Contraindications physiology of hot spring spa can not do?

Spa taboo, menstrual period can not do spa?Do spa, it is now the most popular method is the most recuperate health, but also can do yourself at home。 But many people still have a lot of confusion spa, professionals need to be answered。
Today is winter, the spa is one thing to be a very freshness。 Think menstrual period can not be done in the traditional sense on the spa, the spa can not be done when the menstrual period, because the strength of the division fingertips will make your body under pressure, affecting blood flow operation。 But New York University Medical experts point out that this is a misunderstanding of women's health science, gentle soothing massage not only will not affect your blood running, but also to relax the muscles, reduce menstrual pain, just do not let you back in aromatherapist down, around the uterus do excessive press, you do not have to worry about health problems。 In addition fat burning speed during the menstrual period to accelerate, as well as moderate massage slimming effect, the better news is that, due to the role of hormones, you will feel your chest swell a little in the menstrual period, if you let your massage therapist with essential oils massage the chest, but also for shaping the chest, upgrade your cup。 Contraindications physiology of hot spring spa can not do?Spa can be done, but is not suitable for any type of spa can be fully informed in advance division of their physical condition, if you have a skin allergy ,, also do not hide, spa therapists will recommend a course of treatment for you。
In addition, within 3 months of pregnancy and during more than seven months and is not recommended。 Do the spa can not eat things do hot springs to remain hungry unsaturated state, spa before three hours can not drink alcohol and alcoholic beverages, because there are a lot of abdominal massage action at the spa process, avoid dining within the previous hour and a half。
However, to drink plenty of water before and after spa, massage can promote blood circulation, drink plenty of water can promote the metabolism to speed up, to help detoxification。