A woman with the champion Lang

One evening a long time ago, there was a scholar Lang passed the fame, being complacent, thinking about their own bright future.A sudden knock at the door, open the door champion Lang Zhangdeng.A closer look is a woman, asked: who you are?Why knock on the door?  You forget!You go to fight in the capital than the exam, when a sleeping inn, unfortunately, was under serious illness, spend money for the journey out clean, penniless, unaccompanied.Limited life, but fortunately I have thus passed by and saw you in dire straits.Your doctor will be invited to give interrogation pulse.Doctor said I need a traditional remedy to cure your disease.It could be your life should not lose their lives, I encountered this a smattering of medical knowledge, and second, the kind woman, I had to get out after I heard the traditional remedy, searching through mountains.Qi literally taken these types of drugs.I’ll give you Aoyao Jiantang, take care of your dedication to serve.After half a month, you have recovered the body recover.Test period has come to you making progress, ready to give up fame.I give you money for the journey, urging you on the road to the exam.Now renowned Gold, obtain fame, in the move official.I did not expect you, you, you, you forgot to say A woman was so angry; you are Arab women!A woman approached the champion Lang clasped hands grasping A woman asked; it is!I find you looking so much suffering!A wronged woman replied; Zhuangyuanlang A woman carefully looked at a lot: cloth dress hairpin, the daughter of civilians.I thought, that being the champion Lang, fame succeeded, future Fairview.Aromatic Tuyan competing laugh, worry that show women can not find.To this cloth dress with Chai became noted for its clarity, not that scholar Lang thought of this, his face mutation, snapped and roared: no matter!Off to nonsense.  I had to persuade my father, Takeo upright, literary snobbery.I also said I do not deserve you husband and wife.You have mountains oath AU.I did not think you’re an ungrateful, heartless snob.A woman filled with grief say; you get out!Lang champion mercilessly forced once to A woman pushed to the door, the door suddenly closed.A female grief emotion, stumbled dark night to reach out and walked.  Night fell, cool autumn, A woman met a cheater, cheater unlucky, you see what the final fate!  Champion Lang is really too harsh, looked at A woman vanished in the night from the door.  Before long, the scholar Lang relapse, searching through medicine, suffered drug, the condition did not improve and actually worsened.Lang champion suddenly thought A woman, extreme regret, ask around A woman whereabouts, and no trace of Arab woman.The results can be imagined champion Lang.Later it will pass the four sentences: keep in mind the illness injury scar, ungrateful must not do, carries conscience Avenue walk, to see God in the next.