A “wrong” penalty of three years

Yongzheng of the Qing Dynasty, Hangzhou, a man named He Yun scholar, very studious, and intelligent people, is known for the character, but he naturally upright, do not want to cling to the rich and powerful, so many times in a row to participate in the imperial examination, failed admitted, he huff decided never again participate in examinations.To support the family, he put tables outside Yongjin Men, giving special writing.On this day, He Yun usual, put on the table seated outside Yongjin Men.A middle-aged man dressed in front of his desk stopped.He looked at the place where the cloud at the table of the word, again and again could not help but praise: good character, good character!He Yun a, a middle-aged man glanced up, shrug and say: How can good word?But also how well written article?How can patriotism has a cavity?Middle-aged people feel surprised to hear, busy and asked: listen to this, you must have encountered something unpleasant thing the?He Yun wave of his hand, said: Sir, if needed word, please speech; and if not, please continue to enjoy the scenery.Middle-aged man laughed and said: Do not say really, I saw on the phase of your word, that I have to be grateful if you write to me with a.He Yun accordance with the requirements of middle-aged, while grinding the ink while thinking, after ink research is good, in the hands of the brush like a wandering snakes in general, the paper appeared in a couplet: Long Point lotus lake known Shuiting, autumn drizzle stick Ponds Court Xiao Xue.Sure enough, that little word, such as peach, flick flick knives, strokes very mastery.Middle-aged man enjoying verbatim, can not help brow wrinkled up, turned off the fire word of any cloud this Mid-Autumn Festival couplets word written on the left.Middle-aged man asked, pointing to the fall of the word: The ‘autumn’ is not a word wrong?He Yun looked dismissively said: Sir may not know, the so-called ‘Autumn’, is also mature Wo, no fire, Wo how can mature?Thus, not only did not write errors, but it makes sense.Look Bronze Seal Script, which ‘Autumn’ is not the word to the left of the fire?Middle-aged man listening to He Yun’s remarks excuse, smiled and said: You words are written so well, is so knowledgeable, why not obtain a fame, but had to survive a word in here to sell it?He Yun could not help but face sank, she said impatiently: Mr. came to buy my word, not to teach me, to go ahead with the money to buy a word to me, so I can wait for the next one patron.Middle-aged man to see him some displeasure, took out two silver on the pocket, on the table, said: listen to your voice just now, I feel you should participate in the imperial examination, may fail in high school, it is disheartened Italian cold, huddled here to sell this word for a living, but the heart must have shares of grievances.After listening to middle-aged remarks, He Yun could not help but secretly surprised, but his face is still impatient look, he said: too much money to Mr., I am a poor scholar, where you find the money.Middle-aged man said: really not Xiangman, my people some knowledge physiognomy divination, just taking advantage of you writing the lead, with a lot of good to you, I see you heaven full Court radius, there Going to the arrogance surround left and right, if once again participate in the examinations will be able to high school.This is two more than the money, I suppose I lend it to you, such as your high school that day, and then also how I?He Yun surprised, he just visually too, that two silver, the less they have to have twenty-two much, enough to own an exam fee.But they were strangers and their own, how can it borrow other people’s money?Middle-aged people to see what the cloud is hesitant, they smile, said: waiting for you in high school, you come here to sell the word, and I shall come to beg for debts.Finish the sentence, the middle-aged man wrapped up Yun He wrote the couplet, turn left.I met such a good thing, He Yun no longer sell meditation word, and he hurriedly packed up the stall, the word is not sold, and turned back to the home.After some deliberation, he decided to present the intentions of reading at home, such as when the expedition went to sign up, and then fight again.Quickly to the expedition of the day, He Yun immediately signed up, I did not expect that middle-aged man said as his way to triumph, it was not the successful candidates enter.To this day to meet with the emperor, He Yun early to pick up something, just wait outside in the afternoon.Then finally called his name, he quickly as official edicts into the hall above.After worship, she stood within reach, waiting for the emperor to question.He looked at the emperor steal, feel very familiar, you do not want to be up in a moment where I have seen.The emperor did not speak, but pick up a pen and paper around, brush a little bit above and write a word, he handed the officer ordered edicts He Yun.He Yun start a look and found that the word of mouth and even on the left.He looked a long time, can not think of the emperor wrote this strange word what does that mean.While he was waiting for the emperor explained edicts officer told him that successful candidates is over, let him go back and waiting to serve edict.The next day, an edict was sent to He Yun residence, edicts officer said: You go to the governor of Zhejiang took the edict, since he will arrange your office.In this way, He Yun took the edict, non-stop back to Hangzhou, after meeting with the governor, the edict was up.Governor edict open look, feel smiled, he broke into the words: Chao said His Majesty: He Yun to Yongjin Men takeaway word for three years, worked again.He Yun a, shocked: how will the emperor himself such a strange edict under it?While he puzzled suspiciously when the governor of the edict handed him the original edict in the back, as well as a line of text, and saw that read: food, Wo also, each mouth has food to eat, would not. ” and ‘also, mouth Wo, Wo instead of a mouth, it is by no means typo!Also, silver eighteen twenty-seven still owe the money, handed over to the governor.By this time, He Yun did he realize that the word had to buy the middle-aged man is wearing uniforms in the Yongzheng Emperor.Three years passed quickly, Yongzheng of another edict down, life in Beijing He Yun, became one of the Imperial Academy.Since then, He Yun always remember this lesson and never wrote such a typo.