Wu Dawei open side of the road a tuck, every time his wife Ji Xiao Na to the county purchase, someone joked with Wu Dawei: Ji Xiao Na so beautiful, so she went to the city to purchase, you can rest assured?  Wu Dawei indifferent smile: if even his wife do not worry, you still a man?  However, let Wu Dawei unexpected happened.Ji Huna this day from the county back, after a silence, suddenly raised with him a divorce, she said that the Ministry of owning a wholesale dead wife, to marry her dead grinding hard bound.She said she can not say love him, but he has several hundred thousand dollars in bank deposits, real estate there is light at several Huna Ji Da pulled out two hundred dollar bills on the table to take the handbag: This is two million, is that open wholesale Department boss let me turn to you.  Wu Dawei Lengzheng for a long time, laments: If I accept this money, does not mean that you sell to others?Please send the money back to him, you must divorce, I told you it wants to go to the Home of the formalities.  Ji Huna did not think he was so simply, could not help but shed tears: really rare these days to have you upright man, but I had a poor day afraid, really do not want a few.Well, I do not go tonight, a night dedicated to Italy to accompany you thought Wu Dawei, at the moment not yet divorced, she was his wife, he had no reason to drive her away, had promised her.But he is no mood to go to bed with Ji Huna, he let Ji Huna a person sleep on the bed, himself sitting on the couch one-smoked.  Suddenly someone knocked on the window, Wu Dawei went over to open the window and saw a stout man in his thirties, he said to buy a bottle of wine.Wu Dawei said the middle of the night to buy alcohol do?The man said he was the guard’s car broke down, too cold at night, the driver let him come to buy a bottle of wine to warm you up.  Wu Dawei took the money, put a bottle of liquor handed out from the prison gate.I did not expect the accident happened, that brawny neck suddenly clenched his hands, desperately pulling out of the window, slammed the bottle dropped to the ground broken.Wu Dawei side earned back side shouting: What?What do you want?  At that time, darkness sprang a gangster, with chains dead set Wu Dawei wrist, the other end tied to the outside of poplar.In this way, Wu Dawei’s body in the window, one arm was pulled out of the window, could not move.  Criminals forced open the door, armed with machetes broke into the house, shouting threats Wu Dawei allowed, otherwise white knife into the red knife out.Ji Huna bed early scared shaking into a ball.Criminals rummaging, finally pulls out that twenty thousand yuan huge sum of money from the JI Huna handbag.Two gangsters can not stop there, one of the criminals over to the bed, opened the quilt looked Huna held the body Ji and charming face, he said to another scoundrel: these ladies really beautiful ah, her play again go.Wu Dawei criminals simply ignore the existence of the hands of machete thrown on the ground, sprang toward the bed.  Struggling and screams Ji Huna, the Wu Dawei a cavity blood straight into the forehead.Although Ji Huna told him to go for tomorrow divorce, but she was now his wife, he can not allow criminals to rape her in front of him, how can tolerate such an insult?Wu Dawei earn desperately move the body, but to no avail.His eyes suddenly fell on the floor of thugs with machetes.In which a machete from his feet close, he is not prepared to take the criminals and stretched his feet to try to reach for the machete that finally enough with, and quietly moved closer to it, with one foot on the end of the knife so that the knife stuck up, and then the other foot poked a knife below, to find a balance point, carefully stir up to it, then his right hand caught the handle.But how about this?His left arm was tied chains, knives are cut constantly; Ji Huna humiliated and far away from him, cut less than criminals.Ji Huna shrill cry again drilled into his ear, Wu Dawei shivers, suddenly screaming, wielded a machete to cut off his left arm, fighting back Juteng, threw a knife to cut the bed.Criminals stabbed in the back two each, reluctantly walked out the door away and disappeared into the night.Wu Dawei this like a mountain collapsed, fainted when Wu Dawei immediately woke up from a death, there have been a few days after the.When he awoke he found himself lying in a hospital bed, Ji Huna guard at his side.  Ji Wu Dawei ashamed to say Huna: Sorry, had to wait to get a divorce after discharge of the.  Ji Huna tears in their eyes over his mouth: I beg you, do not be so quick to say!This life, I coming with you!