Broken language

20101115 Monday Clear, cold 1, noon meal at noon today, I managed to give myself a fried tofu, I did not realize I did not cook rice, porridge, like, like, I eat no appetite.  Really painful.  A person free life, but suffer.    2, Lost climax of all the programs lags far behind changes.I tomorrow, “a half-day program” has failed.Tomorrow is not thought to work, did not realize that tomorrow is not a holiday work as usual, really depressed, breathing can not find a good reason.Irritable mood can not find words to express.    3, corner of comfort Fortunately, in my mind extremely unhappy, watching “Death Girl” when a friend for a long time did not appear on the apparition of Q, hastily exchanged a few words, then a lot less depressed.Then go out to the great treasure of the phone, hit each other a lot, and I feel great improvement.  Friends from afar is a consolation.  It is also a comfort to talk.  Otherwise, I really doubt that I would be suffocated here.Khan ,,,,,,, recent verbal Chan to “sweat”, I do not know when to change, perhaps too cold.  Recently he said that “the amount of” say little, and into other people’s space into less, chat with others less, to himself more time.  Alley suddenly disappeared, do not feel anything, because originally appeared suddenly, so suddenly disappeared and normal.  Because we have learned not to expect, so I do not lose.  Mydeardiary, you said I was not immortal, maybe I born with evil fairy bone Satan’s goal book.Ha ha.  You say tomorrow it will put a half-day off?I want to buy a sweater, too cold.    4 Cool Confessions I always thought the most beautiful winter season.Although I’m shivering cold hands and feet, even though they say now is the winter of 1 ℃, even though I know there are snakes in hibernation when the situation becomes normal sleep.I think winter is the best season.  This is my first winter in the north, etc., it might be the last one in the north, etc..  In winter, the earth depression, sparse crowd, I think this is the world’s original face, trembling in the wind, I had the world in the face, but I’m still head held high, because I like going to face Angtou.I think that they really false.What is wrong, however false, false is the fact that the society, the more people who have grown up more false.Look at.I found an excuse.  I never was a people who only believe in feeling.  I feel good for a person for a long time, long time to have a four and a half.I feel I like him, but love is not love, love is not wrong, I did not feel wrong.I find it hard to love a person, so destined to have a long lonely, I think I’m quite sane.So, all my friends, do not worry about me, one day I can be met without resort to the feeling will come.Haha.    Postscript: I thought that today’s diary to write quite long, but how to write a word which did not ah.sweat..[Editor: Yi children]