A woman in difficult woman

According to media reports, at present 80% of the causes of divorce affair, while 80 percent of men have an affair which led to divorce.So they put spearhead the men, that men are polygamous, irresponsible, not to cherish family, divorce drama and even tragedy is sad because a man and so caused.But on this issue in recent days I stop and think about it, but it was 80% of divorce cases because the man had an extramarital affair caused, a man not entirely to blame, from a certain sense, is a woman in difficult woman.    Why do I say, because in 80 percent of men’s affair, the man’s infidelity is subjective, but if there is no objective on a woman’s temptation to do?Imagine if a man no matter how fickle subjective, and objective existence of the woman does not fit all in vain.As we all know, women are emotional.It is precisely because of its sensibility, so some women often can not withstand a man’s praise, not stand there caring purposes, can not stand blooming roses, can not stand dead grinding hard bound gentle, knowing that they have been the man behind marriage, family, but they are also willing to be a shameful third party, unable to extricate themselves willing to indulge in that romantic.The two women had such irrelevant, because falling in love with the same man and the formation of opposition, even if there is no contest with each other, but in their hearts to each other all know each other’s existence, that is to say women in difficult woman.    Indeed, times have progressed, sentiment has become richer, but the affair is always opium, absorption of the more beautiful, the greater the harm.Wonderful acquaintance, lingering process, but the painful break-up, is having an affair destined to end.So the mortal world of men and women, especially the women and men in the siege, destined to work together to cherish the people, real emotions between the bland mundane is another touchstone test.Another meaning of love is insipid.Endure the ordinary life of marriage, love is long.    Romantic man, a woman unforgettable.Sometimes confused by the woman to a married man or woman emotional moment lost, ask you to think more about the man behind the woman that married, do not make things difficult for their fellow women, because women are always vulnerable.Only when everyone adhere to the moral bottom line, overcome weaknesses in human nature, so that love between heaven and earth, a promise in order to truly get “Life and death deed wide, and the child into that.Hold your hand, and grow old “feelings.