A wrapped in love

He was a mail courier company, riding a bike, a canvas bag Messenger him every day, carrying large and small mail parcels, shuttle on the streets, rain or shine, always catch on to to hurry.    He is a living map, filled the hearts of the city, feel free to ask the street, lane, he can say exactly their specific location, like a precise global positioning system.    8 o’clock every day, he was to report on time to the company, to take delivery of mail and package finished the day’s work began.He’s busy, eat lunch an hour later than the others, and are sent trouble fast food.He was always someone riding noon meal to a family of neutral to send the e-mail sent to households in the hands of the parcel in time.    After high school, his father covered with hard work and poor family, so he gave up the idea of continuing to learn and moved to the city, and began to live express delivery.Despite the ability for a year, he diligently attentive, but never appeared in error.Doing the same thing, every day he was full of passion, colleagues won the leadership of recognition and praise.    Mail parcels small and inconspicuous, but full of friendship and blessings as well as e-mail people a sincere heart, connected to communication and trust between people.Think of these, his heart will have unlimited pride and sense of the sacred, I realize I was in a world of beauty and convey love ah!Every time someone successfully registered mail, the Post when torn vice single, easy to share his mind, so he often can not help but hum cheerful ditty.    Busy day return to the company, the documents to the financial settlement is completed, it was already dark.Back to that room rented house, he simply pick up, get something to eat.Endless night, beautiful night under the neon lights, turned to run around the figure of how many.Alone and lonely, always full of wandering in his heart sinking.    Red August, the hot sun baked the earth, asphalt city of transpiration from a heat wave, people feel there is a baked.For him, it all used to it.    He was thinking of lanes from which to send this message, the sky clouds roll, instant, the entire city shrouded in the pouring rain.He put on his raincoat and move on, because to go out, leading a special task entrusted to him to send a letter of acceptance to college, he can not have the slightest slack.    Thunder and lightning, the struggling forward a figure walking through dedication.The share of the middle letter of acceptance was tightly wrapped in a bunch of messages on the frame, for fear of being drenched by the rain, this is someone many years studying hard harvest ah, the condensation of sweat and look forward to countless families.    According to the address, he found the house number, rang the bell for a long time nobody should.He took admission notice, is preparing stuffed into a mailbox, then I thought, No, must be personally handed over to tenants.    He called to the tenants, the phone is a girl, their voices are weak.After he said to understand their identity and reason, then according to the requirements of the girl, she went to the hospital.Due to inflammation of the appendix, the girl is in the hospital.When he took college acceptance letter, the family girls wreathed in smiles, the girl is the spirit of times, did not make her happy better than this gift.He relieved to leave.    Careful girl who able to save his cell phone number.One day, he received her phone, she said that I wanted to go to college on the field, he can not come over to take her about.Out of courtesy, he flew all the way rushed.The platform, she said to him, thank you for telling me the first time to bring this happy event in life, but heavy rain, so I moved.He said sheepishly, that they should do this.    Watched her go, he came up with a sense of excitement, took out the phone, sent her first message.She quickly replied, and thus, they have a deeper exchange.Whenever he was out the door in the morning, always sent her a message to say hello, and she also told him to be careful on the road.Her warm and caring, so that his heart warm.Whenever the dead of night, he always pour anecdotes listen to her university campus.    4 years later, the flower of love, and finally form a happy fruits.Wedding, her hand on his arm, soulful went before them, a happy smile on his face flower bloom.    Someone asked her, where he attracted her?She smiled and said, a person can pass the rain of joy for others, life is worth entrusted.    Let yourself fall in love with a person, as long as enough to do one thing: rain is willing to send her a greeting, no matter how late have insisted on waiting for her a beacon, in any case able to maintain a calm for her.