A wonderful climb up the vine

16 years old, he was to do a magazine, often called the teachers’ office wrote penalty ought no longer guarantee; 18 years old, he used all of the cost of living to work, the result lost his shirt; 19-year-old, he start again, apply leave of absence.University of watching other people enjoy good times in the ivory tower, but he has to illusory entrepreneurial dream and want to drop out, the mother really do not understand, he felt like being brainwashed MLM general, worry about him astray, earnestly warned not a few times and he kicked angrily shot towards, and even referred to the point where you want to cut mother-child relationship.He can be stubborn, unmoved.20 years old, he took his dream of a complete stranger to Beijing, in the chaos of rental houses, even the candidates are afraid to bring in.Each time, is about a cafe, the two sides talk about good intentions, dare to candidates to the office of that place called chaotic.A few months later, we do it out of the two products, but due to the lack of publicity of new products, but also not too many new ideas, it is difficult to compete with similar products.Financial haircut, he found the money soon ran out, and the company that no proceeds.Late at night, he sat in the dark room, very tangled heart.If it continues, the company is still no improvement, it would lose it all the money, for which he will balance the millions; If you give up, then before the efforts will be in vain, while he would pack up and go back more laughed at by the people.After a night of thinking, he did not give up his determination to do a final product, if it fails to return to school through college courses.One day, a friend called with the quarters, after some pleasantries, he asked the girl how to pick a gift.It turned out that Valentine’s Day is coming soon, in order to send his girlfriend a favorite gift, friends can be said has thought of everything, but tentatively asked several times, his girlfriend’s enthusiasm is not high, tried to give him to discuss ideas.After years of hard work, he was very understanding of the needs of customers of different ages, it would recommended several friends as an alternative gift.Just when he was bruised and battered as new product development, friends called and are grateful for his.After listening to his advice, the friend a gift for his girlfriend, one stroke to win the hearts and minds.On the phone, but also friends jokingly, that he is a matchmaker.Speaker proffering, after some investigation he found that many people do not know how to give someone a present, because sometimes send the wrong gift and cause unnecessary misunderstanding.If he wanted to have a piece of software designed to help people to lovers, family, friends, colleagues manufacturing birthdays, holidays, anniversaries surprise, not only save the time spent choosing a gift, but also eliminates this unnecessary misunderstanding, it will be subject to Welcome.After some thought and investigation, he will be the last chance to bet on the entrepreneurial gift.Although he’s a good idea, the program also do well, but met with opposition from colleagues, colleagues feel the same affected by the policy, the gift market has been shrinking year by year, make gifts is undoubtedly self-defeating.However, after some investigation, he found that everyone should give gifts to relatives and friends, China’s gift market is very large, so stick to do gift.Looked increasingly tight purse, he reluctantly laid off, leaving only four people, everyone day and night for the last chance effort.Hard work pays painstaking, months later, a named gift to say APP on line, according to the presented objects, giving occasions and his / her personality, and the gift to the classification, produced a different Raiders, to choose a the little mouse models suitable gift or draw draw cell phone screen, a few minutes to get.And fresh style, making an on-line APP capture the hearts and minds after a large number of 90 girls.Today, the gift says users has exceeded 10 million, monthly sales exceeded 50 million yuan, becoming the largest gift the field of mobile business, also received millions of dollars financing top investment institutions.He was called after 90 Ma Wen Hui city, talking about the secret of success, he said: I am just trying to do a climb up the vine, whether after wind and sun, do not forget the original intention of the end.He drilled the ground from the beginning of the day, had been weak vines climb up, even after the ravages of the storm, the raging sun, never give up goals.Because it knows that if we give up goals, they will be trampled on, and only kept climbing up to stand high and see far ahead.And life, so, too!