A word of life

Words like life, each write a word, as if all of life’s first interpretation.A painting, writing life is wonderful; a stop line, through ups and downs of life; a collection of a place to experience a lifetime of relaxation.And I, in a write in Chinese characters, through the storm, ushered in a rainbow.    One night, I was armed with a brush, copying the words on the copybook.Pen across the paper, ink writing vent illustrating one.I do not know why, at the time of writing characters on weekdays I always calm water, this time my heart there is always a trace of anxiety.This anxiety is like an ugly bug, clumsy in front of me crawling around, looked particularly ugly head from time to time, claws, let my heart always irritable, unable to concentrate more thoughts.I sigh, hands started to write down, gently rotate the wrist, a word will be presented in pen.I carefully compare the overall feel uncomfortable kind of speechless.    At this time, because of something my father came into my room and stood behind me looked for a moment, said: words are not written, you see, this should be very thick vertical, horizontal and this should be a very fine , but you should not just place thick coarse, fine place should not fine, so it is difficult to look at the past, and no efforts.After listening to his father, I wrote a few, but it looks still no power, nor glyphs.When one looks clearly lost the charm of the word, like a restless mind attached to bone insects, crawling in my mind, what they look.Whenever I want to calm down, jump out of it, I kept scratching my heart.I do not write simply sign off, sitting in a chair to rest, try to turn the hearts of anxiety reduction: Since the state is not good, then practice it next time.After a good set of pens, out of the study, with only a few defective paper.    Out of the study, I do not know, writing career in the first bottleneck is now here; do not know, in order to get through this bottleneck, I experienced a number of wind and rain the weekend, I arrived at the teacher’s house to practice calligraphy, the paper gently spread on the table, picked up a pen, a painting that says, like a lingering sense of manic Italian small mammals, in my mind clamored.Looking at the paper on the table, my heart actually give birth to a bit impatient.In the past to fill the gap feeling nowhere to be found, a further sum, is so dull.Described by words such as soft-foot shrimp in general, floating gently on the paper, there is no strength.Staring at a word, I can not help but be angry, impetuous gas surpassed.So, I’m a heavy pen on paper, a lumbering insects appear on paper.    At this time, the teacher just came over, looked at my writing, frowned, said: dip a little less ink, the word paste.Write time to carefully observe, to compare, after finished, did not find the place written, timely correction, word note the thickness changes.Well, come to write it.I looked down in shame, trying to do it by pressing the teacher’s requirements, can be described by one word, as if laughing at my incompetence.    An afternoon of time has passed, I’m uneasy to learn well the word to the teacher.The teacher then have a look, eyes a bit disappointed.He put a few good correct the wrong place, I asked: home more than thought, word did not write today, to continue to work.    On the way home, I naively thought it was just a temporary state, and more thought would be good.Can be harsh reality broke my fantasy.For weeks, my word was as a teacher in the eyes of the blame, despair weight of my breath, wondering eyes of the parents also made me miserably.Gradually, I began to have a sense of conflict to write, do not want to pick up the pen.Parents look in the eyes, anxious in their hearts.    One day, my father is the final abandonment can not see passed, he found me and told me no big deal, and I just told a story: Wang Shu-sheng from a very young age began to practice calligraphy, his day after day to practice with, write one after another rotten written, write another bad a pen, then finished, he put the pen in a pool to wash, over time, the water was also blacked out, and this is he can get ‘holy book’ cause this title!His success, not only has a passion for calligraphy, calligraphy is also hard.After listening to his father’s, my heart was shocked.Wang Xizhi certainly have to write a bad time of it, but he stuck with it, wonderful life of writing.Well, I can certainly experienced the ups and downs of life, achievements and better themselves.    So, I began to learn to relax the mind.It took her out for a walk, and began to pick up the pen, day after day, practice together, trying to suppress the anxiety of mind, a painting slowly bored when writing a.Pen on paper rubbed, and constantly compare the copybook, and strive to write the best.    Hand gently down on paper dyed black marks under, word has slowly efforts.Many nights later, the paper presented word, finally made great progress, disappointment in the eyes of parents and teachers, and finally became happy.    A word of life, life is like writing, just stick to it, and make unremitting efforts, will be able to spend the ups and downs, through the storm, ushered in a rainbow.