm sun shone through the windows of the room, the bright glare.Distant hint of green willow leak, this kind of weather, outside outing, is the most beautiful thing.  I hurry, hurry collated equipment, will be holding a kite off.After an appointment a few friends, came to the outskirts early, but waited a very long time, still no friends figure, I know they are busy, had a person to enjoy the sunshine.A long time did not fly a kite, and it seems a bit rusty.It took the old nose effort, barely kite fly up, down low.Gradually, I feel boring, ready to take-up.But at this time, but he found not far from a girl flying a kite.He looked far, very fun, Accidentally, my forehead a kite in a plant down, I quickly run, pull, but to no avail, and the girl accidentally kite intertwined, while falling , but unfortunately I almost dismembered bird kite, I was almost to tears, the girl apologize to the people, and good people is not only beautiful, but also generous, do not blame me, but I could no longer fly to the sky kite, only to see she was a man flying a kite, but she was always a kite can not fly.Her face was like a peach, but a little more texture.  I can not bear to see her so hard, and then she put the kite together.She raised high the kite, I pulled the line to run, fly kites finally the blue sky, and gradually the more flying high, she and I just put the line, shaking lines, each other laugh, then, I know her name is Bai Jie, just graduated this year, a year older than me, I think she and I absolutely no generation gap, she and I chatted indistinct, no substantive topics,.Before long, we were a little tired, sat on the grass to rest, kite line in our hands constantly convey fear it will fall.Sunset, birds twitter to fly back home, we decided to call it a day, but when I was about to close the line, she took the knife to cut the kite line, in addition to my wondering, is puzzled, she was keeping a close eye this girl is really different, she found my abnormal, she watched the kite told me: “let it fly, the sky is part of its!”I am most moved, say something, but forgot.I picked up my dog almost destroyed the kite, and she set foot on the way home.I and her close proximity, but the language but very little, at a crossroads separate us, I know that this “break up” the future do not know whether it can meet, faint of heart, there is a strange feeling.  Ordinary life, ordinary post, average salary, always felt something missing.what is it then?Do not know.Unconsciously, Sunday and quietly come, when I open my eyes bleary, close to noon, the curtains fluttering, I know there is wind, he picked up the kite, this day, in addition to flying kites, also What you can do?However, I found the kite has been broken, and had to buy a.Came kite shop, a familiar figure, she is – Bai Jie, we laugh, she still bought a beautiful butterfly, so I do not buy anymore, I had promised, she and I came to the wilderness, the original plan to walk, but she pushed the bike, I had a coolie, took her for a ride.Very soft wind, blowing in his face a little bit cold, we then still very little.I feel, but somehow the good, the road is bumpy, afraid of falling, she had to grab hold me, very helpless, her eyes.This time, she still cut the kite line, the eyes seem to have tears, I want to ask, but do not know how to ask.On the way back, her unusual quiet.Jing’s terrible, what I want to say, but fear, an opening is wrong.Or that intersection, I intend to hesitate, “you can send me home?”She asked..I nodded my head, in front of her house, I stopped, luxury, luxury, and this is her home, she let me play, I refused, she hesitated for a moment, do not force me, she gave I have her number, I looked at her upstairs, watched her disappear.Little by little the sky go dark, and I have no desire to sleep, a person aimlessly Guangzhao, I have been thinking, that is a kind of girl, eyes have too much content, I can not read, I think probably spoiled it, not to think about.Suddenly, the phone rang, she turned out to be.”are you looking for me?”I asked.I asked a very gentle, it seems no surprise, but only you can know me in disguise.”Nothing, only occasionally think of you.”She paused, hung up the phone.When I play again the past, but it is off.Since then, Sunday, she and I would go fly a kite, with or without the wind, because of her.Gradually, we understand more and more, I know she is not introverted, but has unusual experience, her parents owned several companies, but she is the only heir, from small to withstand much more than their peers, parents the discipline is very strict.Her parents’ friends have a son, parents want them to get married.I feel like listening to the story, so familiar, so similar to the plot, I do not believe that is true, but it happens to be true, but why they let me come across, I have only to be silent.One afternoon, the company was looking for me, a little strange, a little guy like me, everywhere, who would know me?The results really surprised me, they claimed to Bai Jie parents want me to leave Bai Jie, the condition can easily open.I head fog, which is what with what ah?I did not ignores them, out of the office.A funny thing happened, I actually got fired, I know that is their business, but how can I?For Bai Jie, I only swallow.Still later, she knew exactly, and she apologized to me, she was crying, I was comforted only, because it is not her fault, we are all victims.She asked me: “willing to do her boyfriend?”Eyes are so serious.I really do not know how to speak, because I feel like just a big boy, never grow up, do not care for her, care for her, but they could not find a reason to reject what, so I had to reluctantly nod, that moment, she was crying in my arms, I know what to do.That night, I sleep through the night, a man carefully think about it, I do love her?However, not feel a thing, ah, how I really am, and I know I was broke, the whole is proletarian ah!What I rely on love her, she is responsible for!  Early in the morning, I want her to explain, but did not find, they must not come to her, she went to Canada.I stood there blankly, into the wrong refund is wrong.I took the kite, a man went to the suburbs, windy day, kite flying very high high, suddenly cut off the line, kite flying far, I firmly chase, it has failed to catch up with.But the accident found a kite, I know her, there is a strange word Kite: “If I destined him, if I really love him, then let him pick up only met kite, I he will wait.Bai Jie “in the address above as well as her Canadian, phone, I put the kite back home, looked blankly.I think, when I do not know whether to love her, I would want her.  Whenever the dead of night, I would dial her phone, just silent, just wanted to hear her voice, she is silent, and then I hung up the phone segment, it has been so.Time flies, fleeting three years.One day, I went to Canada on a business trip, is still that city, I hid in the corner looking at her several times to call her name, but how many times to his mouth and swallow, I can not remember.That day, the sky is no wind, already late autumn, I was a man, flying a kite, kite flying very low very low, as if a hand, you can get a touch, finally, I cut the line, but not far from the kite fly, not far to fall down, and when I turned around, she has appeared – Bai Jie, he stood there looking at me, quietly, still so lovely, and I actually rushed over and hugged her, rotation in the air, there is no language.She cried, more grief than ever, She broke my arms, ran the kite, she picked up the kite, tears poured out again.: “Tell me why I do not go, do not you really love me?”She asked me.I was silent, what else can one explain it?He even gave me a slap in the face, severely, “You know?A month ago, I got married, you know.?”She stared at me tightly.I do not blame the tears flow out, she turned and left, leaving me alone.  I did not tell her that three years, all the time, I was thinking of her, I felt she never left me, but I still can not understand whether I love her, ah, three years can not forget a person, Is not love you?  Now, I’m married, an ordinary woman, living or fuel, I knew it was mine, I only belong to this kind of life.  Occasionally, a person or go fly a kite, flying high, occasionally think of her, I do not know whether to forget, like perhaps she only kite, there is a line to pull in order to have their own sky bar!