A womanizer

1.Black-faced ghost beautiful young woman kidnapped Emperor Kangxi, Cangzhou area out of a womanizer, because common crape masked when committing the crime, known as the black-faced ghost.This person lustful by nature, is not whether unmarried girl or young woman has been married as long as some pretty, he also did not miss a.More hateful, black-faced ghost skill, high strength, come and go without a trace, the officials have no way to get him.In desperation, Liu prefect of the book had played in court.Soon, the court sent a Board of Punishments under Detective, named Liu Zhenyun, Liu Ren Butou temporarily in the hands of the book.This person early 30s, but careful thought, perspicacious, cracked many difficult cases, known Lawman said.Liu was very happy in the book, hosted a dinner.Who would have thought just a two seat, there is a named Zhao Wencai scholar came to report that his wife was abducted last night Young black face ghost.With Zhao Liu Zhenyun hurried to the scene to examine it.On the way, Zhao was lingering fear that the wife was last night swept through.At that time, midnight, Zhao was sleep drowsily, I heard a movement around.He was shocked to open their eyes, but it seems extremely heavy eyelids heavy, exhausted efforts to open only a trace of slits.The darkness, only to see his wife Zhao Yang is a black man on his shoulders, and went out through the door strutted.Zhao just want to cry, but unfortunately not the whole body a little effort, only watched Young was abducted.Until dawn, the body can move, he rushed to the official report.Liu Zhenyun frown thought for a moment and asked: when Young was abducted, do not you struggle?Zhao just shook his head, no.When I heard that black-faced ghost of crime, tend to impose Magic of my lady must have been fascinated Magic of.Zhao and Yang was living in a courtyard house.Liu Zhenyun careful investigation Zhao was only abducted in the bedroom, in addition to the Magic of the cast found a small hole in the window paper, still in the corner found a small cluster of golden hair curl.Zhao was rushed, busy: windy night last night, the window was blown open, I was also unable to shut, presumably the hair that comes out.Liu Zhenyun nodded and asked: This street nearby, night after night watchman may have?Zhao was without hesitation: Yes!I went to.Soon, the night watchman was brought before Liu Zhenyun.You Dageng through here last night, we did not find anything strange?Watchman serious thought, fear and trepidation replied: Your honor, this time the villain last night after a section of the road, he saw a shadow turned out from the walls Messire, quickly flashed.Villain deafness vertigo, I thought it was wrong, so there is no official report.Alas, this poor couple loving unparalleled, but now befell the disaster, adults must call the shots for them ah!After watchman step down and Liu Zhen out the door, swept look carefully at the walls around.Suddenly Liu Zhen shines, immediately cast dodge, whizzed leapt to the wall, facing the residual mud print carefully inspected it with your fingers dipped conspire nose sniffed, turned his head toward the wall under the watch of Zhao Wencai Road!This neighborhood may have Taolin?Zhao was thought, he replied: Yes, this 5 miles away from the suburbs, there is a dilapidated Temple, around there is a positive Taolin.Liu Zhenyun jumped off the wall, clapped his hands, smiled and said: Great, and you wait here, I’ll be right back.2.Temple occasional ugly old woman when Liu Zhenyun came near the Temple according to Zhao was pointing, a peach orchard immediately greeted.At this point it is early summer, leafy peach tree has just begun, to spread a thick layer of withered petals.Liu Zhenyun soles just left when the black-faced ghost over the wall from the soil found in peach petals, so presumably black-faced ghost must have been here, maybe it was still his lair.Liu Zhenyun opened the squeak sound of the temple, the temple was found empty, full of messy footprints on the ground, in the middle of a pile of burning charcoal left over.Liu Zhenyun not help frowned: from the point of view of footprints on the ground, came here last night obviously more than one person.Suddenly Liu Zhen has found one set of footprints leading to the back straight clay.Liu Zhenyun follow the footprints to find in the past, to see the back corner of clay covered with a thick layer of hay, there are even people lying at the scene, in a haystack also found a woman’s hairpin.Liu Zhenyun put Bob in his hand repeatedly look: If this is the root of Bob Young’s left behind, it would prove that the black-faced ghost last night abducted Young’s been here, but then because of the reason why they are gone.Bob Liu Zhenyun tucked out of the temple, went straight to the residence of Zhao was away, he was sure to find Bob’s owner.Along the way and Liu Zhen try to figure out the case, unknowingly went to a corner of the alley, something suddenly crashed into his arms.Liu Zhenyun surprise, after suddenly jump step, and then see him bumped, it is a stature stooped old woman, his face covered with thick towel.Liu Zhenyun see a woman dressed in robes, eyes suddenly frightened, apologized again and again: Guanye I’m really sorry, Laoshen Laoyanhunhua Liu Zhenyun kindly smile, anyway, where are you going ah?嘶哑着嗓子 old woman said: I used to live here, to go out and buy some rice to.Liu Zhenyun and said: Why do you want to hooded towel?The old woman embarrassed to see Liu Zhenyun, sighed: Laoshen childhood illness, festering scab face, Mongolia washcloth really compelling ah.Under repeated requests Liu Zhen, woman reluctantly opened the towel, exposing the true colors.Liu Zhenyun suddenly could not help but frowned: Old woman face full of black scab, East 1 West covered the whole face, in some places the flow of pus, exudes stench of gas.Liu Zhenyun nausea forced back two steps back, waved his hand toward the woman, offended, you go.The old woman quickly promised soon, hunched continue, step three breath to go.Zhao Liu Zhenyun go back and find it confirmed that Bob Young’s indeed all.Suddenly my mind flashed a picture: on the old woman’s shoe, stained with red clay, since she said the family had just come out, and it would be no red mud on shoes?Oops!Liu Zhenyun screamed, suddenly jump out of the house, all the way out to recover.Fortunately, the old woman did not come out of the alley and Liu Zhen, shouting: Stop!The old woman covered flick, see you later Liu Zhenyun chase, as if a ghost in general, suddenly straightened up, fly like running out, which, like a twilight of the old woman?Liu Zhenyun taken aback, chased out.For a time, only to hear the sound of the ear and bursts of breath out of town chase, chase into a bamboo forest.The old woman in front of a flash flutter, I was missing.Liu Zhenyun behind suddenly heard the scream and Liu Zhen looked back, turned out to be only Zhao!At this point, Zhao just fell to the ground, shoulders poked open a hole in the blood, the blood bubbling up.Liu Zhenyun had to give up the hunt, side to him to stop bleeding, while strange way: how will you keep up?Liu Zhenyun just performed like a dodge worked hard, swift wind, Zhao was a scholar, how can catch up to?Zhao was clutching his wound, grimacing and said: My father taught me to not only read, but also taught me some effort, so barely keep up with Liu Zhenyun asked again: That is just how you hurt?Zhao was hissing Gasping with pain, struggling to say: a shadow suddenly channeling out, suddenly gave me the knife, I did not see his face Liu Zhenyun secretly wonder: this black-faced ghost amazing skill ah!Zhao then said: I just smelled him an smell of sulfur children!In this round, just north of the city, there are sulfur hot springs cave ah!