Broken glass we still friends?

In fact, for a long time I did not drink, and even then the Chinese New Year gala day I did not look for a drop to quench their thirst.Not that I can not drink, but I want to own quiet study, because there are a lot of things to do, there are a lot of way to go.Just because a friend invited him to dinner, go late, at their request, I Precept Breaking drink.Drink have never had anything, you can drink more trouble.  Several years did not drink together, renew old friendships, it should have been a pleasant thing.May backfire.Everything is broken in a broken wine glass.  Depressed for a few days, I do not know what I am wrong, but it still can not drink too much, only to hear a friend pointed me a lot macabre words; only saw him blatantly in front of us with glasses Bash.That cracking sound, ears hurt my soul.I know that sometimes joke like a prescription.But I forget that we are changing, perhaps some things can only simmer in silence, unable to go to the other words, we are changed and become all know each other was thinking, but can not speak to each other’s intentions clear where in.Fortunately, finally understand what it meant to infighting, intrigues.  I do not want broken glass also filled with sadness, I refuse to be broken wine glass in swaying my pain.I just want to let the wind swept away all disappointments, just let the sadness buried deep in the soil and let it rot into fertilizer to nourish my heart, my soul and perhaps more landscaping.  Broken glass, do we still friends?I do not know, I do not understand.I just want to do their own.I had to quit drinking a few years off wine.The goblet filled with joy and sadness can be.I can not bear the grief of happiness becomes unsightly.I do not know the others, but I can not understand myself.Life long way to go, take a step you need to remember why the previous fall.Rather than have to go down again and again.  So many years, to be honest, has changed a lot, you can allow yourself to become aloof, may become more quiet.Perhaps soon ran three, a lot of ideas are day by day like autumn fruit mature slowly.Perhaps it still does not realize the value of their life, so quietly changing.  Broken glass, you can also buy.If the heart is broken, you can not use any thing to bonding.Even if I am very sad, after all, that’s many years of friendship, I do not want just because a word, a broken glass replaced the meaning of its existence.But anything is I can not wishful thinking to repair the wounds on both sides, and watched others add insult to injury.  Maybe I should properly reflect on their own, maybe I should make more efforts to change their.I do not want to lose the urge to change some things should not be.  Broken glass, you can go out and buy better.My heart is broken, it can only slow to adapt has changed the world, until one day, it will naturally heal intact.We were not better tea instead of wine.  Drunken quarrel both sides can not shirk responsibility, after waking regret is quite normal.This wine is a good thing, or else our ancestors would not have to invent and create it.Health drink can, drink the beverages.After a lot of things, or feel for the wonderful drink.Not drinking on the table there will be no quarrel, but will not appear in thrilling fight scenes that brothers.  We are growing, will also grow old unknowingly, in order for us young Friendship is like wine more mellow general, we can only choose to change.Remember our friendship is like wine, it is always the same mellow taste.No matter how many years, we are still brothers are good friends!