Broken language pomegranate tree

Just under a rain of people without warning, in the afternoon spilled down from heaven.Soon in the ground water flow converging to numerous small, they are a way to cheer from high to low wanton flow from all directions.They do not sound the gurgling of the river, but the income of every small eyes water all broke out vigorous vitality, constantly flowing I think that is their energetic show.  This spring will be a moment everything poured a transparent, even some evergreen plants in the flower beds in front of the office, under the rain washing is also exposed their initial appearance, a look at the past few gray green seductive show in front of people.And just returned from the soil sprouted grass children, braved rain or shine wildly up channeling the momentum seems to want to own some taller, a good look at the world outside of the flower beds, but also as if in declares that it no longer silence spring.  Look inside a flower bed planted a number of years the pomegranate tree, every branch naked cropped up some little bud, and some grow leaves.Bud close look at those such as grain size, full-color touch of dark red.Those leaves should be grown in a few days before his face in the spring, had grown slightly elongated kind of mold.If each one leaves seen as a woman’s lip, then the edges of the leaves brought some color to the lip, like right on the picturesque modification beautiful lips.But seems thin, not every one leaves are similar.Although there are long on a branch with some leaves but as a general stain, front and back are the same colors and just grow shoots, all kind of light brown red, leaves absolutely no trace of belonging green wire.  As the rain continued falling on some branches more or less hangs above some shiny spots, these collections of crystal clear water drops glance.But with the wind blowing, followed by a burst of thrill branches, they disappear twinkling of an eye, seductive beauty just as short-lived.  When slowly appreciate pomegranate tree, also let me find their leaves are all tip-up, the entire blade did not enter into the eyes, it will make people imagine they are tempting to many starving baby, is Zhang mouth suck breast milk in general, and their “mother’s milk” should be that it fell from the sky rain!  Before also watch the pomegranate tree, but not in this season, but it has never been concerned about the whole process of transition from bud to leaf.May each year are often in the open pomegranate, autumn fruits when it will be some give lessons.And I never thought would observe in her spare time in which to grow slowly this spring season.  When is a focused look carefully, children gust of wind carries the rain sprinkled over the face, Ice cool people can not help wincing.So those who can not attend again enjoy the scenery belongs to the pomegranate tree, it must be taken refuge in the warm office.  ”Writers election issue 12″ QQ1978922107 screen name (foreign laughs) Yang Xiaohua