A workplace experience

1SWOT analysis: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  2 Live also did blame the boss how to do?  One of the main tasks and arrangements made clear and concise form, inform and indicate your deadline date, if any objection notice informing you in your time limit, so that the boss can have on your workload a rough understand, for you to start work also has certain advantages.  Two first encountered problems they want a good way, and then go to your boss to solve, choose the best time is when he has free without irritability, the effect is more significant, the issues raised after he was unable to give satisfactory answers when you to tone suggestive to get your idea, you make him difficult to deal with emergencies and the need to address the problem of my profession, the frequency of difficulties, positive attitude and problem-solving skills have a more comprehensive understanding.  Three important part of the project must inform your immediate supervisor, the first time to notice the results came out, must make it clear that if any misfortune misfortune of reason, how to solve this accident.Identification of their capabilities and your ability to communicate.  Four in the various departments to discuss cooperation, we must pay attention to tone, try to be thoughtful, not give him trouble.  Identification of your communication skills and adaptability five new staff recruitment experience: According to a company’s needs, institutional, corporate culture, job change, workplace B based on the direct supervisor of personnel recruited like, personality, attitudes?According to the status required precautions senior team manager, recruiting strong enough motivation, strength, innovation ability of people.  Managers find someone in the housekeeper’s cautious, willing to be a person who bundle.  Impatient managers avoid over low heat do not find out who the good work.  Newly promoted manager, looking for honest part, small temper, temper relatively weak compared to the organization, who commands, doing a live, but not particularly good, more than thirty years of age,.  The new manager of the new members of the team, hiring two to three backbone type and strength of the staff to do the main, to guide and support the operation of the entire team.  Five of the seven habits of effective management: Project Manager Business Manager = good project manager always believed that success in project management is equivalent to business success.Successful project managers not only to the completion of their projects Yeguo line, but do more.  They know that compliance with budget and schedule allow customers to produce only the minimum requirements for a lasting good effect.They also realize that if they want to become a leading company in one, they need to have more sophisticated skills and the need to operate in a broader perspective.  Although many project managers to define themselves by their technical knowledge and skills, but people are increasingly aware, on time, within budget and customer satisfaction to the successful completion of the project depends not only technical skills, but more dependent on the success of other aspects of the coordination and cooperation.  Enlightened companies are always aggressively recruit, train and retain a thorough understanding of how to manage project managers.  Habit 1- proactive Schedule 1) carefully prepared, 2) the project plan, and 3) show the past performance of the clarity of the financial statements and the cost of production reports.  = According to the accident risk cost of the project to promote research results Association (AACE) published, in any place, must spend 2-4 weeks in order to find the truth of problems at work.Many project managers do not receive their project has deviated from the course of the early warning signs, they will not predict the final circumstances of their projects.  Despite past experience, when the unexpected delay the onset of, they usually still surprised – the reasons for postponement emphasize became their only reaction.Such behavior obviously leads to the risk of progress and profit.This is why serious cause of concern proactive project issues and changes.  Completion habit 2- forecast first-class enterprise in the primacy of the deadline.(This is also the point of view Covey.) This business is always glued to predict the results of their total cost of the completed project to ensure that the front line in the right lane.  Unfortunately, there is construction project manager caught in the “fire” of traditional history, undermined regularly assess the costs of completion of strict compliance.(See habit 1.) In order to perform a rigorous job evaluation, the company not only to check behind the project Performance Index (as of current job cost reports, the actual value and the estimated value), but also to check the leading Performance Index.It includes an assessment of the measure is expected to total completion cost, completion date, cash flow and profit.In today’s business environment, trusts, banks and outside investors to profit attenuation value and reduce the demand for payment can not be recovered becoming less and less tolerance.  1) completion of work each year, more than 20% of the profits working in decay; 2) so far, spent the cost of the same work, more than 50% of the work almost did not get anything in return; 3) the occurrence of continuous without change order review, but they are also the main component of profit.  3- habit critical path first-class enterprises will be important work in the first place, but do not let them escape.They know what needs to deal with in the future, which must be addressed immediately.They know the difference between the truly important work and those who are not very important work.  4- coordination and cooperation used to focus on effective cooperation between enterprises – they know how to solve a problem or set of personnel to complete the task.That is, they allow everyone to work together.