Brokeback Buddha

Between East Wei Tianping years, Boxing County in Shandong Zhang had a stonemason.Nationally renowned for his craft, his vivid carved dragon and phoenix, a variety of animals, lifelike characters.  Zhang mason wife died early, there is a knee daughter, father and daughter had each two.His daughter, Xiu-e, then eighteen years old, looks pretty as a flower, the notice of management, smart virtuous.Zhang propose marriage to all wear out the threshold, but not a favorite Xiu.  Balance the first year of Emperor Yuan Shan Dong Wei Xiaojing see Buddhist, requiring the construction of temples across the country, called on people to pray the Scriptures.  At that time, the territory Boxing County, to build a Longhua Temple, carved statues of the responsibility falls on the hands of Zhang mason.Zhang picked out the stone mason to the mountains, transported to Longhua Temple, started working carving.  At that time overseer Jiaowu conscience.He is the prefect brother in law, and his harsh, ruthless, with the backing of his brother is prefect, bullying, bully female male hegemony, evil, until three years old, and no decent girl to marry him.  For the early completion of the construction period, it drives a supervisor, overtime, after more than three years, Longhua Temple was finally completed, the rest is esteeming the Buddha.  Because of statues, less mason, progress is slow, that Miss conscience stare at the site, let mason home, day and night, eating all the time by their families to the site.  On this day, Xiu father to deliver meals to go, came face to face Wu conscience, he saw Xiu, simply stunned by her beauty, his eyes looked and looked, separated from the body Xiu, Xiu low with shame his head came to his father’s side.  Wu Xiu follow conscience, Zhang came to the front mason, Xipixiaolian said: girl, how old, no Zhaopo Jia?No, I’ll find you a?  Zhang looked mason, snappily said: Lo Wu adults do not bother, the girl with the husband’s family!  There the husband’s family?I do not know is someone’s son so lucky?Wu spoke Xipixiaolian conscience, but also a hand to squeeze Xiu’s face.  Zhang mason looked furious, one put his hands open, said: put a little respect, rolling!  Wu had a boring discussion of conscience, she said angrily: Zhang mason, sooner or later, this is my daughter, you do not give face shameless.  Father after dinner, Xiu-e clean up the dishes back home, go half way, suddenly, out of a few people from crops to the ground, both hands knife, led by Wu conscience is the supervisor.  Wu stepped forward and conscience, Yin Xiao said: girl, how, today, and I came home to get married, you can not ill-treated.He is saying, while up together, held out his hand to pull Xiu.  Xiu saw not run, simply, lamb, would rather die than shame.She picked up a slap in the face, according to Wu conscience is a slap in the face.  Wu conscience rage, grinding his teeth, said: I dare you to play to, tied her up, carried to my house.  Everyone around with him, at this moment, to a girl in one hand and a lotus in one hand whisk, shouted: the light of day, Lang Lang events, dare to bully honest woman?  Wu conscience looked at the girl, face radius, bending and breakdown, pouty mouth full of smile, I really like fairy, smiled and said: Well, again one, I have to, give me bring her bundle stand up.  We came around and saw the girl waving whisk, neat and quick, put the number of people knocked to the ground, then went in front Xiu, she untied the rope to.Wu took the opportunity conscience quietly came from behind with a knife.  Benefactor, be careful!Xiu shouted out.  The girl did not even head back to whisk back toss back a few steps Wu conscience, splash fell to the ground on his back.  At this point, Zhang mason with a few people came, saw Wu conscience, Mason said, pointing to Zhang: Zhang mason, as people dare you murder me, wait and see.Then he took a quick trot.  Zhang mason came to the girl, again and again Acknowledgments: Thank benefactor saving grace, I do not know who the benefactor name yet, where the family lives, I will personally thank door.  The girl smiled and said: Road see injustice, a helping hand extended, is a matter within my part, you do not have to thank.Having turned invisible.  All statues basically completed, the main hall where the Buddha carved from three Zunxiang personally Zhang mason, also completed and have only a single statue of Bodhisattva paternity Association, has not yet started.  Xiao Jing Emperor came decree on March 3, your visit to Longhua Temple Buddha.That leaves less than half of the.Wu listened conscience, eyeball a turn, took paternity Buddha carved Association task to Zhang mason.  Zhang selected stone mason, carving wondering how, then, to save his daughter the girl appeared in front of him wielding a hammer and drill rod, day and night, a few days of effort is complete, looked at his carving chisel Bodhisattva, Zhang mason understanding smile.  All Longhua temple statues all seated, state officials have come to watch, Wu conscience behind the crowd, which came to the hall, when he came before Bodhisattva paternity Association, looked at, I feel familiar, then look closely, feel furious, like a Buddha statue, is the day the girl hit him.He quietly came to his brother, collected in the ear elaborate again.  Prefect listened, ordered the masons Zhang tied to a tree in the temple, Mason said, pointing Zhang: Zhang mason, you dare to mortal carved into Buddha, this is blasphemy, but also Qijunzhizui should be over the door copy cut, carved Buddha meritorious read you, cut off your arms and let your daughter to Wu conscience house of bondage.  Up two executioners, wielded the sword, according to Zhang mason left and right arm cut off, onlookers screamed scared, closed his eyes.  Just at that moment, Zhang mason’s daughter ran to greet the knife stretched out his arms, only to hear the click, click, two sound, Xiu of his arms had been cut off, immediately bled, shouted Zhang mason : Xiu!Also fainted.  After a child who knows, Xiu his arms slowly grow out, we are extremely surprised.At this time, the runners ran for a: prefect adults, approaching the hall you go to see, not the Buddha’s hands.  Prefect came inside the hall, but also shocked, I saw co-paternity Buddha arms, disappeared.Emperor is coming, and then it was too late to re-carving, prefect got craftsmen, carving his hands, how also can not put it together.  March three, the emperor came to the Longhua Temple, saw the buildings and statues, very happy, paternity Association came before the Buddha, Bodhisattvas see smooth and natural folds tink, Ying Luo density decent, dignified and delicate gesture, repeatedly praised.  Buddha saw no arms, face sudden change, and asked: “So beautiful statue, why no arms.  Some people put the whole matter to tell the emperor, the emperor was furious, the death sentence of Wu conscience, prefect also slashing the office, exiled to Ili, never hired.Lost both arms of the Association of paternity Buddha inside the hall stood quietly, watching the vicissitudes of change, a station is several hundred years.