A woman selling tea

Hot season, Wang Ying lost their jobs in offices, railway station square turn her mind to come and go a couple of days, see also the business of selling tea, bold enough to join the ranks of selling tea.  Vain and tender Wang Ying, who not only looks beautiful, even the voice is also extremely nice, she was the first day out of the stall, they received the support of fellow fellow men, everyone rushing to Wang Teng place, the most give her favorable position, which makes Wang was deeply moved.Despite this, Wang still feel ashamed, she worried about being seen Shangzizun colleagues.This thing will come back again the next day, she put on a large mask.  Wang Plaza and the same day to sell tea, there is a man named woman of Fenglian.Wang Ying and her situation is completely different, because she did not have to let men like advantages, so no one to give her stall, but no one to care for her, she had quietly found a deserted corner propped umbrellas, quietly sold their tea.  A few days later, Wang stumbled, that has been deserted corner, there have been dramatic changes, many men seem to be like magic, like a revolving door down to tea uninterrupted Fenglian sun umbrella, as if she is none other than non-tea all over the world, especially those middle-aged man, the sight of Fenglian, he went straight past, Fenglian busy.  Wang Ying secretly calculation, Fenglian daily income is almost ten times her!She really could not understand why in the end, on the pitch, his position the best, who can match her; on the quality of tea, she was not poor than others, say people are drinking tea passerby nobody knows who’s good quality, poor quality who.She just do not understand why those dedicated men like to drink tea Fenglian that corner, but this one could not guess exactly what the hidden mystery.  To understand this problem, Wang secretly efforts observation for a few days, but she found a woman who called Fenglian, and no special skills, there is no means of soliciting the cast, even the most common cries all no, it makes her baffled.  Wang Ying observation for several days, but still can not find why the male customers prefer to drink tea stall reason Fenglian.She did not give up, still secretly secretly observed every day, between the customer and attempt Fenglian found mystery.  Hard work pays off, a few days off, Wang Ying finally found Fenglian soliciting secret: the original, Fenglian quality and not by the so-called tea tea win, she is to make a fuss on his stool!Her greeting customers, always sat a little wooden bench particularly short, looks better than counterparts low stool by a large margin, the customer is sitting high stool.Wang Ying suddenly realized that the secret lies in the high and one low, high stools for customers to sit not only convenient and comfortable, but also so that they have a level difference of sense of superiority, it is the customer is supreme God.Wang Ying spying to this move and felt very happy.  The next day, Wang Yingli Ma changed the work, she gave yourself for a low stool, in order to attract customers, she also prepared a number of fashion magazines, she felt more humane ideas, tea time customers, but also Magazines can look to eliminate loneliness.May day, her business or can not keep up Fenglian.This allows Wang puzzled, it seems that the key issue is not on the stool, which in the end is why the?Wang Ying and plunged into confusion.  Wang’s case is not satisfied, simply put down the business, secretly went to inquire of Fenglian.She hid in the corner peek when suddenly shines, she saw a fat man condescending at tea, staring at a pair of big eyes staring Fenglian of chest tightly, wearing a large low-cut Fenglian thin silk shirt, which did not even wear a bra, two white breasts, like two big pineapple, the face of the customer to bend over tea, almost all the hidden parts exposed to the customer, along with her busy movements, heavy breasts, along with the body kept dangling, the fat man’s eyes see straight, and that posture can not wait to dig into your eyes Guaige Wan!Wang surprise was almost called out.  In the evening, near the time of closing time, Wang Ying excuse to stall before the Fenglian, mysteriously said: Lian Jie, why do you wear so little ah?I found that malicious eyes are secretly watching How about you!You are not afraid to die?  Fenglian side of the pack tea Taner, laughing, said: I’m not a princess, afraid to behold?Besides it, so hot, hot body like a sauna, I’m not like you have to package so strict, only to reveal two eyes, stuffy also suffocated, I can not stand!  After listening to Fenglian answer, Wang Ying completely understand the secret Fenglian attract business, she was a woman seduce customers with special parts!  That night we had a moderate rain, the next day is still a cloudy weather.Although the weather is not very hot, Wang was the first time wearing a low-cut shirt, not wearing a mask.A refreshingly went into his booth, then she can sit down, I feel like a man in the whole world are watching themselves, those greedy men anxious to put her to eat.She desperately wanted, if under a heavy rain now nice ah, so that they can excuse breath and ran home to change clothes, but, although the weather was overcast, but no sign of rain, she immediately wanted to shut the shop , fear of being seen flaws counterparts, were forced, only their teeth.  Wang Ying wait until the hard knock off time, hurry home.My husband saw Wang dress, suddenly opened his eyes, hugged her and said: yo!What’s wrong with you?Sell tea also dressed so pretty Yeah, more beautiful than a movie star!The sun coming out from the west!  Wang broke free from the arms of her husband out, he sighed and said: not to let that Fenglian to the force, the hue of her customers are pulled by her side, which I still do business!So I had such a self-inflicted.  So listen to Wang Ying, her husband suddenly Dengqi eyes, and said: you do put people to think crooked place, let me tell you, she is our general manager’s wife, but he is rich, not missing anything at home, do not expect her out of money.Last year, she just had a mastectomy, implantation of a man, she could not bear such a fatal blow, he sprouted the idea of suicide, through the help of a psychiatrist, only to re-summon the courage to live.People to sell tea, that is to rediscover his confidence, you think people rob you with business Yeah, really interesting!You well, mix it along with what blind!  Wang Ying heard her husband say, suddenly opening their eyes, she suddenly felt Fenglian under the umbrella, is the real beautiful holy woman, she felt no disgrace to sell tea, if they openly do business , all for the sake of customers, with their wisdom, perhaps also out of a glory road to self-employment!Think of this, Wang Ying could not help but chuckled.