(Currently, there are many systems available on the market to store project information.Class enterprises know, easy to input and output information on the success of the process of cooperation is vital.) Two important management tool for construction companies need to apply two tools is necessary to work together effectively but also efficiently control project.One is concerned about the internal and the other external focus.  Internal focus tool is consistent method of project management, from tender to the ending – in other words, your company’s project control system.If the system is not defined or rarely observed, run each project will depend on each project manager whim.Continuity management will no longer exist, each project requires learning curve will seriously affect your company’s overall expenses and.  Tools are concerned about external means and outside groups almost customary cooperation projects.Both internal and external tools are not static in all projects often applied.Some project managers to successfully develop plans to invest to get the required precision from subcontractors and others, the plan to ensure the effective implementation.Meanwhile, on the “buy” more progress and completion of due diligence of the project agree.  Habit 5- frequent communication class enterprise regularly communicate in many ways.And cooperation in different communication is actually dissemination of information about how much you are faithfully hear or understand.I believe you’ve said so many times: “Are we not discuss this matter at Monday’s meeting it?”Obviously, efficient meeting is the key to success of the project.The meeting reflects the bad project manager and your company treats how project is organized manner, but also reflects your company’s emphasis on project.  To become effective communicators, project managers need to understand there are many different ways to communicate.Depending on the object of their dealings and their preferences, preferences may include verbal notice, written memoranda, e-mail, or a mix of the three.  Also effective use of technology, technology plays an important role.Network-based project collaboration software that can be used to speed up project-specific communication process.Minutes of the meeting can be translated into concrete action items to drive in place of responsibility.  15 2.6 focuses on project management 1. Project objectives “The goal is beacon action” and therefore the importance of the goal of the project is self-evident.  Does not concern a project objective of the project manager, the project can only bring failure.Practice has and will continue to prove that any actions do not target will be in vain.Therefore, the project manager, be sure to install the project objectives in the “heart” was always concerned and.  2, project scope “scope of the project is actually a map of the content of our work”, project scope also determines the size of our workload.  If the project manager does not have a clear grasp of the project scope and reasonable control, some of the work carried out by the project team is likely to do no good, the result can only be a waste of resources.  3, project plan “is a plan of the Program of Action,” I think the importance of the project plan is already well known the.  Project managers not only need to focus on project planning, but also need to focus on the implementation of the project plan.The program will enable our ideas concrete and reflects what we expect to do, when to do, who to do and how to do, so any action under the guidance of the project plan will not “chaotic” and even a huge risk to the project.  4, project quality, “Quality is the life of the project,” there is no doubt the quality of the project is the failure of the project.Therefore, the project manager needs to always be concerned about a variety of activities closely related to the quality of the project.  5, Project Progress “Progress is often efficiency” projects, especially commercial projects, progress often determines its market value.Therefore, the project manager at the same time concerned about the quality of the project, also need to pay close attention to the progress of the project.  6, project costs “Capital is the lifeblood of the normal development of the project to” a runaway costs or cost overruns of the project, will face a great risk of sustaining project.  7, Project Risk “project risk affecting the smooth development of the project and whether the ultimate success of the single uncertainties”.Project managers need to always concerned about the status of project risks, ready for plans to achieve “be prepared”, and to eliminate the risk of adverse environmental conditions and possible.  8, stakeholders “balanced stakeholder expectation is that the project will eventually get through broad identity” that can not be balanced and meet stakeholder expectations of the project manager, will be “serious Weijian” In the development process of the project.  9, although the target user target user belongs stakeholder category, but the target audience is different from the other stakeholders of the project is a significant place: they are the end users of project results.Target user characteristics (such as jobs, ability level, etc.) will determine the development of methods and results of the project show the way required for the project to a large extent (such as the development of a computer application system, if the lower level of the user’s computer operations, the design of the system need to be considered as a simple, easy to learn, easy to operate).  10, the project team project team mentioned here mainly refers to the project team, led by project manager.  ”The project team is the direct outcome of the founders of the project,” the efficiency of the project team will determine the efficiency of the project.Therefore, project managers need to be very concerned about the project team members (including the project team building, performance appraisal, etc.).  11, project implementation and operating environment “project implementation and operating environment will not only determine the implementation strategy of the project but also largely determines the development of technologies and models needed for the project” (such as the development of a computer application system, the system operating environment will to some extent determines the development of technical systems might take).  