Chinese and foreign experts offer advice Gansu "Red Bull Pingliang": keeping local characteristics "expand the market"

  On that day, "Red Bull Pingliang Industry Development Strategy Symposium" was held, Chinese and foreign experts were invited to be a guest Pingliang, to play the role of think tank think tank, on the "Red Bull Pingliang" development Xianliang Ce。   '' Pingliang Red Bull 'is a brand, but not the species, breed brand transfer is the way forward。 "Beef Cattle Research Center director Meng Qingxiang, China Agricultural University, China's opening up beef importing country has 18 (including conditional open markets are waiting for the country), good quality low price of foreign beef cattle will be a direct challenge to the domestic market in 2017, the domestic need a group of local cattle breeds。   Meng Qingxiang frankly, most Chinese cities have copied all sectors of cattle breeding cows mode。 Barn, cattle feed, veterinary medicine, veterinary, head of the farm are from cow factory。 "Follow the cow mode, increased farming costs, competition in the market did not dominant。
"At the same time, trading links Pricing transparency is the biggest pain point beef cattle industry, beef cattle prices the initiative in the hands of traders, affecting cattle market supply and demand。
  "Source of germplasm determine the direction of future development of the industry。
"National Beef Cattle Improvement Center Zan Linsen introduced cattle to the north of bovine origin mainly to the south zebu cattle descent mainly from south to north zebu blood was the law of diminishing, indicating that China has a vast cattle breeds and genetic basis of inherited wealth variation。   " 'Red Bull Pingliang' development reflects local characteristics vitality, protect the resources to make good use of local cattle, do not blindly introduction。
"Zan Linsen think, 'Pingliang Red Bull' can not simply the pursuit of 'new, extraordinary and special' breed, not to 'be kind to lead', 'see species to lead', before introduction, be sure to consider the origin of the natural conditions of the species, body size , meat cattle performance and individual performance。   Zan Linsen said: "The advance of scientific proof, according to parental species characteristics and market demand, the development of scientific and rational improvement programs and the main target in a small scale, pilot basis, aimed at protecting Chinese cattle genetic resource advantages into full play of hybrid vigor, reduce the adverse gene phenotype。 "Wu Jianping, president of Gansu Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences at the forum site, according to the following four basic conditions for family farmers of breeding cows, everyone calculations: 4 of 4 cows, forage requirement tons a year, forage farmers may resolve itself, but requires 10 acres of land, concentrate the cost 5840 yuan a year, such as breeding rate of 80% a year profit income of close to million, which a farmer can out of poverty。
  Wu Jianping admitted that, based on current research shows that farmers Pingliang backyard cow breeding rate of only 50%, increase the rate of reproduction focuses on breeding varieties。
"At present, focusing on the breeding industry chain from departure, the simple pursuit of efficiency, are unsustainable。
It should convert ideas, starting from the supply chain, fostering distinctive cow。 "Said Wu Jianping。   Texas A & M University professor Joseph William Holloway believes, "Pingliang Red Bull" has been with the brand, currently in urgent need of a clear market positioning。
He suggested, "Pingliang Red Bull" is not necessarily only "targeting" high-end market, a final decision in considering competitive advantage, product substitutability, the current market capacity, product persistence and other factors。   During Pingliang City has also hired China Animal Husbandry Association branch president Xushang Zhong cattle industry, Wu Jianping, president of Gansu Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Texas A & M University professor Joseph William Holloway as "Red Bull Pingliang industrial development of high-end talent", the city hired four leading enterprises in charge of man-made "Red Bull Pingliang industry technical advisers," to crack "Pingliang Red Bull" brand development process in turn breeds a lack of professionals in the embarrassing position。