A word missed a lifetime of love

He and she are university students, ever since he first saw her fell in love with her, but no courage to speak out.After graduation, he points outstanding in the city of her childhood life, he is still the courage to say the word love.He felt he was too ordinary, natural beauty never meant for her parents and both are senior cadres.  She knew he liked her, she was always spoil the boys Zhongxingpengyue like in college, like a beautiful princess, but a boy failed to capture her heart, as long as he agreed to her confession she he.And so on for three years, she did not wait till the sentence, thought he unrequited love.  She married that night, he was dead drunk, cried, laughed as she had loved destination.He has not married, parents and friends are anxious for him, gave him a lot of good temperament good woman, but he always find the feeling of love, his heart only her, no one can replace her girl location of his mind, only he knew she had multiple, how deep her love in his heart, she is an angel in his mind.  Two years later, after he heard that she divorced her man get a green card, send her a paper divorce papers.He heard the news, my heart bursts are pulling too raw, slightly right fist clenched slightly loud bar.He did not want to lose this opportunity, otherwise he will go mad.After a fierce ideological struggle, he finally summoned the courage to buy a bouquet of roses to her flat to find her, he put so many years of love for her full say it, this life together, like a treasure and love of her life.  When she walked into the office units, he rose hidden in the suit, in fact, the building of people have already gone shadows.He went straight to her office, she was the only person in the office, he quietly holding roses stand at the door waiting for her, as long as she turned, he put the rose and gave her a loving heart.  She moved a phone number, he looked at her elegant and tall silhouette, is coming happy intoxicated.  Husband!I have temporary problems, and may go late, you have a few numbers in the box Serene Hotel?Is like a sharp razor stabbed him, a burst of dizziness, he did not hold the door fell, a steady stable of God quietly turned down the stairs, as he quietly, she did not know these.He walked hastily, but with a woman bumped, mouth just to say I’m sorry, but the woman spoke first to.  Rose was sent to me right?Asked a woman smiling.Then he was to see him hit the other woman was his college classmate smiled.Secretary smiled his daughter always loved him.He smiled quietly to prepare thrown downstairs LJ barrel smiled and handed roses.Smiled happily holding his hand according to him out of the building.  He smiled and quickly took out a marriage license, although he never liked her.  Years later, he is an important sector of the Director, at a friend’s cocktail party, he met again with her, he saw her, my heart could not help a move, she still grace is elegant, dignified and elegant, giving an expected that is not the feeling, she was seen looks between melancholy.He learned that she is still a human life, a little surprised.  She Youde asked him why suddenly walked in front of her office that day.He was surprised, because she knew he was standing outside the door.  You and your husband on the phone, I did not bother.He says with a smile.She could not hold back tears, suddenly flooded out.It turned out that day they go into a department colleague collective development south of farewell, she was going down the stairs, through the window and saw him holding a bouquet of roses was about to go upstairs, her heart beating fast, immediately returned to the office to Branch Palace elders call, may go later this.They have been dubbed the palace chief for her husband, called cis-mouth.He could not say a word, just felt a cold air straight up from the soles of the feet, trembling how end also can not afford glasses, his eyes Sese, a word so he missed a lifetime of love and happiness.