12, output was reviewed, “the assessment found that the problem is one of the most effective and timely way,” a lot of problems will give follow-up work output was enormous obstacles and risks.Therefore, the project manager must pay attention to the project’s output was especially critical review of output was, never thought the assessment is to take the “transitions”, is a dispensable activity.  13, the defect “defect is the project’s time bomb”, if defects are eliminated, eliminating the equivalent of a time bomb, eliminating the security risks.Therefore, the project manager must pay attention to the types of defects found during the progress of the project, so that multi-detection and early elimination.  14, user questions “whether the user is an effective solution to the problem directly with the user determines the degree and extent of the project’s final acceptance of the project results.”.Therefore, the user problem is the project manager must not be ignored.  15, summarizes the milestone “is a summary of the problem and find the best way to circumvent the problem occurs again, it is to refine the experience and carry forward the experience of the favorable opportunity.”.The project manager should not only pay attention to the project summary stage, also we need to pay attention to the project summary after the end of the project, because the project for the next project summary provides a good Experience.  Seven 360-degree assessment of achievement: questionnaire has four, one to score in the fifth, as a minimum, five is the highest, unclear or imperceptible can choose unaware.Questionnaire was to evaluate four people girth.  Your immediate boss boss first second of your subordinates one or two you choose your own third rating one or two of your own choosing your client fourth one or two chosen by yourself when you choose a good after assessor system will automatically send, and then automatically calculate points, the implementation of the weighted average method to calculate the final score is your evaluation of test scores.  Eight SMART principle: S is SPECIFIL: setting a target performance appraisal time must be specific, not abstract target medium is measurable: a target should be measurable, to quantify.  One is achievable: setting goals to Gaoyao challenging, but that must be achieved.  [R is the correlation: setting goals and responsibilities of the job to be associated.  ?TIMEBOUNDING is to set a target date to be specified on a quantification of marketing and sales department of sales targets and other sectors are also subject to the front desk to the actual situation of the various departments and professional standards for the two o’clock on the specific problems arise in all aspects, in all party liability regime specific, clear division of labor, on the specific circumstances of the case given the task of assisting a clear purpose and cooperation to solve the case.  III to reach the individual must meet the work requirements can not be much real variables under its own specific circumstances in order to avoid accident.  About four related learning training close to their own work done, terms of reference, there is not much of a leap occurs.Internal training and learning itself is not outstanding.  Five time limits on the learning task completion time there is a limit both to ensure the quality of learning and ensure the efficiency of learning schedule, task allocation as far as possible humane, rationalization, fair, and transparent.  Nine SOP multiple functions, standard operating procedures.  The first establish and improve the overall health system second to set anything special privileges and exceptions, to respond to standard third of the system accidents can not be personalized for the fourth department strictly personal privileges, what everyone’s rights are, how to jurisdiction, time limits, who do, how to deal with clearly defined.  Avoid disagreements between people to influence corporate decision-making and the progress of the project, to avoid conflicts of personal and professional risks, providing solutions to problems and make decisions based.  Ten how to seek good jobs, secure retirement 1 about what is a good first job you find a good company, it is best listed companies.What is it good company: a high value-added products, good business, and have the ability and the prospects for sustained development of its business lines to see.  Value-added products is the ability to prove yourself more chances two professional, smart, talented, rich experience in management and human reality to control the company, and has always been to ensure that such personnel system company.  There are three strict financial system, budget expenses and profits and other investment-related content output detailed explanation, sensitive and strong control of the company.  Four advocating customer-oriented, market-oriented, results-oriented, the implementation of strong company.  Five professional rigorous and comprehensive processes and systems, and its execution will help promote the sound development of the business, it has the characteristics of both controllability and maneuverability.  To sum up there is a sustainable and profitable cattle B 2 companies find a good direction, the right direction is: Never far from the line of business, and core profitability, maximize profits departments, such as sales cycle, marketing links, link research and development production processes in this industry may be, by the.  The most important part is always the most expensive of most cattle most attention is the most promising, it has the most resources and the greatest authority, the only way to avoid being marginalized, the possibility of becoming a key figure will be even greater.  3 What kind of boss is a good boss is a good boss: he is willing to teach you, you kind of do not limit you, give you a generous salary, granted to you the right to act arbitrarily, in order to have a good future with a good The boss, his strong you can have a future.[Editor: Tree man]