A years old in love with you

He asked his mother to love does not matter very worried, because he always said, what is love?He is a weak man placebo.You look at me, body and more strong, and I feel good, eat, sleep can work, but also capable wanted to do something, I want that stuff one thousand Well?  His mother reluctantly, said to her, your brother seems to be possessed, and you when this sister can be harder to get a snack ah.  She and he is not pro-siblings, not the kind of sworn how should I say, there is a very old childhood home of worship Hobo (godfather) customs: Which raised a child, worried that if children grow up not ring true, it to find a godfather for the healthy growth of children bless the child, the muezzin Hobo.Fifteenth year, to worship Bao Bao’s family put the children hold to the big intersection, he saw a man crossing over, and see if this man, he took, if this man feel good kid, worshiped Paul Paul, recognized as two relatives, the boy became a man of Paul Paul.His mother said that when he went out of the hold he has been crying forever, several men feel that children are too tough, or not, her father came over, he smiled, her father felt good kid, so thanks became the.Since then, he had a Hobo’s also had a dry sister.  Although the two only worship, but the feeling is very good, with really no difference siblings, she was a year older than him, from his elementary school, she began to take care of him, then up on to college, she graduated first, he after graduation, then living in the same city.All right, when he gave her a call: sister, to get some good food!So she gave him to get crab omelet, his favorite food, he eats and then looked at the moon and brilliance, shining eyes.Finished, he told her glib, there are you really happy that my sister is dead!Bao Bao year thanks, I’m coming at you this sister.  She told him solemnly, that only he and his mother a child, he was looking forward to start their families early.He said the sister, you are happy you?She said the sister thing you do not worry!He said the hippie smile, sister, your brother when this thing I do not worry about who to worry about?  In this city, she is an ordinary doctor, do not look impressive, with her disposition was not like the kind of publicity, love naturally could not be more ordinary people introduced, an ordinary civil servant, it can not be good, no problems.Civil servants usually work when to pick her up, eat a meal together, a walk along the river, then took her home.  They love it so placid, and she thought, maybe, it is this love?  However, if the love is so, then how good she persuaded him to love?He grew up is a favorite pursuit of new people, never unwilling to dull and lonely, everything is good blending, ten nine has his gong.This character, he can not bother you so-called love?  However, tired It does not bother or, let him love on just fine.She opened the phone book, pleasantly surprised to find themselves actually know so many people, so she called to say his situation, let people give matchmaking.  She is more surprise is, this city turned out there are so many beautiful girls in waiting, so she was very excited to call him and let him come, and then the girls photos spread on the table let him pick.He looked very strange, said to her, do you think this is very interesting?She said, do you think this is very boring?He said, how I think of it you become vulgar?Is not a person, one fell in love on the way things turned out?She was angry, did not think he did not even look at, they took her words hurt.she cried.Saw her crying, he panicked, he said the sister, do not be angry okay?I can now draw lots?I just grab a can from these photographs it?She said, how casually call?Love can easily do?He said that now is not yet talking about the love you share up?She would like to have a pair of love Well, you must have a culture of stage right.She said, so be it, I can help you pick one, you first learn to understand.He said okay.So she carefully picked a various conditions are good pretty girl, said to her.  He talked to the girl after three days they came and said to her sister, no, not the girl for me.She said ye not appropriate?He said, personality clashes.She asked what personality clashes?He said, personality clashes like the chicken and ducks kept together, chicken is a good chicken, duck duck is good, but two things together is not a go.She could not help but laugh, he said that, you will loquacious!However, this example though vulgar, the idea is considered appropriate, or else, a re-election?  The second talk with the girl for five days, he called her and said, not.She asked why?He said the girl was too fine, too noisy, too close to fine demon, leaving like a ghost.She was a little frustration, which is not now the girl with a monkey-like, three days without playing would never ending mortgage watts?  Otherwise, stop here forget?He said, I really have no interest in.  How that line?But I promised your mother!she says.