A woman not to be trifled

About 28 years ago, when he was still a toy factory to do things to him that looks gods, actually it was fancy, this is definitely a miracle, but why there is a act recklessly took aim at him!  This person is Feimei fitting part, he was short and fat and ugly, with this ‘three and three’ conditions, he really despise her, her compassion alone can prove the value of her presence.Her passionate about people, friendly, optimistic, this is her inner beauty.  One day she Chunxindangyang cornered him in the way home from work, he asked: What do you want?Have something to work that way I do not learn the dog stopped.She was silent, just to Thunder potential in him did not prepare to give him a kiss, all in frustration, he pushed her away and said: how you going, big day, coming and going, you highwaymen also it is not bullying?She listened while walking back, throwing a word; the best is yet to come, you can not escape.  Sure enough, after the next evening, she was running the supermarket to buy him his favorite snacks and fruit large bags, and then open the ring together to eat.One day, she fell and cross the road, walk, received her phone, he immediately rushed to the site of the incident, then this fat girl back to her safe back rent.She wanted to talk about halfway say a sense of shame: you really care about me, I’m afraid you just do not come, then Jiese ah!He heard this one almost did not laughable to Feimei 150 kilos of weight, who see Who’s Afraid ah!Who is blind Ganjietase ah!  Feimei day escorted back rent has to 2:30, midnight, passers scarce, storm.Feimei insisted he stay overnight, and the result was his bed, she slept, he wanted to “Should I let the girls do?I’m a wolf, Feimei even let me stay her room.”He wants to leave the toy factory, this day, find time to say goodbye Feimei: I’m leaving.  Feimei: Where?  he goes home.  Feimei: What has come?  he does not know.  Then a minute’s silence, Face feelings, he turned to leave the moment, she gave him a strong hug, he was scared went to pieces, because he was not prepared.  He put Feimei away, saying: we still be friends!  Feimei Q: Why?  He: how can there be so many Why?  Feimei: not a reason to love me, I can change?  He: You do not understand.  Feimei: I’m used to you, you are not trying to avoid me, and now the whole plant knows you’re living together with me, who want me ah.  He responded impatiently: what you utter?We’re just in the same room, and I am gone, too lazy to explain to you.  Behind him a relentless: I will die for you, no, I should let you die ugly.He is still walking, did not stay means.I want to marry your man with the same family name, after the child’s name to use your name, I’ll tell others Choumou Mou is my son.Feimei say.  ?Years later, let me, love my Feimei you find your destination yet?He thought in his heart.  Feimei should not marry a man with my name right!After perhaps this desire she may have forgotten, she met true love.He is still thinking about revenge Feimei how he is not Feimei really marry a man with his last name, then call the kid a name like him?By the time Feimei on the cool, telling everyone: Chou Moumou then cattle, cattle too me?I’m his mother.He cranky.  He often remembered Feimei famous phrase: my next life, I want to become like my temper like a man, then marry a woman like me hurt her life.He is still a bachelor, but always critical, because his pursuit of perfection, how can the world be it the perfect woman?His old is too old, would like to meet a girl’s heart, he was delusional.  He remembered Feimei, but this time it is unemployment lovelorn?He remembered Feimei good for him, but he did not want to use, the girl had already lost contact, he can do is to find a job to make ends meet as soon as possible.  He went to the city’s top ten large companies Lai cattle food candidates, the results in the main door pass with a familiar person, who is it she?Tall graceful, beautiful, he can not remember.  Driving a BMW and others to leave, he asked the recruitment of security just that woman?Security disdain and said: You do not even know her?She is our boss.He can not remember who she is, just think the boss so familiar.  He did a three-month food company, was sent to the warehouse to help the boss just take the biscuit factory production when the gift given to wholesalers, this is his special cookies a favorite.When he packed boxes of biscuits into the boss’s car trunk and wife severely scolded the sentence: hatred thousand feet, you quickly, do not dawdle, you wait for the next draw die.  When he heard these words, cookies from the hands fell to the ground, the split in the box.He thought the boss scolded him, this time a naughty little boy came out from the office door slowly coming on the boss’s car.  Yes, his mind instantly awake, he knew her, and wife seemed to him a bit impressed, she said: you like one of my friends.  He said: I have a friend like you, but she was fatter than you.  She just laughed, she said: I used fat since falling out of love, to slim down, I wanted to thank someone who makes, let me have the opportunity to met my now husband, he was very good, you are free to introduce get to know.  He just nodded and smiled and wife driving a BMW car and sped away, leaving only one person he froze in place.Dump heavy rain, he did not hide do not hide, let the rain into a drowned rat did not respond.The next day, he left the food factory, from check no audio.  ”Love is not too fussy, strong women who want to be able to charity, to serve the people, to make more contributions to family planning!Men untouchables you, do not let you down at her feet, eat eat soft food, fry it day?”he?Years later became the big boss of the food industry, this time he still wanted to be a woman not to be trifled!  He still is no wife, no mistress of successful people, employees and even suspected that he was gay, but he consequently do not want to say, also refused to admit that he is ‘based Friends’ thing.  To retire, he did walk away treasurer, to temple Leping made by a knock Buddha monk, Hair blog from time to time, walk the Quartet, all living beings, his life was a woman afraid of it?How a woman can not offend him, perhaps to see through the Red, no longer believe in love strike!Buddhist monk!Merciful Goddess of Mercy, how do you what people are Buddhist ah income!