Broken lights up life

Junk life lit paper / Zhou once he and the city’s many scavengers, wearing a straw hat broken every day, carrying a snakeskin bag, spare, street, pick up special someone discarded beverage bottles.One day down, worn out, and earned money but only to maintain a person’s food and clothing, this day is not too happy people.Of course, he also thought about doing something else, let the family live a decent life, but he was a no culture, no two technologies, in addition to scavenging, and can do it?  That day, he as usual to the street, searching around the target.His luck is quite good, in addition to harvest a lot of mineral water bottles, but also picked up a few cans.He thought such a beautiful jar, it will be able to fetch a high price, who knows to scrap yards a question, just a few cents.Suddenly, he was very depressed, how could not understand, so good quality and appearance of the jar, has only the value of money here!He was a bit reluctant, but some can not be reconciled, then, back home, he will be one of the cans cut into pieces and then melted into a fingernail-sized silver-gray metal.Although this metal looks good, but he did not know iron, or aluminum, it is unclear worth the money.  In order to understand cans in the end what material is made of small pieces of metal that he will be sent to the Shenyang Inspection Center for testing.Surprisingly, this was actually a precious metal of magnesium alloy, the market price of about 1 ton.$ 40,000 to $ 1.Between 80,000 yuan.  Although this test he spent more than 600 dollars, equivalent to half a month’s income, but he is still very happy.On the way back, he silently wondering, a weight of about 18 empty cans.5 grams a ton about 5.40000, if the direct sell them, can only sell two thousand yuan of money, and melted able to sell about fourteen thousand yuan, the price difference between the two times sixty-seven.That being the case, why not close to melt into metal cans, and then sell it to get the market up?Such a pop can earn several angles.  After sighting opportunities, he went ahead and went to the bank immediately of stock sum of money, built a special metal smelting plants cans.In order to acquire a sufficient number of cans, he not only with those peers before signing a long-term cooperation agreement, the price will increase by nearly twice as much.We see profitable, have the goods delivered to him there.Less than a year, his factory would produce a more than two hundred tons of aluminum ingots, profit of up to several hundred thousand dollars, not only to pay off the loan, but also a lot of surplus.  In this way, he took only three years, from just an ordinary scavengers turned into a gorgeously worth millions of business owners.He is known as Wang Honghuai has PoLanWang, with unique vision and marketing wisdom, Wang Honghuai realized the others to think about the dream of wealth.  It turned out that there is a success, called another way, the face of an ordinary cans, some people only see the life of the helpless, just a few cents profit, while others are able to get a glimpse of the wealth from the shadow, and it clutched.Wang Honghuai success tells us that business opportunities everywhere, miracles everywhere, as long as you are observant, good at finding, dare to try, others do not dare to take the road traveled, even give you a barren land, you can make it open with flowers.(Inspirational story)