A word of promise

He first met her a year ago the campus football field, two young, energetic, full of the vitality of life.He had come to visit relatives, and relatives live in the school, free time, he was in the campus football field playing football.  There is a campus football sidelines promise big lawn looks green, like a green blanket.The warm spring sun, reflected on the lawn, the grass is green, shining.Birds chirp, rippling in the clear sky in.She sat on the lawn, dedicated to carefully read the book, like an ethereal sculpture.  He was a fierce shot, soccer like a drum shells, drew a curve, deviated from the direction, out of the stadium, bang, hit on her back.Oh, she could not help screaming, turned and looked to find the target, saw standing in front of him, square face, big eyes, black hair, muscle Gegedada on the arm, highlights the vigor of youth.She want to get angry, I do not know how, to the mouth, then swallowed into the stomach the hard.  I’m sorry, I did not mean.He quickly apologized, his face twilight guilt, a closer look, eyes will shine, and more beautiful girl, a pure water face and shy eyes, young and elegant beauty, slightly horrified charm, unique.  She shyly glanced at him, just anger vanished, fair face flushed, his head down gently say, it does not matter.She rubbed her raw pain in the back, and won the book looks to continue.  Do you like to read?He looked at her and asked.  Yes, I like it.She answered.Voice softly quietly.  He turned quickly to go forward quietly, then quickly ran back and said warmly, which I just bought the book, and see you!He handed the book to her, looked fondly.He wants to make up for their own actions just negligence.She took the book lovingly stroking, watching his burning eyes, face up like a willow early spring-like charm.  It Qingdouchukai age, young love, girl Huaichun.He knew he liked her, but said nothing, just watch secretly, was secretly laughing, he did not go to play football.  So we looked at each other, who do not say anything, afraid to break the kind of quiet atmosphere, quietly, quietly, so time flies.I knew it, the sun sets, homing birds.He and her reluctant farewell.He could not help saying, we’ll meet you?Eyes full of expectation.She nodded vigorously say.Will do.Eyes Wink Dangzhuo.A young couple strangers, with the first intimate contact on the lush green lawn.  Guest is short.Early next morning, he came to the lawn but could not see her figure, maybe she will not come today, so he thought, gave up and went home to say goodbye to her, she did not leave the slightest information.And she changed occasionally to the previous reading habits, every day reading a book on the lawn, attentively.Even if wind and rain, she should come here and look around, rain or shine.Nobody knows exactly why she was.  Time flies, long and short, flash a year later.Spring Festival, he came to visit relatives, came to the campus lawn, one saw her holding a book, watching with relish, dignified and skilful.At this point, she looks plump chic, covered express a woman’s flirtatious.  He was overjoyed to say, you’re reading a book ah!We meet by chance, really a coincidence ah.  Yes.Nice to meet you.Girl hold back any longer excited, and said, you do not have a year to come here.  I do not live here, this time I was to visit relatives, they have to go home for a few days.He said casually.  She looked on, speechless.A long time, she broke the silence, this book is really good.Returned to their owners the.  Do you like this book you keep it!He said the graceful, yet we can go for a walk?  She did not refuse.The campus is very quiet, the wind blows, abundant spring.Everything is natural, the way he squeezed her hand, her hand was soft and smooth, a little quiver, it was a fright and shy girl.  You come here every day to read?He found her sitting on the lawn reading very puzzled, then asked.  She sad to say,.She frown, immediately to restore calm.  why?He puzzled.  Why not, in one sentence.She said gloomily.  He seemed confused, inquisitive, this sentence is very important to you?  For me it is important to.I have promised people meet here.She glanced at him with a sense of loss.  His heart shocked, Lengzheng forward, suddenly remembered that he once said, “We will meet you,” then.In fact, this is an occasion of courtesy, but also the young at heart the moment of the outbreak of unrest, such as fallen on deaf ears, eyes and ephemeral, said in the past it in the past, without leaving a trace.A flirtation, she was a girl headlong into the heart.He grabbing shame, remorse, but also deeply touched, today, I got his wish, he keeps his promise.She said dismissively, relaxed sigh of relief, seemed to be pouring backlog in depressed heart and do.  He listened to my heart like a badly general, I have mixed feeling in my heart, careless words are unimportant, in fact, do not need to be honored, the key is engraved in a person’s heart.To this end, he Tears.  No longer need a lot of confession, his blood has been boiling, put her in my arms, let the tears flow down slowly.  One pair of birds singing joy, soar, fly to the sky.Bright red sun cast a shadow young snuggle together, it is colorful, very graceful.